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Comment Re:Microsoft see, Microsoft do (Score 1) 101

"Microsoft's response to the Amazon Echo and Google Home is Home Hub, a software update for Windows 10's Cortana personal assistant that turns any Windows PC into a smart speaker of sorts."

No it's not. Based on Microsoft's track record it will be a poorly-designed, late-to-market, barely functional piece of shit that will garner no market share except for that of the die-hard Windows fanbois. After a year or two of disappointing reviews and craptastic software updates they'll discontinue it.

That may well be true...but there's a one-in-a-billion chance that Microsoft will be able to make it stick if they can successfully court the XDA community. If a device is mod-friendly, and it becomes "the Echo you can mod", it's possible that it'll carve out a niche for itself...because both Google and Amazon have taken steps to ensure that the modding community isn't welcome.

Microsoft clearly has no recent evidence of this path, which is why I'm perfectly aware that it's such a remote possibility. However, it's a market hole that neither Google nor Amazon have any chance of filling.

Comment Re:So it begs(?) the question (Score 1) 100

The final amount Samsung pays Apple will be far less than $1 billion. The amount that Apple already paid Samsung in higher part prices because of "unforeseen litigation" will continue to have been $1 billion. This is already a Pyrrhic victory for Apple, and will become more so when it goes back to the lower courts and the amount is reduced even more.

Comment Re:Why is this guy still talking (Score 0) 468

It may seem like common sense, but it's flat-out wrong. If you study history, you will see that similar concerns were raised about the printing press, the industrial revolution, electricity, etc. And yet, somehow we still keep coming up with new jobs that begin to exist because of the increases in technology.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 2) 203

1. The standard answer on the Bitcoin forums was that they "didn't need to pay taxes. You're a moron if you do." Of course, this was against the tax advice of the IRS, which was to declare them with buying and selling dates as Capital Gains.

2. Well, Coinbase was happy to hold your bitcoins for you and provide an easy way to buy and sell, but then they held your account hostage and demanded more and more information to get your assets back.

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