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Journal bubblegoose's Journal: I just want to be hot again 5

So my wife and I are expecting our baby boy (Calvin Alexander) in April. Everything looks healthy...the pregnancy is going smoothly.

We were attending our first childbirth class last night. The teacher is going around the room asking us to talk a little about ourselves.

There is a young woman there who looked about 20 years old. She was with her mother...I guess the baby daddy took off or something. They ask her, what do you like the most about being pregnant? Her response, "all the attention I get". The teacher asks, "what is your biggest fear? Her response, "I won't be hot after I have the baby". It was all I could do to not bust out laughing.

Then I thought of the old joke, you know the one. Where the guy is at the hospital getting a broken arm treated and asks "will I be able to play the violin when this heals". You know the punch line.

Anyone seen the movie "Idiocracy"? Cause I'm thinking, here is a chick who is 20 years old...this is the first of many for her. least a good percentage of your civic duty...get out there and breed!

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I just want to be hot again

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