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Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score -1) 1320

I expect to there be less government under Trump, I may be wrong though. I expect reduction in government interference to the individuals (and when I say individuals I do mean people who are mostly abused by the power, those who have something to take away from, thus businesses and yes businesses are people.) That's the only thing that matters, one thing, the only thing, the singularity of things: less government interference.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1320

How was Biden a buffoon? After Obama totally flubbed in his debate to Romney, Biden beat the pants off of Paul Ryan in his debate, making it look like maybe the two should trade places.

And Cheney was no buffoon either, in fact quite the opposite. It was GWB who was a buffoon, and Cheney seemed to be the evil puppetmaster running things behind the scenes.

Comment Movies are down, TV is up (Score 1) 34

Sony Pictures reported an operating loss of $64.9 million on revenues of $3.28 billion for the six months ending in September.

But television program production is doing OK, Sony now sees the combined movie and TV unit generating about $8 billion in revenue for the fiscal year, with an operating profit of $25 million.

Comment From comic book dictionary (Score 1) 148

canon: (noun)

What some writer decides today what happened in a fictitious past. This is primarily caused by s/he wanting a personal thumbprint on a character set combined with an inability to imagine extensions to current story lines. In most cases this leads to conflict in story lines that produce confusion in the readership and at times actual outrage at the bastardization and extreme vandalism of admired characters (see Green Lantern).

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1320

Explain to me again why this is more reassuring than someone who is an old hand at foreign policy and a known commodity?

Because while he is thin-skinned, he doesn't have Hillary Clinton's decades of history of corruptly exploiting public office to enrich her and her family while baldly lying to your face about it. She's made herself rich - not by building hotels or other constructive things, but by selling political access to people like overseas dictators who don't mind things like throwing gay guys off of rooftops to please Allah.

So we don't like his manners, but we do like her serial lying, corruption, and incompetence ... because she's been doing it for a long time and we're used to it? No thanks.

Comment Re:There are some interesting ramifications. (Score 1) 159

>The take-away point I get from this is that we may need another revolutionary technology or two (fully three-dimensional integrated circuits? IC's based on carbon instead of silicon?) before we can model the sentient mind as similar to an artificially created device

Memristors already exist and are going to revolutionize the computing world by combining processing with storage (and eliminating the difference between RAM and long term storage). If somebody knows if that will take 5 or 50 years to get out of the labs, they are not saying so far as I know.

However, they might just be the next great leap towards an artificial neuron as well.

Comment Re:Um, duh? (Score 3) 304

The applications are easier, the financial aid applications are ridiculous. After doing FAFSA, many of these top-tier schools are asking for more intrusive information than you can imagine, including what savings we have for other children and having to estimate what our income and taxes will be for the next year and the year after. I was getting infuriated with my son's forms, had to dig out old tax records, my wife is self-employed, but doesn't technically own a company (freelance), but they wouldn't accept that as an answer... the financial aid forms take 10x longer to fill out. This might be a great reason why so few poor people are doing them. One of the forms even wanted my voter registration number and date I applied for it. WTF?

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