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Comment Re: Misdemeanor? (Score 3, Insightful) 149

It did. 1938 in Austria. The outcome is very well known.

When it is allowed to vote publicly (and taking a picture of your marked ballot pretty much means this), it's very easy to scare people into voting publicly lest it would be assumed that they vote "wrongly". Because there's no reason to vote in secrecy if you vote how you "should".

Don't go there. Just don't.

Comment Re: because Photoshop doesn't exist (Score 1) 149

If you go into the voting cabin yelling "Vote A", you come out yelling "Vote A", drop your ballot with a "Vote A" and tell everyone on your way to the door that they better "Vote A" because that's what is going to save the country, that's freedom of speech.

Showing someone your ballot isn't.

The difference is easy: I can say whatever I want. I can yell from the top of my lungs that I support A while actually, secretly, voting for B. Ballots have to be secret to avoid buying vote or intimidation.

And no, voluntarily showing that you vote a certain way 'cause everyone knows you're going to vote that way anyway isn't acceptable either. Because then wanting to vote in secrecy could already be seen as "dissent". Not trying to Godwin here, but the "Anschlussabstimmung" 1938 in Austria would actually be a really good example of why this is a problem.

Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 5, Insightful) 68

No, having a female captain (Janeway) isn't pushing diversity. Neither is having a black station commander (Sisko). UNLESS this is their main qualification and you get it paraded out every single episode how awesome it is that Janeway is a woman and that Sisko is a black guy. Because then it becomes a nuisance.

What made Star Trek great was that these things were exactly treated as non-issues. Like, say, in the future, we consider it ridiculous that we even have to mention that women can command ships or that black people hold power on stations. Even TOS had an alien as the second in command (and admittedly, it was made a theme far more often than necessary).

But what made the shows that had "minority bosses" great was that it was treated as normal, and, lo and behold, it was normal for the viewers. Remember anyone saying that a woman can't do that and that Janeway could command her ship was "unrealistic"? I don't. The only thing unrealistic about that women was her hair, what kind of futuristic concrete hairspray did she put onto that hairdo that it NEVER moved, no matter the damage to the ship?

Comment Re: No one should be blamed for the spread of vir (Score 1) 334

The nations maybe not, but the employers routinely do. And frankly, I can well understand that.

In my country you can be sick a lot before your employer can simply kick you out, and he even has to keep paying your wage for the first month, so I do indeed think they're entitled to get a doctor's notice instead of just you saying "not coming today, boss".

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