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Comment The other thing to keep in mind is CO2 Consumption (Score 2) 227

The CO2 per capita is a completely specious argument. The only question is your net CO2 consumption, but all the figures thrown about are the gross production. According to this book: http://www.amazon.com/Bottomless-Well-Twilight-Virtue-Energy/dp/046503117X , North America is the only continent which consumes more CO2 than it produces. It can do this largely because it is sparsely populated, and has a large amount of forests and vegetation compared to its population. It should be self evident that a given land mass can only support so many people given a particular level of technology. My suspicion is that Europe and China are over that limit, and the USA is under. As others have mentioned, much of the world outsources their agriculture to us, and we outsource much of our manufacturing to others, so we can't just say everyone gets so much CO2 per square foot of land. But we also can't just say every person gets so much CO2. It is a complicated global problem, and the best we can do globally, is to make sure that the cost to maintain our CO2 at healthy levels is incorporated into the price of the goods and services produced. The problem is that, while the task can be stated simply, it is quite complicated to implement.

Comment Newton's 4th Law (Score 5, Funny) 610

Apparently you're unaware of Newton's 4th Law. "Any natural disaster travels at the speed of the transportation you happen to be in at the time." Of course later Einstein showed that relativistic effects could add or subtract 10 or 20 miles per hour, but only in faster vehicles which weren't available in newton's time.

Comment I'm definately going to have to find a jerkmeter. (Score 1) 314

After reading your article, I've decided I'm going to have to see if I can find myself a jerkmeter. If I read the article correctly, you could find someone you think is a jerk, crack them over the head with it and say, "See how big a jerk you are." Of course then I'd probably have to do the same to myself.

Comment Any sufficiently advanced particle physics... (Score 2, Funny) 122

This is why I love particle physics. I am a scientists by training, but not a physicist, and while I have the sense that you two are not speaking gibberish, I can't be sure :) Or to put it another way, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, "Any sufficiently advanced physics is indistinguishable from gibberish."

Comment It should be called what it is:Domestic Terrorism. (Score 1) 368

Kill for reason of skin color or religion and it's random-- anyone in that group is a possible next target. Due to this, the killer is more dangerous to the general population than a normal killer.

This is why I believe it should be referred to as "domestic terrorism". This would have several positive effects. First it would be more accurate, and second, people would understand how it differs from a standard crime. If 3000 people were killed in NYC on 9/11 for 3000 independent individual reasons, that is not nearly as big a crime which aims to terrorize the entire nation. This would also help people to understand the purpose of the distinction. If the people who killed Mathew Shephard killed him because they hate gays, and Mathew made a pass at them, or made fun of them. That is a crime against Mathew. If they selected him at random from a population of gays to send a message to all gays that being gay openly will get you killed, that is terrorism, and should be treated accordingly. In both cases they hate Mathew because he is gay. Only in the later case to they commit a crime against an entire group in addition to the individual crime.

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