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Comment Re:No one cares about ontopic discussion (Score 1) 197

The topic is fuck slash beta until it goes away. If it doesn't go away, then fuck this rob malda left it in terrible hands. He has lots o money and he didn't even leave the site in good hands. He left it in the hands a fucking content farm company. He might as well as sold it to

He wanted /. to die in a fire so people would migrate to his new company, Trove.

Comment Re:donotwant Slashdot Beta (Score 1) 197

Well, to answer your first question -- yes, there are some users who like the redesign. It's a bit of an echo chamber in the comments, but we've received some complimentary emails. (Which is not to say we weight those more heavily than uncomplimentary ones -- we don't.)

Commenting is certainly not an afterthought. It's at the top of our list for things that need more work. We know you come to the site for the comments (as we ourselves did back in the '90s).

"as we ourselves did back in the '90s" - interesting choice of words. Are you implying (either on purpose or by accident) that you don't come to the site for the comments anymore, or that you just don't come to the site (except for work)? Why?

The beta looks terribly cookie-cutter in its design, and the comment layout just feels off. It doesn't feel right. Sorry, but I'm not sure how else to explain myself in this case. But do keep in mind that Slashdot is Slashdot because of the users that participate in the comment sections (AC or not), not because of the stories posted. Experienced users know how to wade through the piles of shit posts (frosty piss, update your hosts file, you're a friend and a cosmonaut, etc) to get to the real discussions. Rather than overhauling the entire site, why not make it easier on newcomers to get to "good" comments and participate in a real discussion? Figure that out first and I think other needed improvements will become obvious.

Comment Re: Track your every move (Score 1) 257

Wow - it takes a couple hours to get to the set point in our 2 bedroom apartment and multiple run cycles. It's all on one floor, but has bad windows, and air leaks right around the front door. The AC unit is 30+ years old. I'm in the midwest where space is a little cheaper, but my apt. isn't huge.

I also let the thermostat go up to about 85 when nobody's home. The humidity is high here in the summer, so I'm sure that's a factor.

Maybe I just got lucky in the apartments I've rented and the house I own as far as windows, insulation, and HVAC goes. I've spent most of my life in Michigan, so frigid winters and hot sticky summers are the norm for me. Sounds like you have a landlord that either doesn't care or isn't fully aware of how bad it is for you!

Comment Re: Track your every move (Score 1) 257

Do they? I never once remembered to turn down the thermostat when leaving for a trip.

And no - a fan is not enough for me against a humid warm apartment.

I always have turned down the thermostat when my family leaves the house for an extended period of time, it's just what I was taught to do I guess. As for the AC, I have never lived in an apartment that didn't take about 15 minutes to cool down with a wall or window AC (I've never had an apartment >1000 sq ft either). If you can't deal with it for that long then I suppose that sucks for you, but I think you're the exception and not the rule here.

Comment Re: Track your every move (Score 2) 257

When you're away from home for the weekend, and you didn't know when you'd get back. You can turn on the AC/Heat a couple hours before you get home. That way, you could go without paying for heating/cooling the entire time you're gone.

You could also do what most people have done forever - turn on the heat / AC when you get home and grab a blanket / fan while you're waiting for the house to heat up / cool down. Neat features, yes, but wholly unnecessary.

Comment Re:there are people left not using adblock? (Score 1) 75

Yup. They're called, "people who believe that some sites should be supported by their primary revenue model."

I leave advertisements on when visiting /. Why? They're mostly harmless, and well targeted -- albeit a bit redundant. Someday I might actually see something I'm interested in and make these guys a few bucks.

Seems a fair thing to do in exchange for their services.

Sorry, but if the only way you can monetize whatever you are doing is by placing ads for other people / organizations on your page, then maybe what you're doing isn't worth much. Everyone wants to think that whatever they have is worth something, and unfortunately for them that's usually not the case. That aside, I appreciate Slashdot's optional ads and I don't use Adblock on their site, but I leave it on for basically everyone else.

Comment Re:55% (Score 1) 198

I would like to go to Europe some day. Sure, I have the means to do it right now but that doesn't mean it's a good idea because it would seriously set back other goals I have. By putting off a trip to Europe for now, I can achieve all of my goals eventually. However, if I had a condition that would make long-term goals impossible, then sure, I would go to Europe now because I would no longer be sacrificing the now-impossible goals.

What happens if you spend all that money now and a perfect cure is found in 10 years for whatever condition you have? Where would that leave you?

Comment Re:Basis for discrimination (Score 3, Interesting) 684

I think too many aren't aware of any "market rate". And they also don't truly appreciate having a talented developer on their payroll, which is why they would rather get one of few barely qualified employees and hope the dev does something right while getting paid 20% below market (or worse) than have to sift through a stack of resumes, pick out the most qualified applicants, take time to properly interview them, and make decisions that to them all seem like expenses with no return. And if not to whoever is doing the hiring, then to that person's superior.

tl;dr: it's my opinion that so many companies don't appreciate paying for or retaining a great development team.

Comment Re:Don't be evil (some of the time) (Score 5, Interesting) 555

Right now it's all just talk, so yeah... that would be a start.

As of Today; I have no Google fiber, and Google fiber is nowhere even near my state.... all of the broadband providers in may area forbid running servers without buying an uber-overpriced "business" service that increases the monthly price tag from the residential $120/month for 3 Megabit cable from Charter to a minimum of about $800/month

Where on earth do you live? Our office in the Detroit area pays about $180/mo for 100Mbit down/10Mbit up (cable modem), with a static IP, and we can run pretty much whatever we want on it (I say pretty much because if we started e-mail spamming, for example, I'm sure they'd cut us off). My residential service costs $75/mo for 30Mbit down/3Mbit up (also cable), and I have never once been scolded for running any kind of server.

Why should I really be too upset about Google restricting the use of its bandwidth to non-commercial purposes for the 5 or 6 people they are serving, again?

I believe the point is that Google is now publically arguing against net neutrality after championing it for so many years. It's not about their customers, it's about their lobbying power and money and how it could adversely affect us in the not-so-distant future.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

You do realize you're being more of a bigot than he is?

I have never heard of "intolerance of intolerance" being described as bigotry before. Card is actively campaigning against (i.e. spending money to oppress or support the oppression of) a whole group of people. h4rr4r's MetaIntolerance (if you want to call it that) is simply choosing not to support someone he/she sees as a bigot. There is a big difference there.

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