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Comment Re:Too much to express here, but (Score 1) 440

Because we have seen socialism work in so many other countries around the world? Sorry, but that is simply bullocks. Do you honestly believe that if the Chinese citizens could own guns that they would not overthrow the oppressive regime in charge?

The only working example of Socialism worked until immigration was allowed, and now that example is no longer true either.

Comment This! (Score 1) 440

GP states that Milton Friedman believed in UBI, but that is not true. Friedman said that it may work as an alternative to Welfare under certain conditions. For example: Friedman believed in Welfare with an incentive to get off Welfare, which we have never had in the US. He also stated that Welfare was doomed to fail without tight immigration control, because it incentivized the least productive people immigrating and dis-incentivized productive people. Why come here to work if you pay 50% in Taxes, yet if you don't work you get Food, Housing, Transportation, and clothing from the State?

UBI is a Utopian fantasy, not a reality. Facts are dismissed when debating people propagating this fairy tale.

Comment Too much to express here, but (Score 0) 440

Humans want to succeed and have a successful lineage, they want to build things, they want to tinker with things, they want to learn things, and they want to do so without oppression. This is an instinctual set of principles which led to Humans becoming the top of the Food chain. This is not limited to today, but a historical normal. No opportunity for self and family advancements leads to unrest and revolt. Just like all other Utopian dreams, the dream of the lazy human doing nothing while robots do all the work will not succeed.

How will it work if you have 90% unemployment? Simple, it won't be that way for long. You will have massive unrest, and all of the horrors that would entail.

I'm not going to rehash the Nobel Prize winning economist I mentioned in my first post. Read them, study them, and learn from them. "Capitalism and Freedom" is a must read for anyone who wishes to discuss economic theory.

Comment How about taking the Herring away (Score 0, Offtopic) 304

TFA makes a bold assumption, that the reason for all of the political turmoil in the world is at least somehow related to climate change. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and yet they provide none. Start with a false assumption, end with a false conclusion. The Wars in the Middle East were not started because "Climate Change", they were started over "IDEOLOGY". Those wars continue over IDEOLOGY, not bad weather or land due to climate change.

Comment Re:Reddit is on the way out (Score 1) 226

Spez harmlessly trolls a few t_d users

Spez did something that goes way beyond simple trolling. He showed that site admins can and will modify user content. Through its history, admin have claimed that they could/would not do this. Sure, any junior db or system admin knows that modifying a database entry is a basic function of that type of system, but the claim that they would not and have not done that has now been admitted to be false.

Now, the validity of every post on the site, past, present, and future, is questionable. Maybe it was a reddit admin that made the doxxing post on r/pizzagate. Maybe it was a reddit admin that created the u/stonetear posts allegedly related to the HRC email server. The list goes on and on.

Comment Re:It's a theme (Score 4, Interesting) 226

The theme I'm referring to has nothing to do with special interests using the site, but rather a specific mindset taking control of a site. Reddit became popular because it was a free speech zone, but I'd never claim it was "main stream" any more than Slashdot is/was. Free speech is a dangerous thing to people in power. Facebook gets tons of free advertising from broadcast media because they do not support free speech. Timelines is the only thing you need to see to understand that they are more worried about propaganda than free speech.

I don't know reddit and don't know if there is pressure for them to stifle speech or if the management was really against it from the start, but felt it was tolerable venting as long as it stayed away from main stream.

Comment Yup, should be OPT-IN (Score 1) 28

I don't want random calendar invites even from people who work at my company. I should be permitting them, not having the system automatically spam me with crap. Block feature is not necessary with opt-in, as you are blocked by default.

The crappy thing is, if they just spam addresses and numbers they get responses if you accept or decline. Options are pretty limited.

One more "good idea on paper, but sucks in implementation and practice" to chalk up to the talking heads in Marketing.

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