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Comment Rotten Tomatoes is getting self-important (Score 1, Insightful) 343

Their curated list of critics simply don't like the same movies I do. Therefore there is little to no correlation between my enjoyment of a film and its RT freshness. It's also setting expectations. People went into BvS expecting a terrible movie. If you look for a terrible movie, you will find it.

Comment Re: Misleading (Mod OP UP views not subscriptions) (Score 1) 140

Okay, so...the first thing is far the best bang for the buck you'll get is a SiliconDust Homerun HD Prime. Get a CableCard from your provider, and give it a coax line, an Ethernet cable, and some power.
Now, any computer on your network is a DVR. Still running Windows 7? Windows Media Center is amazing. MythTV is excellent, and Plex just released a DVR module.

These (and a few more) can run on whatever computer is convenient, but the bigger question is playback - if your DVR computer isn't hooked up to your TV, you're looking at a client/server model. MythTV does this pretty well, and WMC is also capable of it.
Be aware that if you have HBO (or your cable company is terrible enough to introduce the copy protect flags), most OSS applications won't be able to record the stream.

It'll probably take a Saturday afternoon to iron everything out, but it's *so* worth it.

Submission + - Ray Kurzweil predicts computers will be as smart as humans in 12 years (

Mr.Intel writes: “By 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence,” Kurzweil said in an interview at the SXSW Conference with Shira Lazar and Amy Kurzweil Comix.

Known as the Singularity, the event is oft discussed by scientists, futurists, technology stalwarts and others as a time when artificial intelligence will cause machines to become smarter than human beings. The time frame is much sooner than what other stalwarts have said, including British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, as well as previous predictions from Kurzweil, who said it may occur as soon as 2045. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, who recently acquired ARM Holdings with the intent on being one of the driving forces in the Singularity, has previously said it could happen in the next 30 years.

Comment Re:Universal Heat Death? (Score 1) 210

"Heath death" is somewhat of a misnomer. Entropy does not go away; it's when the entropy of the universe can no longer increase, due to the universe being at perfect equilibrium under the Third Law. There will still be temperature, and mater; individual particles flying around and never touching (no protons, though; they have long since decayed). We consider this to be an extreme low-energy state, not a complete lack of energy.

Disclaimer: I'm not a scientist. I just get bored and read stuff.

Comment Re:Non-negotiable items (Score 1) 244

But the cable co's are now encrypting to make cable on all but a few channels making it impossible for me to view on the platform of my choice.

The reason for the cableCard you claim you have more than one of is to do the decryption of content. If your cableCard isn't decrypting the content you are paying for, it is broken. Call the cable company and get it fixed.

I have an HDHomeRun with a cable card, and VLC talks to it just great on Linux. At the point it hits the net it is unencrypted and ready for many different viewing programs. I've even got a DLNA (IIRC) app on one of my Android tablets that can view the content from the HDHR.

Fellow HDHomeRun owner here. It was my hope that your description would be the case. I initially made my setup with Mythbuntu, and then I learned about the CopyOnce flag. The use of the CopyOnce flag is prohibited on the broadcast channels, but on actual-cable channels (not even HBO/Showtime/Starz), it's up to the cable company as to whether they want to use it. My cable company (Altice, formerly Cablevision) sets that flag on all their non-broadcast HD channels, and over half of the SD ones, not including premium channels. It worked for the two dozen or so channels that didn't have the flag, as did VLC, but virtually every non-network show I wanted to watch was on a C1 channel. Mythbuntu can't use signals with the CopyOnce flag, and it never will because of the licensing requirements (no one is giving the decryption methods to an OSS project). and neither can the bundled SiliconDust software or mobile apps, meaning that my only option was Windows Media Center. This was amusing, as in my 4-5 calls to activate my CableCard, none of the reps I spoke with had ever spoken with someone using Windows Media Center and I had to describe it to them a bit.

Win7 worked for a month until it didn't and wouldn't start working again (bizarrely, even after a machine format), leaving me to spend a weekend hacking WMC into Windows 10 on my DVR. It's definitely off the beaten path, but it works. Hopefully the new SiliconDust DVR software won't suck, because I have a gut feeling my setup will only work until Win7 support ends.

So, tl;dr, the GP can absolutely be right in that his CableCard is decrypting the stream properly, but the broadcast flags are prohibiting him from using an OSS application.

Comment Re:What is the surprise exactly? (Score 1) 457

No, I'm not worried about a boogeyman. I am worried about my country being at a disadvantage in a war. Cause, you know, they happen.

So, literally the only thing that matters is being in a position to win a war? An absolute dictatorship would be the most efficient means of ensuring this outcome*. If we want to have some level of liberty in the process, then liberty itself must be defended. It's not just "terrorists" or "communists" or "China" that is a threat to liberty unless we define "threats to liberty" as only coming from external entities.

*Yes, it didn't work out so well for Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini...but each had their own reasons for failure that had very little to do with the fact that they were indeed dicatators.

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