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Comment Cui Bono and To What End? (Score 4, Insightful) 373

There is always a reason, though not always obvious. Tor is now shit, because the good people were chased away. Notice that there are no criminal charges anywhere, just allegations and accusations repeated over and over on any media outlet that would print it. Lead developer gone, whole new board being elected, one should be rather suspicious.

Now for the tin foil hat: A whole lot of money and effort goes into taking over a project like Tor, and as we saw with the Snowden NSA leaks it is a global exploitation at least after the fact. China, the US, the UK, and just about everyone else suddenly has no problem finding people on Tor networks. All of those same groups can claim ignorance when the cat jumps out of the bag.

Sometimes it's not easy to see who benefits and a clear goal. That is when you need to look around to see why you are being distracted.

Comment Not a traditional spike by any stretch (Score 1) 966

Sure, there are some trends which are pretty well known during the 2 weeks of National conventions. Generally the Rs go up during theirs and the Ds go up during theirs. Ds have not gone up at all, and I don't expect they will. Sanders threw his whole revolution under the Hillary bus, and she backed over it a few times. Hiring Wassermann-Schultz was the most idiotic move possible for Hillary to make on Monday, and what did Hillary do? This added to a massive decline which was already in progress.

FWIW I'm not a Trump supporter either. I would rather have had Paul or Carson. Neither perfect, but both real conservatives who believe in the Constitution. The Republican party messed up big time, trying to put in a phony puppet in Bush and then panicking when the people didn't play along. They don't have who they want, but they can at least recover. The RNC actually supported the people's choice despite him not being a true Republican. That was a smart move given the climate.

The Democratic party and Hillary are still train wrecks in progress. It's actually just as fun to watch as the Republican side was. The difference is that Hillary was not wanted by anyone except for Hillary and the Party. Unlike her Husband Hillary sucks at faking it. The Democratic party didn't care and put her up anyway, cheating and lying as much as needed to get her wedged in. The people are pissed, and that is the theme of this whole election cycle (for both parties).

It's funny to keep listening to the paid for media claim that Sanders people are all going to vote Hillary. Not one group I have read or talked to will vote for her. She is the reason people supported Bernie to begin with, people are tired of the corrupt politicians working for the mega wealthy. Trump may be wealthy, but he's the smaller enemy on the field. The best hope the Ds have is that all the Bernie supporters stay home. Many are so disenfranchised that they will, but others are so pissed off they will vote for Trump.

Comment You being too lazy to care (Score 1) 966

Does not mean that full context does not exist. It simply means you are lazy. Do you need me to provide a LMGTFY link to "Donald Trump Full Speech 7/27" or can you do that much all by yourself? And just because it seems to be rocket science, change the goddamn date to what ever date you wish and you can find other speeches that he has made.

Since you are too lazy to perform a Google search I know damn well that you won't actually read, therefore here is a link so you can listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

No, I do not believe you actually will listen either. You may hear some noise but listening requires some level of motivation.

Comment Fact check (Score 1) 966

I know it's really really hard to fact check, but give it a try sometime. As others have pointed out, there is a crafted narrative regarding Trump which the media across the board is spreading. Almost every major news outlet has the same exact story and spin, yet numerous third party people and sites read things completely differently and there are fringe shows which make it abundantly clear that the propaganda engine is running full steam.

Context matters. Not just with Trump but with anyone get their quotes in context. The nature of Trumps comment was easy to see sarcasm.

Non quoted quotes. Trump never said what TFA claims he said. The headline was a complete fabrication created by moving words around and removing context.

The massive amount of propaganda is known by a majority of the populace. This is why Hillary is down today to 40% versus Trumps 47%. The massive lies being spread by media is making things worse for Hillary.

There are whole lot of things to argue with Trump about, yet those arguments are ignored and the DNC and Hillary resort to race baiting and fear mongering with all kinds of easy to see false claims regarding his character.

The allegory of the cave is a 2 way lesson. It's not simply about why it's important to pull people out, it's a message for people seeking power that people don't go back into the cave easily.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 1) 689

Who is erecting strawmen?

Citizens are generally allowed to "actively manipulate elections".

