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Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 2) 359

The early 1990's when Linus created Linux was the perfect time. And at that time all of the Unixes were walled off proprietary prison camps and ran on workstations that at that time cost a couple tens of thousands of dollars. Linux ran on a common PC.

I was running 386BSD on x86 PCs in 1992-93. While all UNIX wasn't proprietary at that point, this was a time of great changes in that realm. ATT UNIX was in the process of getting re-written as BSD. There was also much legal wrangling going on around the re-write, slowing down the process. According to Linus, "If 386BSD had been available when I started on Linux, Linux would probably never had happened."

Comment Re:Supply and demand (Score 1) 120

b) with a credit card - that must be shown to pick up the tickets upto an hour before the show.

If I buy one of these tickets, which often go on sale months before an event, and for some reason I'm not able to go, can I get a refund? Or did I just piss away whatever I spent on the tickets and leave some empty seats to discourage the artist, other fans and venue? Well, I guess the artist and venue wouldn't be toooo mad, they got paid.

Comment Re:Supply and demand (Score 1) 120

The only people getting rich are scummy middlemen with no skin in the game

You must be talking about companies like Ticketmaster, right? Because all the ticket scalpers have skin in the game, they didn't get the tickets they are selling for free. If they buy tickets that they don't sell, they take a loss.

Comment Re:Breaking Even??? (Score 2) 80

Well, you would need an internet full of datacenters running CPU miners to make 1 BTC/month. A datacenter full of GPU miners might have generated some BTC, but still not in the 1/month range. To turn 1 BTC/m, you'd need to generate around 14 TERAhash/second An AMD 5870 GPU can do about 4 GIGAhash/sec and a Core i7 3930k can do about 66 MEGAhash/sec. Playing with the profit calculator from the first link shows a single gpu with no cost for hardware or electricity is going to generate about $0.07/month. The CPU miner will generate about $0.001196, which rounds up to a little over 1/10 of 1 cent.

The article states "the server", implying there was only 1. I'd be surprised if the guy actually mined anything, and I don't see any way he made enough to cover the fine. That doesn't even take into account lawyers fees and diminished career opportunities.

Comment Re:RUSSIAN HACKERS (Score -1, Offtopic) 93

With Hillary there was no money trail.

There is a $140MM money trail from Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation prior to the (Hillary led) State Department approval of the purchase of Uranium One by Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency. This led to approximately 20% of the United States uranium supply now being owned by Russia.

Mr. Bill Clinton also gave a speech promoting the deal, in exchange for a $500k speaking fee. He was also thanked personally by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for giving the speach.

Comment Re:Serious question ? (Score 1) 253

Why do they prompt me for this crap every time I do anything with a device that is already configured and working?

Apple marketing switched to the "Windows 10" marketing strategy. If they keep bugging you about it, eventually you'll either hit the wrong button and end up with an iCloud account, or you'll sign up on purpose to make the nag screens go away.

Comment Re:Only Fixed by Resigning (Score 1) 410

What would be really interesting to see going forward is a forum with cryptographic signing built into the to the base functionality of a forum. This would give both the poster, and the readers, a way to verify the integrity of the message. The downside (but not really) is that editing would be more difficult, but I could live without an edit function. Maybe that would force a little more thought before hitting the submit button, like it does here on /. A bigger issue might be the loss of anonymity that would come along with that, but you are already not anonymous to a state level actor and probably a few multinational corporate entities.

Comment Re:Reddit is on the way out (Score 1) 233

Spez harmlessly trolls a few t_d users

Spez did something that goes way beyond simple trolling. He showed that site admins can and will modify user content. Through its history, admin have claimed that they could/would not do this. Sure, any junior db or system admin knows that modifying a database entry is a basic function of that type of system, but the claim that they would not and have not done that has now been admitted to be false.

Now, the validity of every post on the site, past, present, and future, is questionable. Maybe it was a reddit admin that made the doxxing post on r/pizzagate. Maybe it was a reddit admin that created the u/stonetear posts allegedly related to the HRC email server. The list goes on and on.

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