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Comment Re: But not climate change research (Score 3, Funny) 69

If your paper confirms climate change, you are more likely to get funding.

If your paper confirms that GMOs are as safe as mother's milk, you are also more likely to get funding. Also, if your study shows that vaccines are safe, you are more likely to get funding.

Are those examples of confirmation bias too?

Comment Re:Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich (Score 1) 825

R6: Do not promote another candidate
R7: No negative campaigning

You believe that's the same thing as "no dissent or SJWs"?

Even a cursory look at that reddit shows that there's plenty of dissent. You're just not welcome if you're job is to shill for another candidate.

In the "TheDonald" reddit, "no dissent" means exactly that. If you have any divergent views (for example, if you support Trump but you don't believe Donald Trump Jr is a good surrogate for his father) you are gone.

No, they do not mean the same thing.

Comment Re:They HAD this service? (Score 1) 49

Ha, yeah. I realize my usage is not at all similar to people who take a lot of photos. I don't have tons of [high res] pictures or ripped movies or anything like that... and the movies that I have, I have the DVDs for, so I just do local backups for those.

Most of my ... I don't recall how much, 150gb or so ... *is* photos (since we got a decent camera) and music, and it's growing, but we're not going to hit 1TB anytime soon. I have more stuff like games, the aforementioned ripped DVDs, ISOs, VMs, etc., but I don't have any reason to back that up other than locally, since it is all recoverable.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 227

Also, Leviticus is not just Hebrew law, its Christian law too. Jesus said so many times himself. Unless, of course, you don't take everything Jesus said seriously.

[Citation needed]

Seriously, though... this is a very, very simplistic interpretation of what Jesus "said." For example, what exactly did Jesus mean when He said that He didn't "come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it." And, of course, if you take the NT to also be accurate, then you have to deal with all of Paul's writings on the law, which are ... voluminous. And enlightening, as Paul often wrote to non-Jews, whereas Jesus was talking to Jews. Rightly interpreting what Jesus said, and why, requires knowing who He was talking to, why He came... well, and more, heh. He didn't just randomly show up and start speaking nice morals to a global human audience.

Comment Re: Obligatory.. (Score 1) 227

I am a Christian, and have attended (and continue to) churches that preach from the Bible, and endeavor to study it and to rightly interpret it.

Also, just in case you aren't familiar with the abbreviations, OT = Old Testament and NT = New Testament :)

Referring to out-of-context passages in the Old Testament (e.g., Leviticus for things about homosexuality) seems pretty common... unfortunately. It is not treated very well, and, as you have noted, pretty much just cherry-picked to "prove" one's point. It's often referred to as proof-texting.

I don't know exactly what you meant, but if you were asking whether that is a good thing - I do not think it is. Israel was a specific nation, with a specific covenant by God; some of the laws appear to coincide with, shall we say, a more universal standard of right and wrong that God has. Others were clearly designed to simply set Israel, as a nation, apart from other nations (e.g., not wearing clothing with mixed fabrics, or many of the dietary restrictions).

In general, I side with non-Christians who criticize Christians for pulling out random OT passages when it suits them and not other ones. Those who criticize Christians for that do, in fact, have a valid point. Christians should not simply pick the parts they like from a law given specifically to Israel and pretend they apply universally to humanity.

Now, that said... I am also of the opinion that there are pretty clear statements in the NT on things like homosexuality (and other sexual sins). And, to be fair, there are parts of the OT that are *not* specific to Israel, even if they were written TO Israel. A lot of stuff in the prophecy books (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, etc.) has not been fulfilled. A lot of the Psalms, which are just songs, were written by Israelites (primarily David) but often talk about God in generic terms, not Israel-covenant-specific terms... though again, one has to be careful when trying to bring out an application for a New Testament Christian.


Comment Re:They HAD this service? (Score 2) 49

I had heard of this, but at the time, I didn't like their cloud software... I dunno, it just didn't integrate well with my phone, Linux, Windows, etc. OneDrive actually has a lot better support. There's even a little service someone wrote to have it do filesystem sync stuff on Linux. I think I only pay like $2/mo for 200gb or something like that, which is all I need at the moment... backup everything of value to OneDrive, backup everything of super importance to Spideroak, and also use Google Photos / Music / Amazon Music for convenience.

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