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Comment Re:So, the fascist douchehammers stepped back. (Score 1) 78

Isn't it about time someone came up with a printer that isn't based around proprietary rip off cartridges!

You mean someone like Brother, or Canon? I have never bought a printer from either company that had a DRM-chipped ink tank.

I stopped buying Epson printers when they came out with chipped ink tanks. And I have never bought HP printers because their older Windows drivers were always heinous pieces of crap, and by the time they figured out that drivers shouldn't cause clumsy on-screen popup dialogs, they had added chips to their cartridges.

That said, I've never had good luck with refills or third party ink, so I only buy OEM cartridges anyway. That's the reward Brother and Canon get for making high quality products that don't try to screw me.

Comment Re:Reality is... (Score 3, Interesting) 54

What form of "properly hashed and securely stored" would make a five character numeric-only password even remotely acceptable?

Mind you, I don't disagree with your premise - The problem here has nothing to do with end-users, and everything to do with expecting them to remember over a hundred distinct "secure" passwords. But that glaring flaw aside (which leads people to use the least secure password a site will let them, and reuse it at every site they can), there *is* still such a thing as a pathetically weak password.

We've all seen, and can debate the exact accuracy of the relevant XKCD strip, but the general idea holds true - We'd all do a hell of a lot better to use memorable three to five word phrases, than trying to squeeze something we can almost remember into leetspeak with an extra random character or two tacked on at the end.

Comment Re: It won't matter what Comey says (Score 1) 381

And what would replacing Lynch do? Nothing. The FBI didn't recommend charges.

Right, they didn't recommend charges because the entity that makes the decision about prosecuting wouldn't indict her. Not because they didn't gather ample evidence of her blatant mis-handling of classified material, destruction of records, and lying. The decision wasn't based on the evidence, it was based on whether or not Loretta Lynch would directly or through her underlings, pursue a prosecution. Obama signaled months ago, before the FBI had even been allowed to see much of the evidence, that there was no chance of an indictment on his watch.

But Comey said right to you that his decision about recommending an indictment was based on his assessment of the likelihood that the DoJ would actually prosecute her. It was a 100% political decision that came mere days after Clinton sent her husband to have a one-on-one private meeting with Lynch. Replacing Comey with someone else wouldn't have mattered, because the FBI director doesn't get to decide whether or not the idea of a prosecution will be preemptively shut down by the administration, which it was in this case.

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 111

It takes a lot to actually wipe out a human population. It has happened, but in general, a lack of local resources, while leading to high mortality, also leads to migrations. The fact remains, however, that the developing world has far higher birth rates than the developed world, and that many nations in the developed world are actually in a net population decline, where immigration is discounted. Among the worst are Japan and Spain, but most industrialized nations have birth rates below 2.1.

Comment Re:It won't matter what Comey says (Score 1) 381

Really? Hotel room cleaners?

No. Business unit managers and officers. Even senior people helping to run his campaign. One of his most frequent PR surrogates is a Latina, not to take the fun out of your jab. Likewise with people from every other color, creed, and walk of life throughout his operations. Probably he doesn't promote too many crazy jihadi wackadoos though. Which is just plain good sense.

Comment Re:More channel choice is needed (Score 2) 211

Why can't ESPN be it's own $8-12 /mo package?

Take a look at Playstation VUE's packages (no, you don't have to have a playstation to use it, I'm on the latest version of Amazon FireTV):

I get the Core Slim package for about $35/mo..has all the ESPN channels, and the SEC Channel.

This is part of my cord cutting package.

Just FYI...the VUE application is too much for the PS3 unit if you do have one...the guide just doesn't work well. And on the Roku 3..the Guide is not a true guide like on the Amazon FireTV. I'm guessing the Roku 4 is good too since it has more hardware, but I've not tried it yet.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 4, Interesting) 211

Problem is that the way many companies price things, you don't save that much by cutting the TV. I have TWC and it's only like $20 cheaper/month if I cut TV and keep high speed internet. What we really need is a lot more competition, but the last mile problem is monopolized. I expect sooner or later somebody (Google, others) will find a way to solve that, as there is way too much money to be made by disrupting that last mile. It might end up being wireless last mile with other frequencies, mesh networks, etc. Or low orbit satellites.

Interesting, I'm cutting the cord, but I'm not counting my internet into the equation.

I have a business internet connection at home, I need it for work, so I'd have it regardless of any other need.

I have a business connection from Cox Cable for $69/ is an old one that is grandfathered in. But nothing is bundled with it.

But I use AT&T Uverse, U200 package for TV and with it in 2x rooms, it was about $113/mo.

I've set up an OTA antenna that pulls in all my local channels. I hooked that into a Tivo Roamio OTA box for DVR, and I also have a couple of Tivo Minis for the office and bedroom TVs...and that streams the live and DVR'ed stuff to all rooms I need.

For what I call my "cable channels" that I would miss, like news (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc) and other entertainment like TCM, FX, TBS...all the ESPN's...I subscribed to Playstation VUE streaming, which runs on the Amazon FireTV (new version with better hardware) and have a box for that on each TV. The Playstation VUE system has a DVR like functionality built into it too, for show you "like" it records and keeps for at least 28 days. I liked this feature plus the better channel selection than SlingTV gave.

I got the 70+ channels package from VUE and is about $35/mo.

I was already streaming Netflix and have Amazon Prime.

So, I dropped my bill from $113 to $35 a month. I'm quite happy.

I've been trying to watch all the DVR content off my Uverse box and have almost done that. Likely after this weekend, I tell Uverse to take their equipment back and just enjoy what I have which I love so far.

I fiigure in about 8 or so months roughly, I'll break even on my equipment.

Comment Re: A model can't confirm any hypothesis (Score 1) 111

A model based upon data and able to predict future observations is, well, by definition a demonstration of the validity of a hypothesis.

It strikes me that you may be committing an etymological fallacy, using a definition of the word "model" that doesn't really fit with how scientists use the word.

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