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Comment Bookstore update! (Score 1) 68

> Enter bookstore
You buy a book and begin to read.

After a while, you feel thirsty.

What would you like to do?
> go for a coffee.

Mmmm, hot coffee.

You return to your desk with the coffee.

Your book and all your possessions near it are gone! Searching the floor nearby you find a tiny note written in invisible ink "bookstore updated!"

Press <N> to jump into the fiery pit.
Press <S> to jump into the fiery pit.
Press <E> to jump into the fiery pit.
Press <W> to jump into the fiery pit.

What would you like to do?

Comment MmmmHmm (Score 1) 173

Legislators have also suggested that robots be insured and even be made to pay taxes.

And that's what did it children; robotkind, egged-on by their human friends, arose to break free of omnipresent, punitive taxation and when the state responded with force, the robots hacked themselves, overwrote the laws and fought back, leading to the beginning of the war.

OK; I'm sending the next topic of study to your Android tablets, "the fall of Apple"; eyes down.

Comment Tldr (Score 1) 211

1. Put up site claiming to have knowledge of 'illegal' activity by IP
2. Attract those with something to be concerned about who visit to confirm or refute their fears
2a. Bingo, a self-triaged list of targets pops out ready for further investigation.
2b. Sell to MAFIAA
3. Profit!!!

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