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Comment Re:New flash - Bugattis owned by rich not poor (Score 1) 253

Except some poor and middle class kids get into Harvard -- in fact they get their expenses paid. That's not the case for Bugattis.

And it's for a good (or at least shrewd) reason: Letting the intellectual elite into your exclusive school lends the prestige of their academic accomplishments to the financial elite who attend.

Look at our president-elect, who likes to point to his attendance at Penn as proof that he has a very good brain. Well, I'm not one of those people who think he's actually stupid but he got into Penn because he was rich and had family connections in the admissions office. He's not in the same league as the kids who get into Penn on a scholarship.

Comment Why are we listening to a markedroid? (Score 1) 111

Seriously, there is more wrong with these few sentences up there than I have time to correct. Most of it has already been said, so why are we allowing someone whose words would be better redirected to /dev/null lest they get heard by young and impressionable ears and actually cause irreparable damage litter /.?

Comment Re:People aren't accepting but avoiding (Score 1) 138

And between "you cannot tape this show" and "you cannot fast forward through this part", the whole DVR has become obsolete for most applications unless you know how to remove that bullshit from the equation. Yes, you can do that, maybe I can if I could be assed to find it out, but Joe Randomwatcher cannot.

And he will not give a shit about it if there's an alternative that doesn't require him to because there isn't anything to tape (the show happens when you want it) and there isn't anything to fast forward through.

Comment People aren't accepting but avoiding (Score 1) 138

What people really do is trying to escape the ads with bits of programming strewn in between that free TV has become. Advertising has poisoned the very soil they've been living off with their attitude that people cannot escape their clutches.

Guess what: People could.

It's the same that happened to online advertisers who thought they could push obnoxious ads onto people until even the least technically inclined person got off their ass and installed an adblocker. And the same is happening to TV. Geeks and other technically interested people have been reaching for Netflix and other services like it in the past, but now even the non-techs are fed up enough with the constant bombardment with advertising that they're considering alternatives. And that alternative is now quite within reach. It's no longer something that's "only for geeks", where you can only watch your shows more or less well on relatively small computer screens, and only if you have an expensive computer system that provides you with the image and sound quality your TV can provide. Your TV can now play Netflix and other internet media perfectly. And it doesn't take an internet and computer genius to make it happen either anymore.

And frankly, people don't give a shit whether they pay Netflix or their local cable provider, the cost difference is insignificant. What matters, though, is that you can watch the shows you want to watch when you want to watch them and not at 11pm because it's a popular show and can be crammed into the graveyard slot so the network can hand the prime time to a show they want to push desperately.

And even more important is the time you saved, you can watch a 45 minute show in only 23 minutes. I.e. without the fuckin' ads.

Comment Re:If only that were true (Score 3, Insightful) 54

My brain decides to store things I don't care about and refuses to store things I specifically study.

From your perspective that's a bug. From your brain's perspective it's a feature. Your agenda is getting a good mark in your course. Your brain's agenda is to survive, reproduce, and generally have a good time while doing so.

The thing that you think of as "you" is just a tiny film of consciousness on top of an ocean of unconscious activity. You think "you" live in the present, but actually it takes over 300 milliseconds for your consciousness to become aware of anything, and by then, most of the time, your brain has decided what to do about it. "You" mainly come up with rationalizations for decisions your brain has already made. Which is not to say that consciousness isn't important; it isn't quite as sovereign as it believe itself to be.

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