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Comment Re:She is not an "Engineer". (Score 3, Insightful) 360

The sexual harassment is one thing. If the facts are what she says they are, then I agree she should have a right to be treated respectfully by co-workers on the shop floor. (I don't for even one second believe that Tesla's culture condones or excuses such behavior - but that is my opinion and irrelevant here.)

However, having regards equal pay, the deal is this: Her public linked in shows her to have been a pharmaceutical sales rep for ~4 years before joining Tesla. After a year in Tesla sales, she became a project coordinator. 7 months after this she was transfered to "assembly engineer". Now, I have no idea the quality of persons that she replaced, but if she, a 31 year old with zero previous mechanical and assembly experience (as evidenced by her resume), I certainly wouldn't expect her pay to be the same as a guy who has been working in a mechanical assembly position for even 5 years, to say nothing of if these were guys with 15 years on her.

Comment She is not an "Engineer". (Score 5, Insightful) 360

Ok, well, first off, this woman is not an "Engineer" in the sense that she holds any academic credentials or certifications (neither am I). The article clearly states she started working at Tesla in 2013, was *promoted* to vehicle assembly. She is an "assembly engineer" in the same way that a guy working on the floor at Ford making IC cars is.

After this, following claims that she was held to unreasonable performance standards and subject to sexual harassment on the shop floor, , she transfered to the "purchasing department", which Tesla was apparently glad to accomodate.

These are simple facts which may or may not be relevant to the case, which appears to me that Tesla hired this woman, and has been happy to allow her to shift roles in the company and build her skillset. Apparently, she just purchased a Model-S. I have worked in IT for 15 years, and I sure can't afford a Model-S. So, anyway, sounds like a pretty damned good job to me.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

China may get pissed at him because the days of them screwing the US are over, but unless they want to write off $1,130,000,000,000 in US debt that they own, along with $500B/year of very lucrative trade with the US, they will suck it up. China is not stupid, they have 200 nukes, the US has 2,000.
Oh really, is that what China is going to do? "Suck it up"?
Those crazy bastards want to watch the world burn and are happy to set the fire.
Really? It's Iran who is happy to set the fire? Not the newly-emboldened global policy "experts" who believe that diplomacy is "shut up and take it, cause we're 'murica?".
Well, anyway, Mr. "LeftCoastThinker" I bet you've done well in your career and have many friends and personal successes. Your handle is great, because I am sure that you're the only smart person with all those dumb liberals there on the coast. LOL.

Comment Re:The meme is the message (Score 1) 205

So let me see if I've got this correct:

just don't read this guy's [] explanation of how it was sourced from nonsense they fabricated based on this old TIL on Reddit [] (amazing how history repeats itself...).

You've just linked to some dude's twitter account and a reddit post about Sukarno as evidence of how "fake" this news is, while ranting about how everyone in the world is a stupid sheep listening to "fake news" (except you, of course). Buddy, the only hilarious joke here is you people and your total disconnect from reality you people live in and your total, all-pervasive need to be told what to think by the propaganda minister of an orange buffoon. But none of us are laughing.

Comment Yeahhhhhhh.... (Score 2) 254

"And those two weeks were pretty painful and clearly a lowlight for us. We learned a lot from it obviously."

Yeah, if only you guys had had some kind of organizational history to draw upon that could have provided some insight into the effects of releasing monolithic patches touching all parts of the operating system, without testing, and without machine owner approval.

Comment Re:Does anyone else get the feeling... (Score 1) 105

>> Then they'll make money.

. LOL. Nintendo sold 13 million Wii consoles (at a profit), and prints money with the DS, at 154 million units sold. And I am not even bringing Pokemon into this, or the fact that people are lining up outside of stores for the NES classic. I promise, Nintendo is doing fine, as will this new console.

Comment Re:Got the latest 15" (Score 1) 307

It's a crazy capable machine. Love the fact that you can login with your fingerprint, and the new touchbar is nice. Not great, but nice. But it's thin, has four very capable thunderbolt ports disguised as USB-C, and runs all of my stuff like a demon. I don't care that it's Skylake instead of the latest Kaby lake, because it's not like we iOS developers have a choice anyway. Gotta run with what Apple provides. And a quad-core Skylake with the crazy fast SSDs that the MacBooks have, that's way beyond what I actually need. Good stuff.

Really, oh my gosh! What a coincidence that you've written this review to show me how all of the negatives are actually positives for a C++ linux guru who doesn't own his own computer! I feel like I should run down to The Apple Store (TM) and make an appointment with a Genius (R) immediately.

Comment Not really the whole story... (Score 1) 110

Intel is only "refining" the 14nm design through the natural course of their "tick-tock" process (which has now added a third "tock", which seems likely to be due to lack of real competition). The fact remains that intel opened their 10nm fab in July, we're 6 months into production, and Canyonlake is on track for next year:

Intel starts up 10nm factory

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