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Comment Re:The meme is the message (Score 1) 205

So let me see if I've got this correct:

just don't read this guy's [] explanation of how it was sourced from nonsense they fabricated based on this old TIL on Reddit [] (amazing how history repeats itself...).

You've just linked to some dude's twitter account and a reddit post about Sukarno as evidence of how "fake" this news is, while ranting about how everyone in the world is a stupid sheep listening to "fake news" (except you, of course). Buddy, the only hilarious joke here is you people and your total disconnect from reality you people live in and your total, all-pervasive need to be told what to think by the propaganda minister of an orange buffoon. But none of us are laughing.

Comment Yeahhhhhhh.... (Score 2) 254

"And those two weeks were pretty painful and clearly a lowlight for us. We learned a lot from it obviously."

Yeah, if only you guys had had some kind of organizational history to draw upon that could have provided some insight into the effects of releasing monolithic patches touching all parts of the operating system, without testing, and without machine owner approval.

Comment Re:Does anyone else get the feeling... (Score 1) 105

>> Then they'll make money.

. LOL. Nintendo sold 13 million Wii consoles (at a profit), and prints money with the DS, at 154 million units sold. And I am not even bringing Pokemon into this, or the fact that people are lining up outside of stores for the NES classic. I promise, Nintendo is doing fine, as will this new console.

Comment Re:Got the latest 15" (Score 1) 307

It's a crazy capable machine. Love the fact that you can login with your fingerprint, and the new touchbar is nice. Not great, but nice. But it's thin, has four very capable thunderbolt ports disguised as USB-C, and runs all of my stuff like a demon. I don't care that it's Skylake instead of the latest Kaby lake, because it's not like we iOS developers have a choice anyway. Gotta run with what Apple provides. And a quad-core Skylake with the crazy fast SSDs that the MacBooks have, that's way beyond what I actually need. Good stuff.

Really, oh my gosh! What a coincidence that you've written this review to show me how all of the negatives are actually positives for a C++ linux guru who doesn't own his own computer! I feel like I should run down to The Apple Store (TM) and make an appointment with a Genius (R) immediately.

Comment Not really the whole story... (Score 1) 110

Intel is only "refining" the 14nm design through the natural course of their "tick-tock" process (which has now added a third "tock", which seems likely to be due to lack of real competition). The fact remains that intel opened their 10nm fab in July, we're 6 months into production, and Canyonlake is on track for next year:

Intel starts up 10nm factory

Comment Re:I buy quick all the time. Fewer issues than Win (Score 1) 491

When one of our laptops dies, I'm paying someone to work, but they don't have a proper computer work on.

Or, you know, you could engage in good IT management practices for your organization, maintain proper warranty coverage and service contracts which gets hardware up and running the next day, coupled with a hot spare for emergencies, and a proper accounting of machine age as well as a purchasing timeline and budgeting.

Nah, your way sounds much more cost effective and efficient.

Comment Re:At least two other OSs will "optimize" Kaby Lak (Score 1) 276

Wait, but I thought you were talking about USB 3 and NVMe and phantom crashes which don't exist, now we're talking about battery life and Windows RT? Well, it's pretty clear you have your finger on the button of Windows driver architecture and devices which don't have a PCI bus... hmmm let me look around my infrastructure base and see how many of those I have....hmmmm... nope, not a single one. Cheers!

Comment Re:Courage? To profit. (Score 1) 551

God, i KNOW, right????? - all of that constant Apple hate from the Microsoft fanbois "whaaaa, I don't want to use wireless proprietary headphones" "whaaaaa, why can't I just use the standard interface for headphones which has worked successfully for 60 years". I'm glad you were here to stick up for Apple.

Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 1) 551

What is wrong with having an improved set of choices?

So, let me see if I understand you: taking away the headphone jack and forcing me to use a proprietary adapter is an "improved set of choices". My god, why are you here on /. espousing the glory of Apple when it is clear you have such a bright future working with Microsoft marketing?

Comment Re:At least two other OSs will "optimize" Kaby Lak (Score 1) 276

LOL. Oh, you mean you had to install a manufacturer driver for a device in Windows 7??? Heavens!!!! NVMe in Windows 7 is absolutely not a wrapper for USB 2.0. How in the world can you even possibly think or believe such a ludicrous thing? Besides that I literally have an office full of various models of brand new Optiplex, Precision, and Latitude. All Windows 7. All NVMe. All clean installs performed by me Do I need to show you my benchmarks of my Samsung NVMe disks and their "USB 2 wrapper". But please, tell me that I'm wrong as i'm typing on a windows 7 laptop with an NVMe disk with frankly smoking performance.

Comment Re:misleading (Score 2) 276

Here's the Microsoft KB article linking to native NVMe support update for 7 and 2008 R2. I personally just loaded the samsung driver myself during install. There are absolutely no issues with NVMe in Windows 7, and I wish people would stop spreading this FUD.

Update to add native driver support in NVM Express in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Comment Re:At least two other OSs will "optimize" Kaby Lak (Score 1) 276

There are absolutely no issues with support for USB 3.1 or NVMe currently in windows 7. The only hassle which exists is the need for a Windows 7 installer with the USB support to allow you to load the NVMe drivers (if you do not slipstream them yourself). Intel has a tool freely available on their website which will update your install media for you.

Comment A good start, but... (Score 4, Funny) 94

>> the company is testing out new notifications within File Explorer to provide tips on what's new in Windows 10.

Honestly, this is a really great step forward in user friendliness, but I really think they can go deeper. What I bet that users in middle america would really respond to is some sort of animated anthropomorphic cartoon folder - let's name him "tabby" - that can pop up every few minutes to offer helpful services from the Azure/Office 365 ecosystem.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 2) 209

You know what? You're absolutely right and I do stand corrected - I recall this about the 3 TB - probably from Backblaze's data - and I want to say that I think they were first hitting the market after the Thailand disaster? It seems like the 4 TB models are pretty resilient. Anecdotally, I have 8 handling my home library and backups, and have had no failures since I started buying them in March 2013..

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