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Comment Is our society ever going to stop being so prude? (Score 1) 98

It's so absurd that anything sexual is considered "harmful" somehow. It defies all logic, yet here we are, still overreacting about such things.

I wonder if we'll ever reach a point where it doesn't matter, naked bodies are no longer shameful and we can discuss these things without blushing.

It's frustrating that it's taking this long to purge outdated "values" from our culture.

Comment Why is this even legal? (Score 1) 60

In the US we were smart enough to restrict commercial usage of drones.

Not only that, but flying over traffic causes a hazard; what if one of those drones loses power and lands on (or IN a car! convertible?) or distracts a driver causing an accident?

I'm surprised the Mexican authorities aren't all over this.

Comment Re:It's scary that they can't figure out the cause (Score 1) 145

Very few Apple phones have gone up in smoke, and for the few that have the cause has been physical damage. Usually people putting their phones in their back pockets and sitting on them. The repeated stress of your entire body weight compressing and twisting the phone eventually damages the battery and causes the fire.

Even then, the number of fires has been so small that it's not a statistically relevant problem.

Comment Re:$300 or $400 for map update (Score 2) 310

I always wondered how they can justify charging more for a map update than the cost of an entirely standalone GPS unit.

People keep their cars a lot longer than phones. So while the phone keeps getting faster and better over the years, the car stays the same and the onboard navigation starts to feel dated.

This is why I nearly laughed at my dealer when they suggested I get the car with navigation for $1000 more. Umm yeah, no. That's more than I pay for a whole new phone. Join the present!

Comment It's scary that they can't figure out the cause. (Score 4, Insightful) 145

The fact that they can't determine why these phones are going up in smoke is scary. In a way it's understandable; the ones that do end up exploding burn up so there's no system logs or other evidence that could be checked to determine the cause.

And don't think that we are immune if we use non-Samsung phones. It's probably only a matter of time before Apple, LG, or some other manufacturer has a similar problem, and also can't figure it out because of the total destruction involved. A lot of energy density is being packed into a tiny space.

Comment Why the heck can't they just use a cable? (Score 2) 176

I can totally understand banning Wifi hotspot access points at big crowded events like this. Just a few dozen in the same area is enough to completely use all available bandwidth in the form of beacons. Performance will suck for EVERYONE, including the venue WiFi.

Why not just use a cable? Most phones support tethering over USB, and it'll even perform better than WiFi hotspot mode because it's a direct cable connection so the only RF you're doing is cellular. I always try to do USB tethering when possible to avoid polluting the airwaves with my needless access point.

Comment Re:Bah....! (Score 4, Informative) 81

I recall that when Apple decided stop selling the Apple IIe, school districts were genuinely upset because they were still using them heavily. They had very large educational software libraries that would now become obsolete as they could no longer buy replacement systems.

If the market is there and willing to pay, Apple would have been foolish to not serve it. They could have probably continued selling IIe systems well into 1995 if they wanted. It's pretty crazy just how entrenched the Apple II was in schools.

Comment Isn't it obvious why they're doing this? (Score 5, Insightful) 275

Microsoft wants to make using older versions of Windows as annoying as possible for IT departments, to try to push us to move to Windows 10.

Corporate IT departments tend to be the biggest holdouts for moving to new versions of Windows. If a business is running fine on Windows 7, there is ZERO reason beyond security updates to move to Windows 10. Now they're giving us an artificial reason: If a rolled up update breaks something, we have to roll back the ENTIRE batch. Even any included security updates.

Microsoft wants their licensing revenue, and they want fewer versions of Windows to support. This is their play.

Comment Re:Browsers are shitty application platforms (Score 0) 102

You're quibbling over semantics, now. I consider their whole line of notebooks to be "Macbooks". That's probably what OP meant.

I'd ask the OP to clear it up, but at this point who cares? This isn't a topic that has people on the edge of their seat awaiting a resolution. :)

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