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Comment Re: Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 1) 290

That's really my greatest fear right there, as I'm coming into my mid-40's. I've been a developer/individual contributor my whole life (since I was a teenager, actually). It's been made abundantly clear to me that there's no room for me in management in any capacity; whenever I've so much as dipped my toe into a management track, I've been violently pulled back into technical roles - although I must admit I've always been more than happy to go because I hate managing and love programming. But man, I have a lot of years left before I'll have enough saved up to retire, and two kids that still have to go to college...

Comment Re:Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 1) 290

pay very well.

Actually, as far as I can tell, they don't - even though banks and insurance companies are risking actually going out of business if they can't find people to maintain (or port) their ancient mainframe COBOL applications, they're still not offering more than about $50K/year for these jobs.

Comment Re:No, but they require planning (Score 1) 216

projects where requirements were laid out in advance (via requirements documents)

Of course, the process of laying out the requirements in advance via requirements documents took twice as long as the actual project itself, and THAT process was chaotic and unpredictable and nobody knew in advance how long that was going to take, but the actually coding part was predictable so in somebody's mind, that was a "win".

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 4, Informative) 216

partly explained by a sort of optimism.

Well, maybe a little, but I think it has more to do with every request for an estimate being something along the lines of, "I'm not really sure what I want, and I need you to estimate it, but the budget only allows for two weeks, so you should probably not say anything more than two weeks." When we're young, this freaks us out, and we try to talk them back from the brink of insanity and get them to see that this is definitely more complicated than two weeks, but they beg, bully and cajole until you break down and agree, certain that you're going to be fired (from your first job!) after just two piddling weeks. So you put together what you can, it doesn't work, two weeks pass, you keep working, nobody fires you, nobody even notices that you slipped the estimate. You keep working on it, the boss keeps asking "is it done yet", you get really good at apologizing and explaining that the network didn't work the way you thought and the new version of the database is different than the old version in undocumented ways, and a few more weeks pass and you get something working, and they say it's shit, and you go back and make a bunch of modifications and they keep asking is it done yet and you keep apologizing, and three months later you actually have a decent working product, and nobody fired you, and the company didn't go out of business because you blew your estimate by a factor of 6 and everybody actually seems reasonably happy.

And then they come you and say "I'm not really sure what I want, and I need you to estimate it, but the budget only allows for two weeks, so you should probably not say anything more than two weeks." And you start to protest, but then you remember last time, so you say, "yeah, sure, two weeks, whatever dude," knowing that it doesn't matter and gradually coming to the realization that you're just playing a game whose rules aren't written down anywhere, pretending that you can deliver anything in two weeks, knowing that they know you can't, but both of you are playing a game of chicken at the end of which nothing happens.

And then after lather-rinse-repeat for 30 years, you go on to slashdot and you tell the young kids, "just give them the number they want to hear, nobody takes estimates seriously anyway" and some loudmouth PHB who figured out how to turn on his computer replies back "they're going to offshore all of you if you don't start producing accurate estimates because there are real-world consequences for missing dates" and you shrug your shoulders and go back to work because you know that the offshore people can't estimate any better than you can and the only people who insist that software estimation is realistic are the people who wish it was realistic, not the ones actually expected to produce it.

Comment Re:CS degrees are overrated (Score 1) 195

So, if a CS degree is overrated, why isn't college in general overrated? If college in general is overrated, why isn't high school overrated? What you're saying is that education is pointless, and everybody is born with an inherent talent set that can't be improved upon.

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