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Comment Currently Close to Useless (Score 1) 471

I believe I will need a armband to get functionality I really want with current technology. Currently a watch face is too small for me to get meaningful information. A 2.5 inch curved display that curves with my wrist/arm and fastened with a clasp or band. Integrated celluar bits to be free from my phone. One day battery life is good enough (match my current phone). This would let me replace my phone for almost all tasks. I could not only communicate (very possible with voice and current smart watches), but consume as well. The current crop of smart watches and Apple's "Watch" are not good for consuming anything complex like a longer email, webpage, book, YouTube, etc. Payment processing is interesting, but for something I do only a couple of times a day not a core feature I want. Same goes for things like boarding passes and hotel keys; I don't do those things enough for it to matter. I also don't go shopping enough to care about iBeacons and extra information popping on my watch. At this point I know for the most part what I want after having used: Casio calculator watch, Palm Pilot, Palm VII, an original iPAQ, BlackBerries from 2005 to 2009, Palm Treo, and since then Android devices. I'll probably pickup a smart watch of some kind in the next year once they get closer to what I want them to do. In a couple of years bezels, battery life, etc should have enough changes that they will do exactly what I want, but if not it will be an armband.

Comment This is Crazy (Score 3, Insightful) 310

I can't believe they're doing this. I don't care if a review is paid or not. If I can't think analytically or critical about a review(er) then I deserve what I get. How does the process even work. Can I go around submitting tons of accusations to an FTC site about any random blog? How are they defining a blog or blogger? How does a blogger defend themselves from accusations? On a separate issue, this is really terrible reporting. There is almost no information.

Comment Newspaper Value (Score 2, Insightful) 219

The main value in newspapers previously was their distribution network. They had a system in place to distribute information. Radio, TV, and the internet all compete with them for information systems. Each one added more competition, lower latency, and broader reach. In short they provided better value. A daily delivery of dead tree is a non-optimal delivery system. It is getting boring hearing about newspapers and TV news dieing. Why care? The replacement is here. It is better, faster, cheaper. It is the internet.

Comment Re:Most deserving (Score 1) 829

They're accountable to their customers, their shareholders, and their potential customers they want. There is a reason most people who have the money send their children to private schools: they're usually better.

Comment Re:only 30% more efficient? (Score 1) 569

No it doesn't need to be regulated as the cost of the water would go up. You or your neighbor then cut back on the amount of water you use. If you don't cut back then there is enough money around to bring a supply of water that you are both demanding at that price point. No government regulation needed and the problem gets taken care of.

Comment Re:Administration (Score 1) 753

"So what it boils down to is that the Republicans, by their actions, have proven that they firmly believe in deficit spending, that we can borrow an endless amount of money for whatever our government wants to do. So yes, party allegiance makes a difference: if they're Republicans, they simply don't believe in following a budget." That is what Obama is doing right now.

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