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Comment Re:One hour of basketball dunking per day. (Score 1) 132

But we do introduce the game of basketball to students in phys ed. Some students won't have been exposed to it until then, and maybe it's a thing they like to do. We introduce a lot of different physical activities in phys ed class. That's what it's for!

You're not going to write a AAA game or whatever in hour-of-code class, but you're not going to do nothing but dunk in 40minutes of basketball class, either. In both cases you're going to go over just enough of the basics to hopefully have 5-10 minutes at the end to do something fun.

Comment Re:History repeat itself. (Score 1) 132

The only thing that could bring that future about would be AI that writes the programs for us.

Other than that, we're not going to run out of things that need to be stuffed in databases and crunched. As the databases or coding for databases becomes more efficient, governemnts will take advantage of the opportunity to demand even more things be tracked and ever more complicated legal requirements to be satisfied.

Comment Re:Supply and demand? (Score 4, Insightful) 157

There's competition in the airline industry (Boeing, Airbus being two big players) so they can't do that.

If Boeing raises prices, customers will to go Airbus. And vice versa.

If anything they may even LOWER prices to retain customers as waiting lists get longer. "Sure, you have to wait longer for your aircraft but you save 20% going with us over Airbus!"

Comment Re:Weak/nonexistent punishments for faulty notices (Score 1) 81

All patent applications are signed under penalty of perjury. However, the US Patent and Trademark office disbanded its enforcement department in 1974. So, you can perjure yourself on a patent application with impunity.

Unless it's testimony in a criminal case, or the perjury trap in front of a grand jury, or something they want to prosecute like lying on your tax form, the Federal government is in general lassiez faire about perjury, or even encouraging of it with their reluctance to prosecute, especially perjury committed by a so-called intellectual property holder.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I'll be better able to figure it when the cartridge is empty. The savings come from not having to pay eight or ten bucks for copies that I'm proofreading.

They're already online as free e-books, HTML, and PDF, with printed copies available at a price.

Comment Cataracts and Suse (Score 1) 6

IIRC you're Canadian (if in the US you'll need insurance) and should be able to get CrystaLens implants for an extra $2,000. They cure nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts.

I ran Suse back in 2003 and liked it, but moved to Mandrake because my TV didn;t like it; I was using the TV as a monitor with an S-video cable. Still trying to find a distro that will run on an old Gateway laptop.

Comment Re:Growing Pains (Score 2) 102

It honestly never crossed my mind that dealers would be apt in this case. I fully expect that the dealer you sell it to not to bother at all with any electronic stuff, and the original dealer not to have any idea how to do a full factory reset of any data-retaining components (if that's even possible), and certainly no interest in telling you how to do it since you're not going to be a customer any more.

Comment Re:ECC (Score 1) 263

No boot ROM means that a hardware device constructed from discrete logic and analog chips directly demodulates digital data from the radio, addresses the memory, and writes the data. Once this process is completed, it de-asserts the RESET line of the CPU and the CPU starts executing from an address in memory. Really no ROM!

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