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Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1041

A bakery should be able to choose not to provide service for an event of which they disapprove. There is no legal protection for discrimination against same-sex weddings, and anyone, even a business, should be free to not participate in any way.

I happen to agree that discriminating based on the sexual preference of the customer should be illegal. If a homosexual is marrying someone of the opposite gender, the bakery should not be able to refuse service, as that doesn't violate the religious sensibilities of the baker.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1041

A bakery should be able to refuse to support an activity or event of which they do not approve. If a gay man is marrying a woman (perfectly OK with Christians), they should not be able to refuse service just because the customer is gay. That's discrimination that has been deemed illegal. Refusing to cater (provide a cake for) a wedding between two men should be perfectly legal because private persons have a right of (dis)association.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 3, Insightful) 1041

A biological basis is irrelevant. Race is used as a way to group people. Humans love putting things in categories, and other humans are no exception. You can get over your whole "there's no such thing as race" crap, because it's totally irrelevant to the way the term is used.

Comment Re:FB is a de facto monopoly, just like Microsoft (Score 1) 65

... in that he is specifically looking for what is best for the people

You are correct that he's no conservative, but this is just bullshit. Trump is a Trumpist. He doesn't give a shit about what anyone else thinks or wants. He, like any politician, will tell you what you want to hear to get your vote, but he doesn't give a shit about saying the opposite to the guy standing next to you. He has no shame at all, and only cares about himself.

Presidential elections have been a popularity contest since at least the advent of television. Trump, for all his intellectual failings, instinctively understands this, and he capitalized on it. Clinton, for all her skill and experience in politics, has none as an entertainer.

Comment selection bias and general quackery (Score 5, Informative) 557

The usual Reefer Madness bad science of prohibitionists:

All data were obtained for analysis from a large multisite database, involving 26,268 patients who came for evaluation of complex, treatment resistant issues to one of nine outpatient neuropsychiatric clinics across the United States

But "people with serious neuropsychiatric people who used cannabis have low blood flow to the brain" is both less clickworthy and less politically useful than "OMG pot rots yr brain!"

And I love this: "As a physician who routinely sees marijuana users..." Yeah, that's called "a physician". Cannabis use is common, every physician has seen patients who has used it.

Both Amen and this methodology are poorly regarded. He's in the addiction treatment industry -- look at this is an old marketing pitch of his quoted in a Quackwatch article:

How your brain and soul work together determines how happy you feel, how successful you become, and how well you connect with others. The brain-soul connection is vastly more powerful than your conscious will. Will power falters when the physical functioning of the brain and the health of your soul fail to support your desires, as seen by illogical behaviors like overeating, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, and compulsive spending.

OHOH, Officials at major psychiatric and neuroscience associations and research centers say his SPECT claims are no more than myth and poppycock, buffaloing an unsuspecting public.

Comment Re:Valid review (Score 1) 524

Did anyone expect differently? I don't for a minute think that Trump will bring serious manufacturing back to the States, but what the heck do you crazy morons expect from him now? Do you really expect him to build a factory somewhere in the US to manufacture some ornament, and all that in a month or two, just so he can claim he makes stuff in America?

He never claimed that he would only promote or sell items made in America. He's only claimed he wants to bring back manufacturing. And if anyone believes that the entire range of products made in China will ever be made in the US is an idiot. Trump never claimed it, and he couldn't do it, even if he actually wanted to.

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