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Comment Re:Google has been taken over by SJWs (Score 1) 194

So why do you put up with a society that goes into meltdown if a women's clothing gets disturbed and you see a nipple on a Superbowl segment? Nobody really cares do they? they just pretend to care because it is expected of them. Your society whether you like it or not has a standard for behavior in various different situations and if you do not like it argue to change the standard. You cannot just argue for "no standards" because they will come after you with pitchforks and kill you. Ask your Mom.

Comment Re:The sign of our times: Censorship-Supression Ci (Score 1) 194

Of course you get a bit of group think but for goodness sake, don't you mostly find it funny? H1B is mostly rated poorly by a group of people who more than likely have lost work because of H1B? And of course the capitalist businesses that hire the H1B would think it the best thing since sliced bread because it lowers costs. Do you think we are idiots who do not know that? FFS stop being such a snowflake. There are plenty of other places where a different partisan view is expressed and if you are not aware of them then you are a pretty shit digital citizen. All information sources are biased and it is up to your pathetic judgement to figure out which ones are your friends and which ones are shagging your bits off.

Comment Re:Seriously (Score 3, Insightful) 104

Indeed and as the owner of an entertainment tool we should be neither surprised or concerned when the chief moron spouts the usual bullshit. What is far more worrying is that most of the population seem to think that this entertainment medium provides them with information. Fucking morons, and worse they get to vote.

Comment Re:Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 0, Flamebait) 920

It is no news that a show business entertainer known mostly for being famous has suddenly become famous for not being famous any more. Should have taken more care of the brand. The noisy Mr Trump is probably going a bit too far defending his own brand, Pewdiepie on the other hand seems to be an inconsequential and incompetent amateur.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 62

There is a point behind the venom though. Huawei have a cost base lower than any other company in the market due to the strategic position of the China. Cost is everything in the current market so they are winning. This cost advantage will not necessarily continue so Huawei will not necessarily continue to be so successful.

Comment Re:Works better than expected (Score 0) 363

You are wrong, there are no possible jokes about the Holocaust. Saying that it was another centuary as an excuse to joke about it means that you are clearly indifferent to the idea of mass death. You can cite pogroms by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot perhaps as other mass exterminations that are unsuitable for jokes but if you forget to be offended by them you are ready to repeat them. No one can force you to be offended but if you are certain that you are not offended then it means that you are ready to repeat them. Sorry, your life may not be a happy one.

Comment Re:disney are idiots (Score -1, Troll) 363

There are no possible jokes that can be made about the Holocaust. The fact that you do not understand why this is so shows that you are at risk of something like it happening in your lifetime. You have absolutely no idea how easy it is for society to turn on a pin and exterminate millions of people. How do you feel about going off to fight Iran? The way things are going at the moment it might happen. How could it be that less than a year ago it would be unimaginable that you could end up dying in a chemical weapons attack in Iran? It is still fairly unlikely, but it is not unimaginable any more.

Comment Re:Mickey Maus (Score 3, Interesting) 363

Actually although this is meant to be funny it is not and neither was what Pewdiepie did either. I understand that for people under the age of thirty "Ironic" means that you can say anything. There are still a few older people around who are too square for that daddy o. There are some things that happened in the second world war that scared the fucking shit out of most of the planet when they found out what had been going on. You see the nice German people who are currently having the piss taken out of them because they are taking hundreds of thousands of dark skinned Muslims as refugees. The nice German people took 6 million Jews, Gypsys, Black people, Homosexuals and gassed them to death because they reclassified them as dangerous animals. Now I am not saying that being ironic makes you a Nazi death camp commander but you do not have any sensitivity to the slippery slope that the German people fell down. In other words you appear to be disrespectful to the idea that there are some ideas that are too horrible to contemplate even as a joke. Unfortunately as you have no idea what it is that you have done wrong it is apparent that the world is ready once again for horrible things to be done. It is no coincidence that Nationalism and hatred of foreigners is once again popular. The lessons of the Holocaust have been forgotten and the world is ready once again for appalling crimes against humanity So no, jokes about the Holocaust are never funny, not even ironic ones.

Comment Re:the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 4, Interesting) 310

Apple are a cult purchase for the masses. The truth is that they have been making excess profits for rather a long time and are no better and in some respects worse than other companies. They do not allow battery replacement because their designs sacrifice repair-ability in order to enhance the appearance of their devices. It also means that they make a fat profit on repairs. I hope they lose this court case as it will benefit the consumers they are gouging.

Comment Re:Pure Folly: CDS (Score 1, Insightful) 401

Actually it was the same shit made up story junk news sources who are climate change deniers who were crying about an ice age in the 70's. Nothing other than a couple of quickly disproved papers ever suggested that an ice age was coming. The problem with man made climate change is that it is happening in a very short time frame and human systems and ecological systems are not robust against the short term change. Geological climate change would not bother us so much because it happens over a long time scale.

The National Enquirer counts for critical thinking for morons like you. The fact that the same paid for lobby companies that denied tobacco caused cancer are now strident climate change skeptics gives the game away. Only fools who fall for propaganda are still denying the problem of climate change. The rest of the species have moved on to how to solve the problem.

Pumping water in the Arctic is not a solution, it addresses the symptoms and not the cause. The solution is to cut greenhouse gases and everything will balance out again without flooding Bangladesh and the other problems that climate change is bringing. Fortunately human technology has the solution in hand if only the cretins shut up who insist on making that extra bit of wealth for the super rich by burning more coal and drilled oil.

You really do look extremely stupid, consigning millions of poor brown people in the tropics to death due to flooding and crop failure for your rich overlords. What a pathetic excuse for a man you are when you spout lies and nonsense on behalf of the people who already make their excessive living off of your own back. Have you no shame? you are a disgrace to humanity. Stand up take some responsibility and learn the science instead of repeating evil propaganda from the alt right.

Comment Re:That's not why he resigned (Score 1) 895

There is no evidence that he was being paid directly by the Russians. It is true that he was collecting regular fees from RT the Russian international propaganda outlet. (RT has similar characteristics to The Voice Of America, mostly real news but a clear propaganda role as well). As we were in the cold war at the time of Regan it is definitely true that none of his administration were being paid by the Russians - certainly not by their propaganda outlets. So it is not fake news to say that he was being paid by the Russians, just spin on real news. It is debatable whether in the current era of a lack of war but continuing friction between Russia and America that being "paid" by the Russians is important.

it seems more likely that Trump and his team were finding Flynn was too much of a psychopath to work with and the conversations with the Russians are a convenient reason to dump him. Remember Trump makes stuff up constantly so Flynn was only slightly stupid in neglecting to mention some of his conversations.

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