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Comment Re:Show of hands for the hypocrites (Score 3, Insightful) 186

I'll go ahead and field this one: Steam is a games-distribution platform owned by Valve, a privately-held company that has continually demonstrated a commitment to providing an excellent product and service that exceeds any of their peers, while at he same time showing remarkable transparency of operations and who have a history of responding to their users.

Facebook is a data collection and advertising firm masquerading as a social media company. The purpose of their existence is to harvest yor data, sell it to whomever, and advertise to you in the process.

Does this help explain the "hypocrisy" you see from us up on your high horse?

Comment Re:What a shame (Score 1) 251

I am not sure how you get modded "Insightful" for equating the surveillance apparatus of the NSA and the very fact that Apple has these legitimate worries (while at the same time engaged in a show trial over FBI access to the IOS source code) to "industrial espionage". But you're right: OP was wrong to observe that this is a sad state of affairs in this nation, and I'm glad you were here to belittle his/her concerns. Thanks, citizen.

Comment Re:No good guys. (Score 4, Insightful) 518

"There are no good guys in this story"? WT actual F logic is this? Excuse me, sir, but I don't want some baby-boomer rageoholic, upset that the world doesn't work the way *he* wants it to in the train car he shares with others, buying crappy Chinese electronics and interfering with my ability to use my technology. It is impossible to not know that these devices are illegal and prohibited by the FCC, and he's been arrested for it before. The first time, he got a slap on the wrist. Now, he gets the felony. This is how this shit works. "No good guys in the story". SMH.

Comment Re:Go for it! Bring back full height 5 1/4" drives (Score 0) 202

I'm not really sure what you're talking about. Hard Disks have been and continue to be multi-platter. The latest 10 TB Seagate HE drive has 7 platters and 14 heads, and this is only their playing "catch up" with Hitachi/WD. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/01/seagate-unveils-its-own-10tb-helium-filled-hard-drive/

Comment Re:Just picked up a surface pro 4 - rant (Score 2) 599

Microsoft receives no love from me for the privacy invasion that is windows 10. But are you seriously nitpicking your surface because you wanted a pizza application from the app store and there wasn't one? I guarantee you that it took you more time to search the appstore than to simply open papajohns.com and log in with your account from any of the multiple browsers that work on the device?

Oh, and multiple blue screens in two days? Let me go ahead and call Bull. Shit. Either you have bad hardware out of the box, or you installed something you shouldn't have. This is not 2001 and windows XP. BSODs are bad hardware, or bad driver.

Comment LOL, OK Senator. (Score 1) 296

Ah, such totally rich political theater, no doubt pandering to his base. I believe we all agree that beginning with Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co, and culminating with Citizens United, even if this weren't the preposterous legislative proposal of a buffoon used car salesman, the idea of a corporation being held criminally responsible for anything in the USA is utterly hilarious.

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