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Comment Re:Micro$slop requires virtualization? Really? (Score 1) 108


That's the, what now, 4th? time that MS is promising that its browser will be sandboxed and virtualized and whatnot. Guess what: They managed to botch it every single time.

Wake me when they actually deliver, their promises are less credible than that of a politician or a religious figurehead.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 178

And they will only have one guy handing out cookies. This works ok as long as you're the only one wanting cookies. It works decently when there's like a dozen people. But they won't hire more just 'cause they now have hundreds of hungry people wanting cookies. So you better eat your cookie slowly, it's gonna be a while 'til you get the next one.

Comment Re:You wouldn't download an Oreo (Score 1) 178

You know why healthy food is "healthy"? Because we have the free choice of what food we eat. And what do we eat, given the choice? Well, of course food that is best tasting. What is best tasting? Fat and sugar (or, more specifically, carbon hydrates). Why? Because they bring along a load of energy. And why is that something that we consider "tasty"? Because those ancestors that ate a lot of that stuff survived because back then food wasn't easy to get and plentiful, and only those survived that managed to eat enough to not starve to death.

That's basically the gist of it. Fat and sugar are tasty because back in the "good ol' days", they were rare and eating as much of that stuff as possible was a benefit. So selection favored those that wanted to eat mostly fat and sugar.

And why is it unhealthy now? Because it's not rare anymore. Fat and sugar is not a treat anymore, whereas we ordinarily survive on a staple of vegetables. Fat and sugar is something we can (and do) eat daily. That IS our new staple, and that's simply not healthy.

That's not to say that we should follow bullshit fads like some "paleo diet". Really? We should eat like back in a time when people got to the ripe age of 30 on average? That's healthy? C'mon, be reasonable. But we should ponder what our body really needs and what, hence, is what it would expect to get. Yes, of course it "wants" fat and sugar, but that doesn't mean we should simply give in.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 3, Insightful) 292

Shoulders of giants and all that. If the Arabs didn't have the brains to actually protect the Greek findings when we descended into religious bullshittery where we condemned it all as the work of heathens, we'd still be a few hundred years back and busy rebuilding.

Yes, it's kinda odd that they're now the religious loonies. One has to wonder where they learned that. Maybe the crusades were more of an export success than we ever dreamed they'd be.

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