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Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 280

Degrees used to be free of course, or at least quite cheap

Um, no. They were never free. And cheap, less expensive is more accurate...relative to what they are now...ridiculous. I grew up in the 60s...people saved up for college back then. If you went to college without you or your parents saving up in advance, you did it wrong. But yes, college prices today are ridiculous.

Comment Never Have (Score 1) 96

I've never "tweeted" except through my stereo speakers, and often wondered what am I missing, but never cared enough to investigate. What can Twitter give me that I'm not already getting elsewhere?

And just a comment on the verbage. Maybe it's me, but Tweeting sounds a bit too metro-sexual for my liking. Additionally, I've never been a follower, why would anyone want to follow the trivial postings of anyone? Are there significant things we're missing?

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 172

I hear you and understand that position. Some people take the meaning literally, but SCOTUS has not always taken that path in regards to this or other constitutional issues. Some believe in a "living" document, while others believe in strict interpretation. I'm personally of the latter persuasion, but that doesn't matter if I'm taken to court over something that has been ruled on as a new interpretation. I don't like it, but I'm not going to stick my head in the sand. For example, I'm sure the founders didn't mean that freedom of speech should mean that I can yell fire in a crowded theater, so I'm fine that the courts have made an interpretation to the contrary.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 172

I haven't read all of your posts...I was only responding to this tread. My point is mainly that there is no middle ground because of the dogma of both the pro and anti-gun groups. As a former NRA member (many years ago), I left them because I saw the extremist views of some "pry my cold dead fingers" types. Yet on the other side, we have many who will make claims about guns that when they couldn't tell the difference between a automatic and a semi, yet want to ban things they know nothing about.

For what it's worth, I'm all for background loopholes, as well as some other rules. I'd even consider mandatory training...I had to attend a multi-week class to go deer hunting as a teen, and that seems reasonable to me in order to learn gun safety.

We don't seem to be willing to address the mentally ill in this country, and I'm going to lump in drug addicts and alcoholics...none of whom in my opinion should have weapons, if they've been found legally incompetent, or convicted.

I know plenty of gun owners who would be willing to accept some additional limitations, but see the constant erosion through the trickle of new laws (vs. the actual enforcement of those already in place) as a signal that the other side is lying when they're only interested in "common sense" changes. "Common sense" has become code for confiscation to many because of this.

So, when you said dogma, I reacted...not to you so much as the fact that it seems like we've become very polarized on this and many other issues as a nation, and incapable of open discussion without name calling and bluster. As you can see someone marked my post off-topic...I wouldn't expect anything less.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 172

Did you skip over..

Some scholars even credit the 1996 gun law with causing the decrease in deaths from firearms, though they are still debating that point. A 2003 study from AIC, which looked at rates between 1991 and 2001, found that some of the decline in firearm-related homicides (and suicides as well) began before the reform was enacted. On the other hand, a 2006 analysis by scholars at the University of Sydney concluded that gun fatalities decreased more quickly after the reform. Yet another analysis, from 2008, from the University of Melbourne, concluded that the buyback had no significant effect on firearm suicide or homicide rates.

There's no consensus.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 377

The VP needs to be just as presidential. Here's a list of those who had to step in...

John Tyler, after Harrison's death
Millard Fillmore after Taylor's death
Andrew Johnson after Lincoln's assassination
Chester Arther after Garfield's assassination
Teddy Roosivelt after McKinley's assassination
Calvin Coolidge after Harding's death
Harry Truman after Roosevelt's death
LBJ after Kennedy's assassination
Gerald Ford after Nixon's resignation

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