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Submission + - SPAM: Bitcoin for helping Teens

cellurl writes: In the future, your car will know the speed limit. It won't come from Navteq which is locked down. It will come from which is going on its 8th year of narking on teens for speeding. And building other cool things like Speed Limit Aware Cruise Controls. Log the most speed limits with their free apps and win some Bitcoin thru Aug.

Submission + - Car moders rejoice! (

cellurl writes: "If you are an inventor, you know that the most expensive part of any computer or automotive MOD is obtaining the connectors. Molex, et al make connectors that can be quite pricey. For example, a simple connector found under the dashboard of your car can cost you $10. Many you can't even buy direct, only through a big OEM purchase.

In comes SLA (stereo lithography). Oops my bad, its new name is 3D printers. Don't be fooled. I bought a piece of SLA from Autocad artwork back in 1990 for $100. I had to go to a circuit board manufacturer in Mississippi who had the funky printer.

Anyway, I spoke with my buddy the other day about car-mods and it always comes back to "connector prices". No longer. My buddies at Hypertech in Bartlett now PRINT their connectors. Yep, 3M, Molex lawyers listen up, people are printing their own connectors. I asked how they get the metal piercing thing in the connector and they said they put it in afterwards.

Car moders rejoice, the new money is in 3d-cad-libraries, get em while they are hot!


Submission + - How to protect data and not be a doofus.

cellurl writes: "I run wikispeedia, a database of speed limit signs. People approach us to Mirror our data, but I am quite certain it will become a one-way street. So my question is: How can I give consumers peace of mind in using our data and not give up the ship? We want to be the clearing house for this information, at the same time following our charter of providing Safety. Some thoughts that come to mind are creating a "Service Level Agreement" which they will no doubt reject, or Mysql-clustering or rsync. Any thoughts, technically, logistically, legally appreciated."

Submission + - I know where Android lovers live.

cellurl writes: "We wrote an app for the ADC-2 which bombed with a cute side affect. We know where Android testers / users live. Our app was suppose to make the roads safer and yell at you if you speed. The user can log a speed limit sign. Many logged signs, and then ditched the app I guess. One hit wonders. We only log what they push, no more, trust me, but we know where you live, let the bombing begin... It appears that they live mostly in Europe and none in China. See here"

Submission + - WTF, no Israel on monopolycitystreets

cellurl writes: "Last week monopoly city streets went AWOL due to a server crash. All my awesome properties went bye bye. Now I just noticed the game is back up "fresh", so I wanted to get in early and buy some primo property worldwide. Wandering around Bulgaria (don't ask) I noticed that Israel is whited-out in the game. I guess they don't want to play. Can I white out the nude beach I have in my backyard?"
The Military

Submission + - Tips to win a Federal Contract ( 1

cellurl writes: "I recently bid on my first federal contract, to fix a broken circuit board worth $1800. It was a one time only bid, no follow on work, just for experience. The board could be fixed or deemed too expensive to fix. First, I had to meet with 3 men from Dcma who roadtripped 400 miles for our first meeting. They asked me when my oscilloscope was last calibrated. They asked what certifications I had. I said I have repaired scopes for Tektronix, have an MSEE, formed two startup companies, build and sold products at gpscruise, and have five patents. They denied me, said I couldn't do it. I then spoke with 5 other people including an ACO, and two PRA's whatever they are. Anyone have any experience with this? Do I first need to learn the names of my congressmans' kids?"

Submission + - Road Rage suppressor announced at SEMA. (

cellurl writes: "While common gear-head products include red-light-camera locators like Speedchetah, and cop location sharing gizmos like Trapster, one Memphis company is hoping to cash in on just obeying the law. Announced at SEMA this week is the Speederaser, a simple device to mark where all the speed limit signs are located. Its linked to the open source speed limit database Wikispeedia. Once setup, your cruise will adjust to the speed limit of all things. For the dangerous minded, there is a speed-tolerance setting which goes to 11."

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