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Comment Re:The Widow (Score 1) 188

I'm still trying to figure out how I didn't know about it until just recently.

Oh, I'll tell you why. Because season one only recently came to Netflix. It's the same as with Preacher, and Hap & Leonard and other cool shows. The target demographic (idiots like me) don't watch cable TV, but when it comes to Netflix, we're all over it.

Comment Re:TV show writers on strike. So? (Score 1) 188

Quite frankly, a monkey could write the garbage we get fed these days. "Scripted reality", yeah, right, what kind of drugs do you have to be on to consider this to be in any way even remotely close to "reality"? In between we got court TV and other garbage that needs zero writer or talent by the actors, sorry, "genuine people presenting real cases".

Even the most lame reality TV show is scripted. In fact, that's one of the things the Screenwriters Guild is fighting about. Currently, if you write a script for a reality show, you are treated differently than if you write for a drama or comedy.

You didn't think Honey Boo Boo was spontaneous, did you?

Comment Public Campaign (Score 1) 195

I could see this bolstering public terminals and potentially the written word again. ALSO I wager we should wage a PUBLIC CAMPAIGN that calls on businesses, and individuals with extra bandwidth to offer free wifi or access to people in their area.

The market is squeezing people from every side: My rent is out of control, internet would be insanely expensive (from a personal data as well as monetary point of view) if I hadn't lucked out and gotten Google Fiber, healthcare is... my lord I hope I just never get sick again because it's BAD here in Atlanta and I am paying out the NOSE for the "privilege." I'm glad I could get rid of my car because if not? I'd be saddled with practically living month to month, and I'm a fucking PROFESSIONAL who is getting paid a reasonable amount of money.

Consume less, I guess. I'm apt to do what others have mentioned: ditch the internet, see if that's doable anymore.

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