So the DNC was not really manipulating the game, even though this is what all the emails prove, this was was just the "people".. er.. system at work? Your pants are burning, but hell maybe you get paid for it. I won't respond to your next attempt at trolling with lies.

Comment Logic (Score 1) 689

I only partly agree with this. If a foreign country is trying to affect our elections, that's something worth considering. Especially because if they'll do something minor like this they may do something major and less-easily-traced later.

So people within our borders actively manipulating the elections is fine, but someone outside of our elections proving the fraud most of us suspected is bad. Got it.

This is very true. The DNC was unhappy with Sanders, but never thought he had a chance of winning and didn't do much against him. Some talk, but no action.

That is a Red Herring. Sanders was the only candidate allowed to compete and Hillary is so bad she would have lost if not for the cheating in the party.

I really don't know how primaries should work.

How about parties work as we tell people they work. The people get a group of candidates from which to choose from, and the party follows the people's voice. Does that not match the exact definition of "Democratic" that the party is named after?

That's a red herring. The DNC candidate has been under near-constant "investigations"

The Mark Twain quote about the 3 kinds of lies comes to mind reading this one. Hillary has a very long history of being viewed negatively. Her being under "investigations" does not sweep things under the rug, but is surely not the only issue with the negativity facing the person's statement. At least as important, these people (Hillary et. al) have all been found to be GUILTY of the charges people are investigating.

Comment I'll believe it (Score 1) 270

When it happens. As it stands today I fully expect the exit polls to show Trump with a double digit lead and yet somehow Hillary wins. It _just_ happened that way with Sanders, so you have to expect as much. I am actually quite amazed that the DNC is not a full out riot based on the leaked emails. The corruption was obvious enough when Hillary won 6 out of 6 coin tosses and exit polls flipped in almost every race. Now there is proof as to a more broad corruption and collusion.

Comment Tu quoque (Score 1) 769

Look, I don't have any need to show you research which is easy to find. Hillary claiming to carry hot sauce in her purse while talking on a black radio show, and thousands of other "little" lies are all over. The excuse I'm guessing you will use is "she is just pandering" which does not change the fact that she lies about both big and small things all the time.

Stop trying to deny Clinton's lies and excuse her behavior by fallacious means. Clinton is a liar, and demonstrates a pathological level of lying. She should be medicated in a home, not running for President.

If you want to complain about Trump change the subject. Trump does not always say the smartest things, but he is a terrible liar and does not do so very often because it's so obvious. (See his claim of being an Evangelist). He has his own problems sure, but being a pathological liar is not one of them.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Living on the command line? (networkworld.com)

LichtSpektren writes: Last month, Bryan Lunduke of Network World began a public experiment where he tried to live 30 days without using X.org, i.e. using the command line exclusively. He ended up surrendering on day 10 because "attempting to use sites such as Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook—directly from terminal-based web browsers—is a truly painful experience. It can be made to work. Really. It can. But it’s just no fun at all." The series will probably come across as amusingly posh to people that spend most of their day in the terminal, but it is interesting note that Lunduke ends by saying that after the experiment, he now chooses to manage his music, notes, and instant messaging at the command line "because, I swear, it’s just such a nice experience."

I was just curious what things Slashdotters still do on the command line that's now commonplace to do with a GUI, such as watching YouTube videos. Skip the usual ones like vim/emacs, IRC, and just about anything a sysadmin does, since those are still widely done from the terminal and too obvious to mention. Is there anybody that uses Lynx for all web browsing, including this article? Are there any professional video/image/audio producers that do most of their work at the command line? Last year, Microsoft's April Fools' joke was MS-DOS for smartphones; is there anybody that seriously uses a terminal emulator to handle their text messages and calls?

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 769

The small meaningless lies should really worry you more than the whoppers, especially when there is a steady stream for decades. An occasional whopper shows a person who makes mistakes and does not like accountability, a somewhat normal behavior. The constant lying indicates mental illness.

Comment Re:Basic Math time (Score 1) 506

And where exactly do you propose to get said 3 Trillion dollars without causing mass inflation and making your dollar worth nothing? No fraud or waste? You have to be absolutely batshit crazy. EVERY Government program is full of fraud and abuse today. What sort of delusional world do you live in where by some type of fairy magic (or something) UBI is free of fraud and corruption? No wonder you post anonymously.

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