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Comment Re: FINALLY! (Score 2) 239

I'm really rooting for AMD

Not only am I rooting for them, most of my PCs since the late 90s have been AMD whereas all my laptops and the majority of my servers have been Intel (with a few Sparcs & IBM Power thrown in). As AMD was lagging the past few years, I was seriously thinking of buying Intel for my next performance workstation.
Now it looks like I can continue with AMD a while longer and if Ryzen measures up, it'll be my 2017 Xmas present to myself.

Comment Re: All the better to 'drive' stoned (Score 1) 125

Actually, that's why stoned drivers tend to be OK but drunk drivers are a problem. The drunk driver is over-confident in their abilities and tends to crash. Stoned drivers are generally more capable than they think they are and slow down more than enough to compensate for their poor reaction time.

Comment Re:An allegation has been made. (Score 1) 892

dismissing claims of harassment

There is an investigation in progress. Did you miss that little detail?


Did you miss the detail that when she went through "proper channels", her claims and those of other women - ALL AGAINST THE SAME MAN - were dismissed?
And that the ONLY reason there's an investigation is she's gone public, without providing proof as so many have pointed out, which caught the attention of the CEO?

Comment Re:Is it (Score 1) 47

They (or another company they acquired) used to be known as SafeNet. We were evaluating their cloud-based multifactor auth system and liked it, more than the RSA SecurID / Auth Manager setup that we've had for years.
But They Who Sign Checks Without A Clue told us we have to implement Azure MFA instead.

Comment Re:She'll Never Find Another Job in Tech (Score 1) 892

Well probably because he was letting his hot wife sleep with senior management he had a pass. What really needs to be investigated was was the guy pressured into having an open relationship so senior management cold bang his wife and hence thought it OK to bang subordinates.

That stuff is hard to keep quiet. Of the 20+ rumors of harassment & dalliance that made it to my ears in the schools & jobs I've had, only 2 turned out to be untrue.
Fowler claims that multiple women had file similar accusations; it's inconceivable that he'd been chasing multiple women at the same company and no one would know he was a cuck for the higher ups.

Comment Re:An allegation has been made. (Score 1) 892

Wow, you really told me!

I guess that since you know someone who's been harassed, no investigation is necessary from now on, and we can just go with a policy of assuming that an accusation is proof. What could go wrong?


Wow, you really told me!

I guess that since you know someone who's been harassed, no investigation is necessary from now on, and we can just go with a policy of assuming that an accusation is proof. What could go wrong?


What could go wrong? Quite a bit, I suppose.
But dismissing claims of harassment, abuse & assault didn't work for the millions, possibly hundreds of millions of women since, well, forever.
And no amount of proof ever seemed to be enough, unless the accused was unpopular, had been accused before or was a minority.

Weigh that in the balance and see which way it tips.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 892

Only a few years before Bill Clinton did this, the DEMOCRATS has weaponized the same sort of misdeed to remove Senator Packwood from office

In the specific case of Bob Packwood, a cursory amount of research & a few trips down memory lane show that to be false.
Between Nov 92 and Aug 93, first the Washington Post, then the LA Times and New York Times published quite a bit about Packwood's sexual misdeeds, for an initial total of 10 women dating back to 1989.
Packwood was hardly a Democratic target as he was a strong supporter of women's issues and the initial reaction from feminists was sheer disbelief.
And WaPo held off on publishing their story until after the election.

Comment Re:A bad way to start (Score 1) 892

Senator Packwood's intern never filed a complaint against him either.

The Washington Post published accusations from 10 former female staffers in 1992, the New York Times published a long column called The Trials of Bob Packwood in Aug 1993 and Packwood still didn't quit until Sept 1995

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