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Comment Re:Don't Panic (Score 4, Interesting) 535

They lost Ireland years ago. If you mean Northern Ireland, there is little impetus there to change what people are seeing as peace. Factions on the far sides might want to play it that way but it's basically not going to happen. The south was/is in a financial crisis that was solved by the UK saying we'll bankroll them and their own austerity. Norway is not in the Euro but has accepted the schengen agreement for free travel. They do not pay so much in but they get more say on domestic rights.

Comment Re:Hasn't replaced my lockscreen (Score 1) 249

I noticed this had come up a few weeks ago for me. My lock screen -- the one when the phone is actually locked showed some large battery image and an ad. Only app updated that night was ES. Googled it and people seemed to agree that it was ES. Removed it and problem went away. I think that they cant override the actual lock screen but an app if given root can replace the screen shown when your phone is locked.

Comment Re:More of an issue for litigation that criminalit (Score 2) 163

Your reasoning for the criminal cases is basically the idea behind the EU right to be forgotten. I know it's not a popular view but I can see the logic behind it. If you've done something and served your time, why does everybody and their dog need to know that you've left prison? With that sort of system, any offender is almost enforced into a life of crime...

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