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Comment Re:Vanilla is the only flavor I like (Score 1) 169


As I said before, CyanogenMod and CyanogenOS are two different things. From my quick google search, what you're talking about does not apply to CyanogenMod, which is entirely open-source. The OnePlus One uses CyanogenOS.

This is like complaining about Google's telemetry in the Chromium browser (i.e., it doesn't exist, that's in Chrome).

Comment Re:heat (Score 1) 364

But it's not really about "where does the energy go." This thing is being sold as "doesn't send stuff out one end of spacecraft" and "imparts momentum."

It doesn't send mass out one end of the spacecraft, but the thing does consume energy, and quite a lot of it too from what I read. It's not a perpetual motion machine; those are allegedly able to continue operating with no energy input at all (aside from the initial amount required to achieve perpetual motion). This thing supposedly produces thrust using only energy, and no mass (ejected).

Comment Re:"I have to get me a Google phone" thought nobod (Score 3, Insightful) 169

Are you some kind of Apple fanboy or something?

Yes, Google has made some other big winners: the two biggest ones are GMail and Google Maps. GMail's been going great for over 10 years now (though they pushed through a crappy UI change a while back, but everyone's been making crappy UIs now for some time, including Apple with their buttons that don't look like buttons), and Maps is unparalleled as a platform that provides both mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, plus a business directory, so I can do a search for "greek restaurant" in some unfamiliar city I'm in, find a place nearby, look at reviews to make sure I won't get food poisoning, and then have it navigate me there, all within one convenient app.

They also have Hangouts Dialer, which lets me make free VoIP calls, and a lot of people seem to like Google Voice.

They do have a serious problem with abandoning products, so don't make yourself too dependent on them if it's not one of their big flagship products (search, Gmail, Maps), since they do have a history of pulling the rug out.

As for Android being a "negative brand", that's just plain stupid. It has some serious flaws to be sure, but it's the *only* viable competitor to iPhone, which has gigantic problems of its own.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 5, Insightful) 169

How is this not in their interest? Why should Google give two shits about what Nexus users want, especially as far as having a bloatware-free phone?

If you're one of these people who wants a bloatware-free phone, what are your options? Right now, it's to get an iPhone, get a Nexus, or use an alternative ROM like CyanogenMod. Presumably, people who really like Nexus really don't want an iPhone for various reasons, or else they would already have one; I think it's safe to assume that these people are invested in the Android ecosystem and want to stay away from the Apple ecosystem. So that leaves Nexus and CM. If they were technically skilled and comfortable with doing things like rooting phones and installing alt-ROMs, they probably would have just gone that route already, since you can get much better phones that way (like the Galaxy S series, with removable batteries up to S5 and expandable storage and the best screens available, plus excellent availability of spare parts). So Nexus users appear to be people who don't like Apple, and aren't comfortable with or don't want the hassle of the DIY approach that CM offers; they want something they can just buy off-the-shelf and have a bloatware-free, stock Android experience phone with timely updates.

Now Google is removing that. So what are these people going to do?

I don't think any of them are moving to iPhone. Maybe a select few will finally decide to take the CM plunge. But the rest are just going to get the new bloated-up "G" phone, and any others will just get some other Android phone. Either way, Google wins, as they get to push more bloatware and spying on the users and increase profits.

This is no different from everyone bitching and complaining about Windows 10 and how it's bad for MS's customers. It's good for MS because the customers aren't going to go anywhere, they're just going to complain and then bend over.

Comment Re:Perpetual motion machine of the first type (Score 1) 364

If it works as advertised, it violates the law of conservation of energy, so its energy efficiency can be infinite.
(it produces a force with no reaction mass.

OK, I'm not a physicist and it's been a long time since my physics classes, but I don't see why mass is important at all. Mass and energy are interchangeable by E=mc^2. Electric motors produce motion without losing any mass, so I don't really see why it's impossible for there to be some way of producing thrust in a vacuum using only energy. Just because all our prior methods of producing thrust in space depend on Newton's 3rd law doesn't mean that it has to be that way. While there may be no mass escaping from this device, it absolutely is consuming energy. Where does that go? We already know we can produce thrust with lasers, which are pure energy; we've even talked about making micro-miniature space probes and sending them to Alpha Centauri with a big laser, and the whole principle of solar sails rests on thrust provided by pure energy.

Comment Re:No news! (Score 1) 92

Yes, it's just you. Facebook is hugely popular among people like those you mention. If you're not like that, and you don't want to read their political articles about FEMA death camps and how Hillary is a secret Satanist and how important Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings are, and you don't like all the news articles Facebook itself presents to you in its feeds, then maybe you shouldn't be using Facebook.

Comment Rock names (Score 1) 215

The worst naming was a company that used rocks for their product names.

Granite, Amethyst, Quartz, Topaz. These were video encoders, transport stream processors, video servers, etc., but I was never able to remember which was which.

Comment Re:They want 600k (Score 1) 184

If it wasn't worth it, the company wouldn't have licensed it to begin with (and then copied it to other products). So yes. I mean, I don't personally think so, but someone did - and they paid licensing fees. Just because you don't think something isn't worth the price doesn't mean you get to "steal" it.

Comment Not Apple's responsibility to police Ireland (Score 0) 508

I don't like Apple, but the idea they fine Apple for an agreement between Apple and IRELAND is bullshit.

It's not Apple's job to ensure Ireland's offer is in conformance with EU policy. That's it. It's a company's duty to its shareholders to legally reduce its tax burden; by making an agreement with a GOVERNMENT, they fulfilled their role completely.

Of course, it's far /easier/ for the EU to try to punish Apple, as they really don't want to engender any more centrifugal forces in the EU right now by whomping Ireland with a $15bn invoice.

Comment True by definition (Score 1) 132

When you define "productivity" to exclude any benefit from doing anything on your phone, then less time spent on your phone leads to more time available for "productivity".

The question is, why should anyone care? "Productivity" isn't the only thing that matters.

If you want to be more productive, keep your phone but delete the Facebook app.

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