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Comment Re:Alien Versus Predator (Score 3, Interesting) 379

Wake me up when Microsoft comes up with a tool that allows non-coder graphic designers or animators to create entire apps in Silverlight with the same ease that you can with Flash.

That's the assumption sideline-commenting non-designer coders who aren't in the web or multimedia industry make, like a lot of guys here in Slashdot who do mostly non-frontend stuff. Until then, don't expect Flash to vanish anytime soon.

Same case goes for HTML5. Without proper authoring tools for the non-programmer layman, don't expect any other tech to knock off Flash from its perch. Nothing comes close to the Flash Professional authoring tool's ability for creating vector animations and integrating motion, sound and interactivity with ease today.

Even then, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch announced that Adobe would be the 1st one to build the same kind of tools for HTML5. In fact, they've already built HTML5 + CSS3 support for Dreamweaver.

As for video, there's a good reason Flash exploded on the net long before it had the capability to play videos, so don't expect alternative video players to end it either.

Heck, I heard even Blizzard used Flash for certain parts of Starcraft 2's UI. [citation needed]

Comment Re:I was hoping for a rickroll (Score 4, Interesting) 294

while on the subject of rare Star Wars footage, check out Return of the Ewok, a mockumentary shot by the original cast and crew during the filming of Return of the Jedi.

It's got a lot of funny interesting tidbits pretty rare to find, even on the net (and much much harder to find than the Star Wars Christmas special), so check it out.

Warwick Davis as Wicket is the protagonist and it's pretty interesting how he was just a kid when they shot ROTJ. The name of the film was actually even Revenge of the Jedi during filming of Return of the Ewok.

Comment Re:good thing it wasn't a watermelon seed (Score 5, Informative) 136

Seeds don't need light when they're just sprouting. That's why you can plant them buried under soil, then they start to sprout.

Think of it as them subsisting on their "egg yolk" (the twin "bean" parts) while they're still in the process of sprouting. As the plant use them up in sprouting and forming leaves, the "bean" parts shrivel up and then the plant starts to rely on its roots and leaves for food and water.

What the article describes most likely looks more like a bean sprout than a full-blown pea plant.

Comment Re:This game was created by members of Future Crew (Score 3, Interesting) 89

Members of Future Crew turned into Remedy Entertainment later on. The Demoscene is awesome.

A number of people who work in the industry today came from the demoscene.

Mikko "Memon" Mononen, founder of Demoscene group Moppi Productions and developer of the legendary Demopaja Demotool, is a programmer at Crytek, located in Frankfurt, Germany. He expanded the company-owned CryEngine with spectacular effects.

Graphics artist Xenusion of the group Plastic, an exceptionally gifted graphician, participated in demos such as 195/95 and Final Audition. He's been working on the fascinating world of Crysis as a concept artist.

Comment Re:Timing (Score 2, Interesting) 85

Yup! If Torchlight only had multiplayer, it wouldn't have needed much of a story at all. Fun-ness of the gameplay would have been enough.

Proof of this is the ridiculous slew and success of MMORPGs coming from Asia that have zero story and are all about level grinding and looting: I'm looking at you MU Online and Perfect World! (the parent company of which bought Runic and will be funding the Torchlight MMO).

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