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Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 186

Yeah, he'll never get around, for example, to orders reducing regulatory burdens. Oh, right! Already done. Or any movement at all to start to undo the financial stranglehold that Obamacare has put onto people forced to fear IRS enforcement if they don't go broke buying insurance they can't use ... oh, right! Already done, with more under way. I guess we could run down the long list, but you already know it and you're pretending you don't so you can engage in more lefty denialism. Carry on! It obviously is your coping mechanism.

Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 186

Hey, look! Somebody with reading comprehension and cognitive problems attempting to spin something in a childish way, and feeling smug! Which is exactly how the Democrats managed their last several elections, resulting in the loss of over 1000 legislative seats, both houses of congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. But please, carry on! That would be awesome. Thanks.

Submission + - Malaysian Police: VX nerve gas killed N Korea leader's brother in airport attack (reuters.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Malaysian police have announced their finding that Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jon Un, was killed by assassins using VX nerve gas in an attack in the busy Kuala Lumpur airport. Malaysian authorities plan to decontaminate the airport and other sites visited by the attackers. Police are holding the two female attackers, one of whom was affected by the chemical agent, as well as two other men. They are seeking seven more North Koreans connected to the case. VX is the most toxic of the nerve gasses and the UN has declared it a weapon of mass destruction. The manufacture and stockpiling of more than 100 grams of VX per year is prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. It has no commercial uses. The Malaysian police are trying to discover if it was smuggled into their country, or manufactured there. The Malaysian government has recalled its ambassador to North Korea for consultation. North Korea is blaming the death of Kim Jong Nam on Malaysia. North Korea is believed to have major stockpiles of chemical weapons, and is alleged to conduct experiments on prisoners and social undesirables.

Comment Suing the governments for interfering in my life (Score 0) 223

I want to sue all the governments for interfering in my life. This of-course means I want to sue all of you for interfering in my life. Of-course my resources are vastly inadequate for this, but I would love to do just that. I do not want this government 'protection' (read interference and oppression) to exist. But I do feel this is probably going to happen anyway. Need a new planet / new world of some sort without all this in it.

Comment Re:Lack of understanding rather than nefarious (Score 1) 109

As a liberal who knows a thing or two about the guts of ISPs I had many arguments about the wisdom of many "Net Neutrality" proposals with my friends. Some of the requirements people wanted amounted to being expected to fill out your tax forms while riding a unicycle along a tight rope.

Of course, the entire concept is bull. The (non-government) Internet developed under freedom of companies to freely decide to interconnect according to their business needs. Often one ISP rejected another until a mutually-agreeable solution could be worked out. Some ISPs could peer with others, some had to pay.

Any of the "OMG not neutral!" stuff I hear about today is about someone making big money from pushing Tbps of content into someone else's network and expecting that company to pay for all of it. It takes two to tango.

And while there may come a day when some end-user ISP is dumb enough to actually try to provide less-than-Internet to their subscribers, to date it hasn't really happened (sorry pirates), even in situations where the ISP is granted a local monopoly (which, of course, is the real lack of Internet freedom).

Comment Re:Stop accepting takedown notices from BSers (Score 1) 79

That's the beauty of cutting them off from the automated submission system after a very low threshold of bogus submissions (by percentage, quantity, or a combination).

It doesn't matter if they have an ulterior motive, they're shut down and have to pay a premium going forward... which means if they want to keep it up they'll be paying Google to employ extra verifiers and nobody else is affected.

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