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Comment Re:Parts of it (Score 1) 376

It's not like a novel you read front to back.

Must respectfully completely disagree. I'm halfway through volume 2 now, trying to work (or, at least, attempt) all of the exercises, and I can't imagine that I would have gotten anything from this series if I'd just treated it as a reference work. If I were to go look up an algorithm, I'd find that its description relied on (and back-referenced) some mathematical concepts that were covered in earlier chapters, and that the example code is written in MIX which itself was covered in a long section around the middle of volume 1. So you'll end up reading most of the book anyway. Further, there are important insights into the details of the algorithm that are covered in the exercises which you'll only really internalize if you work through the details yourself.

Comment Re: Unfortunately no and I have a reason (Score 1) 376

The little amount of maths that's in there is not that difficult to understand.

What? Holy shit, what books are you talking about? Definitely not TAOCP. The first half of Volume 1 is all math - specifically discrete math: the kind that's relevant to analysis of computer algorithms, but that's not studied in much detail outside of computer science. I have a master's degree in CS and consider myself pretty competent when it comes to, say, calculus, but I got lost in some of the sections on harmonic series and generating functions.

Volume 2 is _all_ math and again, not trivial math. There's 30 pages of theoretical discussion on what makes an infinite sequence random. The introduction to chapter 4 talks about number representation in base -10. There's a _LOT_ of math, and it's very difficult to understand (but it is fun to do so).

Comment Re:Most Likely... (Score 1) 273

Some stupid millennial, who was never taught about Vietnam and who has never expressed interest in any kind of History, simply saw a picture of a naked girl and thought, "Child Porn!!!

Some millennial, who has been taught that a picture of a naked girl is the absolute worst thing that can ever exist, saw a picture of a naked girl and deleted it, as he was told he was required to do under penalty of a very heavy-handed justice system.

Comment Re:It's not a bad thing (Score 1) 241

White dudes more often than not get chosen over women and people of color more often than not because they are white.

White dudes are the only people who legally cannot be chosen just because of their race or gender. There are outreach, quota, and affirmative action programs whose explicit, specific goals are choosing non-white, non-male people in every single aspect of American culture.

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