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Comment They sound completely insane (Score 5, Insightful) 326

I read this and I'm just shaking my head at how incredibly ludicrous every word in that statement was.

If it weren't for the fact that millions of people live under the oppression of this sort of thinking, it would actually be funny.

When will these people finally join the 21st century and stop basing their entire lives around this bullshit?

Comment Re:Foolish Investment? (Score 1) 124

Yeah, Golden Beach, FL has this problem. Over a mile of beach with absolutely no public access, except for a small park in the middle where you can't park unless you're a town resident and the police will harass you if you use the facilities there.

Beaches should be public. Period. They are a very limited resource and it shouldn't be possible for the 1% to own them and deny access.

Comment Who the heck watches porn at McDonald's? (Score 2) 284

I've eaten at McD's many times and not once have I seen someone watching porn there. Also, it's not the sort of environment that makes sense for watching that content; you don't have any privacy to do the sort of things that someone watching porn tends to want to do.

What's the point?

Comment Re: Drones are the answer (Score 1) 114

In retrospect I'm surprised at how well my phone worked when at an Orioles game this past Sunday. No problem sending photos from the game and looking up player info. Usually in such crazy crowded conditions my phone becomes useless.

I guess AT&T has seriously beefed up network capacity at Orioles Park.

Comment Movies are not real life, but... (Score 3, Informative) 151

Nearly every single movie featuring an AI has shown it eventually trying to destroy/enslave humanity. So we've had it programmed into our heads from when we were kids to distrust AIs. Even if the movies have little to no grounding in reality, seeing ways things can go wrong depicted can be pretty powerful on our overal psyche.

Comment Doesn't this miss the point? (Score 1) 82

I thought the entire point of console gaming was that the hardware is always identical?

This means that:

- All games work on all hardware.
- You only have to target one piece of hardware in development, which saves money.
- You can buy a new console and feel like you made a good investment because a "slightly faster one" won't come out in a year or two.

If MS is going to start upgrading consoles mid-generation, people might as well stick to PC gaming.

Comment Re:I'm tired of this attitude (Score 1) 206

>Racing to the bottom, until nobody has anything, which certainly fulfills the requirements for equality but I somehow fail to see how this is a goal to aspire to.

Wow, you pretty much exactly described what happened in countries like the Soviet Union and Cuba.

At least China managed to figure out it's a bad idea and tweaked the system.

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