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Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 526

You're talking about a fundamentally different situation to the rest of us here.

In your example, a remote service on which some functionality depended was disabled. Obviously anything that depends on some remote facility can be affected by changes there, regardless of changes to the local machine. This is a real danger of the kind of always-online systems we have today, and it can be (and certainly has been) abused by developers, but I don't think it was what the rest of us were talking about in this particular discussion.

What we were talking about before was whether Microsoft could forcibly affect a Windows 7 system itself to disable functionality, analogously to the Windows 10 updates that started this discussion. The only change to a local machine in your example appears to be via a software update, which you can choose not to install on Windows 7, while not everyone on Windows 10 has that option, short of actively circumventing Microsoft's system.

The Anniversary update for Windows 10 is particularly troubling, because up to now the only way to restore some of the control that earlier versions of Windows offered (notably including controlling Windows updates themselves) on Windows 10 Pro has been through group policies, and Microsoft have now demonstrated that they are willing to remove even that control mechanism if it suits them.

Comment Re:Funny humanity (Score 1) 53

The whole Dark Matter thing was based on the presumption that there is NO WAY that WE can't see it.

Not at all. The whole dark matter thing was based on the presumption that there is mass that we can't see and this matter that we can't see was called "dark matter".

Others may have read more into it, but the name itself betrays the real, original intent behind describing this matter that we can't see or identify.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 1) 211

That doesn't matter. Until it is demonstrated in court that she does not have standing to press her suit, Getty Images continues to lose credibility and customers. She wins.

And if GI does take it into court and proves that the images are public domain, then its loss is even greater since that would also prove that it had been fraudulently claiming to own the non-existent copyrights. That opens the door for multiple lawsuits from its previous customers. And of course is an admission of violation of USA Federal law.

Checkmate. She wins. Getty Images best course of action is to attempt to liquidate itself while trying to cover the asses of all its highest level executives.

If the FBI is not yet investigating, it will be soon.

Comment Re:Game developer friend just left Amazon (Score 2) 43

Yup, I know most people go "What? Amazon makes game??"

Yes, for a few years actually.

They have a game studio:
* https://games.amazon.com/

And they recently (back in Feb, 2016) open sourced their AAA engine, Lumberyard, which is based on CryEngine. (See the FAQ)
* https://aws.amazon.com/lumbery...

Their AWS (Amazon Web Services) is used by game devs:
* https://aws.amazon.com/gaming/

My friend was actually in a non-gaming section, but they hire game devs due to their experience and mind set of solving technical problems.

Comment Game developer friend just left Amazon (Score 4, Interesting) 43

Quantity != Quality.

A game developer friend of mine just left Amazon for greener pastures. There are many reasons he left but the two biggest were:

* Compensation for good work is lacking,
* Amazon still uses stack ranking.

I asked him about this Amazon piece and he sadly agreed with it:


So yeah, that's great Amazon is on a hiring spree for now. What's the turn over rate going to be in 1 - 5 years?
How many people will enjoy what they are working on in 2+ years?

"Show me your code and I'll guess at your data,
Show me your data and I'll know your code."

Comment RSS is broken (Score 1) 104

Can't just replace kat.cr with kickass.cd, the RSS feed facility is badly broken.

RSS feeds seems to work at the top-level categories, but you can't turn your search results into an RSS feed anymore... Still got the RSS icon at the top of the page and in the META so your browser bar shows it. But both just show the same old HTML page instead of an RSS page:

e.g. http://kickass.cd/usearch/test...

Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 39

Replacing Usenet with 8 million different web forums that I have to register with individually and use a different interface to read is not an improvement.

You don't have to visit any web forums to read them. Nearly every site has an RSS feed, and those which don't can be scraped and converted into RSS with something like Feed43.com.

I would HATE using my smart phone to read the news if it wasn't for RSS. /.'s mobile site is the single worst piece of crap I've ever seen. But with RSS I'm fortunately able to read any and every site out there, in a uniform "eBook"-like format.

You can read my RSS tips here:


Comment Re:pivoting (Score 1) 158

Complete with a cloud workforce; as in, not in the US, Europe, or anyplace else that's "too expensive". Don't you love it? The wealth is being bled dry from the West by K Street while the majority is in flight to the East. So while the vampires feed off the middle class, these globalists are thriving off the backside of others labor.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 247

This is the tragedy - as long as the government doesn't go for the guns, the populace will never use their guns for their intended purpose. It sends a wonderful message to government that the guns will never be used against them as long as they don't try to take them. That means they can screw the country over as much as they want (short of taking guns), without threat of resistance. Yaaaaaay.

Comment Other factors? (Score 2, Insightful) 155

Perhaps astronauts who go into deep space are feted and find themselves traveling more, eating out more, being in more smoke filled environments, stressing out in front of large audiences etc. A few days in space might not be what did it but everything that came after. Or maybe it's just a statistical blip from a small sample size.

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