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Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 1) 176

Apple pays taxes on profits made in the US. They pay property taxes for their campus and all their Apple Stores (probably indirectly, through the lease). The roads their employees travel on (Apple has no private corporate trucking) were not made for their exclusive use, and those still in gas vehicles pay via gas taxes. Could you explain what infrastructure Apple uses in the US that they don't pay for?

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 600

I hope you are wrong. We let people buy chainsaws and circular saws, and people get hurt and/or killed by them. We don't hold manufacturers responsible because we expect people to know how they work and how to handle them. If Tesla explains the feature at the time of purchase, it is the owner's responsibility to know how to operate the vehicle. Period.

Comment Re: Er (Score 1) 600

Fail-safe is great, but this is not a case where fail-safe would have helped. After all, the autopilot didn't think it was failing. And what does an aircraft's autopilot do when it detects conditions it can't handle? It hands control over to the pilot. If the Tesla had done that, the result would likely have been identical, because a few seconds before the crash is not enough time for someone not paying any attention to grasp the situation and make a decision.

Comment Re: Er (Score 4, Insightful) 600

Stupid people are why my daughter's scooter has a single warning label on it: THIS PRODUCT MOVES WHEN USED.

People are in an automobile that doesn't drive itself, but for some reason think an autopilot will let them sleep during the trip. It's a sad part of reality that people with enough money to buy a Tesla can be so stupid as to not listen to any instruction or learn about the unique features of their purchase. Darwin Award indeed.

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