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Comment Re:BREAKING NEWS (Score 1) 103

What do you think a good security consultant would deliver, exactly?

A) actual skills, not just a script-kiddy with corporate backing.
B) when they were done, they would leave a place relatively more secure. For example, I can go to a place and say, "look, your windows are insecure, and if you put bars on the windows, it will be more secure." That will be 100% accurate, but not particularly useful, and in practice doesn't address most threats companies face.
C) the primary focus generally should be on securing against remote attacks, because that's where your highest exposure is. Anyone can plop down a wifi pineapple, but most people who do so are security consultants. In practice, black-hats favor remote exploits.

Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 1) 444

This is Apple we're talking about. They're not going to standardize a new audio jack, not the way you're thinking at least. Their idea of "standardization" is to make up their own all-new interface, patent it, then charge every huge licensing fees to use it. So a $5 set of minibuds will now cost $45, with $40 of that being Apple's licensing fee.

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