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Comment Re:Correlation? (Score 1) 242

Did Newsweek publish any other stories that day (or that week)?

No, the only thing that Newsweek published all week was a story about Trump. Not many people know this, but Newsweek is down to 1 employee who is both the journalist and webmaster.

Is there a definite correlation between that publishing of that story and the DDOS?

There is definitely a correlation between the two. They happened on the same day. That's a correlation. You could even say that Newsweek gets hit by DOS attacks any day they post a piece by Kurt Eichenwald about Trump breaking the Cuban embargo.

Comment Re:There's a bigger issue here (Score 1) 238

The whole point is not eliminating "whole sections of society". That's exactly what this is about. If we refuse to vaccinate, we endanger those that cannot be vaccinated. Because the same group also cannot participate in a potential cure, for exactly the same reasons.

If these people could only endanger themselves, I'd say more power to them. Don't get vaccinated, but at least then have the decency to die peacefully when you get infected. If that was the whole story, I would not mind it. Not one bit. I'm all for idiots and assholes removing themselves from the gene pool. We, as society, can only benefit from it.

So technically, I would actually be for the removal of a section of society... albeit by their own doing, not mine.

The problem is that they don't just endanger themselves, but others too. It's a bit like drunk driving. If they could only kill themselves, all I would do is make sure they have enough to ensure a speedy delivery. Unfortunately they rarely die alone.

Comment Re:The content producers did it to themselves. (Score 1) 247

I know, it's unfortunate that most leagues haven't figured out how to give people what they want - live games on demand without a TV subscription. The NFL will let me watch all 256 games per season, for example, but they aren't live. In fact I think I see them a week late, what's the point?

Sportsdevil is the plugin I use the most, I think some people use Castaway for sports also. The major downside is that you can't quickly switch between games and sometimes the streams aren't very reliable where you'll have to keep looking for one (and, like some other plugins for Kodi, a lot of links just don't work at all, but you'll learn which ones have what you want). I'll be happy to start paying again once they offer what I'm looking for, but in the meantime this works for me. If you do some searching for Kodi in general, and Sportsdevil in particular, you'll find instructions for setup and things like that.

Comment Re: There's a bigger issue here (Score 1) 238

Ok, lemme rephrase that: There's a shortage of work that would be paying a wage.

And yes, you're absolutely right. Demand creates jobs. I've been saying this for ages, and every single time without fail I get shouted down that jobs are created by employers. But to employers, the job he creates is the necessary evil he would gladly go without if he could. Because "creating" a job means expense for him, not revenue.

I create a job if I want to buy apples. I create that job for the guy picking them. I create a job by wanting a new computer. I create a job by wanting to spend an evening at a bar. Ok, not a whole job, but a fraction thereof at least. If for nobody else, than for the owner of the bar who can keep the bar running because I spend my evening and my 100 bucks there.

And that only works if people have money to spend. But that's a different topic. What's left is that yes, there is work to be done. But pressing people to do it without a wage only creates even more pressure on wage earners who would now have to compete with these people forced into work. And if you tell me that "this would only apply to work nobody else wants to do" I have one sentence for you:

"H1B visa are just for jobs that we cannot fill with domestic workers"

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