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Classic Games (Games)

Super Mario Bros. 3 Level Design Lessons 95

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from Significant Bits about how the early level design in Super Mario Bros. 3 gradually introduced players to the game without needing something as blatant and obtrusive as a tutorial: "Super Mario Bros. 3 contains many obvious design lessons that are also present in other games, e.g., the gradual layering of complexity that allows players to master a specific mechanic. What surprised me during my playthrough, though, was how some of these lessons were completely optional. The game doesn't have any forced hand-holding, and it isn't afraid of the player simply exploring it at his own pace (even if it means circumventing chunks of the experience)."

Detailing the Security Risks In PDF Standard 136

crabel writes with this quote from the H Online: "At the 27th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin security researcher Julia Wolf pointed out numerous, previously hardly known security problems in connection with Adobe's PDF standard. For instance, a PDF can reportedly contain a database scanner that becomes active and scans a network when the document is printed on a network printer. Wolf said that the document format is also full of other surprises. For example, it is reportedly possible to write PDFs which display different content in different operating systems, browsers or PDF readers — or even depending on a computer's language settings."

Comment Re:Dictionnary attack doesn't show any weakness (Score 1) 217

And that is exactly what you do in the real world.

e.g., pam_unix allows you to set the 'rounds' parameter to slow the calculations, in case the increased default is not paranoid enough for you.

The original article simply gives us a bunch of SHA1 hashes, unmodified, unsalted. Far too weak for real-world use, yes.

Comment Re:This is early days for the video tag (Score 1) 391

Jobs does not spread make these comments out of spite.

Apple have put a tremendous effort into developing a closed platform where they vet every application that their users run. It is not in their interest to allow this to be bypassed by making Flash available on the iPhone and the iPad; therefore they discourage its use on their desktop platform by ensuring that the resulting user experience is unpleasant (that is, buggy and slow).

The public comments from Jobs about Flash is another prong of this stragegy: Apple is leveraging their fanatical fanbase to spread anti-flash propoganda.

I swear that the 1984 commercial is growing more and more ironic every day...

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