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Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 234

Ambiguous law tends to be thrown out in court. Sadly most people don't bother to take it to trial because the pre-trial hearing dismisses the case or offers no points and a signficiantly lower fine and/or traffic school.

They do this on purpose because they know they'll lose in court, setting precedent.

Comment This is a bit absurd... (Score 1) 189

How is it that four decades into the personal computing era and ANYTHING in the UI is using any significant amount of CPU?

A blinking cursor?? The Apple II had a blinking cursor in 1977, and it was implemented in hardware. It used zero percent of the CPU.

My gods, programmers have gotten lazy. What's next, extra CPU consumption for bold text? The system slowing down every time it beeps?

Comment Re:40.000 deaths (Score 2) 234

There is always a specific point where there is indecision about whether to stop or keep going when the light turns yellow.

- Stopping means hitting the brakes hard, possibly causing an accident due to someone rear-ending you.
- Proceeding means you might shave a bit of the red.

Shaving a bit of the red is generally not going to cause an accident because it takes time for cars to accelerate and get going. There is also a dead-time between one direction turning red and the other turning green. However, as someone who was nearly rear-ended for stopping at a light because I had to brake very hard, I'd much prefer to proceed than stop in these cases.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 2) 234

Not to mention, if you *ENTER* the intersection on yellow it's perfectly legal, even if the light turns red once you're already in it.

The law states that the state of the light matters the moment you enter the intersection. Once you enter, you must exit the intersection as quickly as possible, but the light doesn't matter at that point. This is what also allows you to dwell in the intersection when making a left on green, and finish the turn when the light turns yellow->red.

Comment Why are people obsessed with lack of bezels? (Score 4, Insightful) 74

Everyone seems to be clamoring for a phone without bezels, but it seems obvious to me that you have to HOLD the device, and parts of your hand will always cover some of the front of the device if you hold it securely, and therefore with a bezel-less device you will be covering your screen all the time.

Why do people seem to want this? It makes no sense. I like bezels on my handheld devices so I can actually hold and use them at the same time!

Comment Re:Bad calculation (Score 1) 318

The problem is the enemy can then send 100 $200 drones next time. They only spend $20K and there's no way you have enough missiles to take them all down.

There needs to be an inexpensive way to deal with inexpensive threats, otherwise the enemy can cause you to spend a fortune and not even accomplish your mission of defending your territory.

Comment Re:Windows 10 (especially Home edition)is possesse (Score 2) 68

The problem is this is an all-or-nothing approach, and you won't get updates at all, or update notifications, leaving your PC to eventually become insecure.

It needs to be a middle ground. Notify the user about updates, give them control over updates, and ONLY automatically push updates for *glaring, immediate* security problems.

Comment Re:Windows 10 (especially Home edition)is possesse (Score 5, Insightful) 68

I don't get why Microsoft has to be such a pain in the ass about updates.

Apple has always let the user decide when they want to install updates. You get an update notification, then install the updates either right away or tell it to install them over night. There is never a forced install; the user is always in control. This is IRONIC especially since Apple tends to be a control freak company in most other ways!

Apple will VERY OCCASIONALLY automatically push an extremely critical update to fix glaring security problems, but has done this very rarely.

It seems MS could do a lot more to give the user control of updates, including the ability to easily roll back updates that cause problems.. The current system is just asking for trouble.

Comment Re:I Killed my Facebook Because of it (Score 1) 62

People who ragequit social media and delete everything are usually doing it for attention. Quietly not posting anymore doesn't attract attention; that's why they don't just do that.

If someone genuinely just loses interest in a platform and isn't after attention (whether it be positive or negative) will just stop using that platform quietly. That's kind of what happened with me and Livejournal.

Comment Can someone explain Snapchat to this old fart? (Score 1) 62

I played with Snapchat briefly and didn't see the appeal. Everything that it could do is already done better by other services like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and so on. It was clunky and didn't really add any value to my online social experience.

Why are other companies trying to copy them? I don't get it.

Comment Dead pixels? Really? (Score 4, Interesting) 241

Sounds like Nintendo's buying up all those panels that didn't pass muster for other companies' standards. Pretty cheap of them, considering the price of the unit.

I haven't seen a dead pixel on a screen in years. I can't believe Nintendo would stoop so low to essentially buying up rejects to save a couple bucks per unit.

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