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Comment Re:RUSSIAN HACKERS (Score -1, Offtopic) 93

With Hillary there was no money trail.

There is a $140MM money trail from Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation prior to the (Hillary led) State Department approval of the purchase of Uranium One by Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency. This led to approximately 20% of the United States uranium supply now being owned by Russia.

Mr. Bill Clinton also gave a speech promoting the deal, in exchange for a $500k speaking fee. He was also thanked personally by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for giving the speach.

Comment Re:Serious question ? (Score 1) 253

Why do they prompt me for this crap every time I do anything with a device that is already configured and working?

Apple marketing switched to the "Windows 10" marketing strategy. If they keep bugging you about it, eventually you'll either hit the wrong button and end up with an iCloud account, or you'll sign up on purpose to make the nag screens go away.

Comment Re:Only Fixed by Resigning (Score 1) 410

What would be really interesting to see going forward is a forum with cryptographic signing built into the to the base functionality of a forum. This would give both the poster, and the readers, a way to verify the integrity of the message. The downside (but not really) is that editing would be more difficult, but I could live without an edit function. Maybe that would force a little more thought before hitting the submit button, like it does here on /. A bigger issue might be the loss of anonymity that would come along with that, but you are already not anonymous to a state level actor and probably a few multinational corporate entities.

Comment Re:Reddit is on the way out (Score 1) 233

Spez harmlessly trolls a few t_d users

Spez did something that goes way beyond simple trolling. He showed that site admins can and will modify user content. Through its history, admin have claimed that they could/would not do this. Sure, any junior db or system admin knows that modifying a database entry is a basic function of that type of system, but the claim that they would not and have not done that has now been admitted to be false.

Now, the validity of every post on the site, past, present, and future, is questionable. Maybe it was a reddit admin that made the doxxing post on r/pizzagate. Maybe it was a reddit admin that created the u/stonetear posts allegedly related to the HRC email server. The list goes on and on.

Submission + - Tesla Preps Bigger 100 kWh Battery For Tesla Model S and Model X (

An anonymous reader writes: Tesla will soon offer a 100 kWh battery for the Model S and Model X that will allow for increased range — perhaps as much as 380 miles for the Model S. Currently, the 90 kWh batteries are the company's largest capacity. Kenteken.TV is reporting that the Dutch regulator that certifies Tesla's vehicles for use in the European Union, RDW, has recently published a number of new Tesla variants. RDW's public database now includes entries for a Tesla "100D" and "100X," which are titles that follow Tesla's current naming system based on battery capacity. The listing for the 100D claims the vehicle has a range of 381 miles or 613 kilometers. The motor output is reported as 90 kilowatts (121 horsepower), which is the maximum output the Tesla motors can sustain without overheating.

Submission + - How do you prepare for and deal with a lost/stolen/destroyed Smartphone? 3

Qbertino writes: A lot of our everyday lives today hinges on having our smartphone and our apps/services/data that are on it working and available.

What are you tactics/standard procedures/techniques/best pratices for preparing for a lost/stolen/destroyed Android Phone and/or iPhone? And have you needed to actually use them?

I'm talking concrete solutions for the worst case scenario: Apps, backup routines (like automating Google Takeaway downloads or something) tracking and disabling routines and methods and perhaps services. If you're using some vendor specific solution that came with your phone and have had positive experience with it, feel free to advocate.

Please include the obvious with some description that you use such as perhaps a solution already build into Android/iOS and also describe any experience you had with these solutions in some unpleasant scenario you might have had yourself. Also perhaps the procedures and pitfalls for recovering previous state to a replacement device.

Please note: I'm talking both Android and iOS.
And thanks for your input — I can imagine that I'm not the only one interested in this.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Most Awesome Hardware Hacked?

An anonymous reader writes: Another Slashdotter once asked what kind of things someone can power with an external USB battery. I have a followup along these lines: what kind of modifications have you made to your gadgets to do things that they were never meant to do? Consider old routers, cell phones, monitors, etc. that have absolutely no use or value anymore in their intended form. What can you do with them? Have you ever done something stupid and damaged your electronics?

Comment Re: Dumb (Score 1) 145

IT is a cost center which yields 0 return on investment compared to planes

The proper response to someone who says that is, "How efficiently to you think you can schedule flights, book passengers for them, process them onto a plane, and keep track of all of the above if the IT infrastructure were to all disappear?"

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