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Comment Re:Can't use (Score 1) 200

serious question. how much ass wiping and spoon feeding do we need to deliver with a nearly free entitlement? seriously.

it's not good enough to provide subsidized transit to people, we also have to hand deliver the means to order it? no amount of responsibility on the gift-receiver to figure something out on their own?

Comment Re:Bandaid (Score 1) 469

I realize they theoretically "can" hold more capacity, but I would suggest that they WON'T move more people per hour than the two dedicated traffic lanes do today.

according to the DOT, I90 express lanes move about 7,000 vehicles an hour at peak, including buses and carpools

ST projects (and they usually offer VERY optimistic projections) that in 2030, the entire eastlink project will carry 50,000 riders/day. So, in 13 years, along the whole route, ST "projects" that the trains will "almost" carry the amount that cars carry today, for free. (bottom right rail has the projection)

but overall, yeah, they're a great boondoggle. tell me again why not just more buses,a nd keep the lanes available for carpools, buses, ambulances, etc?

Comment Re:Numbers? (Score 2) 172

with the new requirements to keep "spinning capacity" at a higher level than used to be required. Hydro is a *really* nice way to do that. just run enough water through the turbines to keep them in sync with the grid with basically zero load on them and you can drop a full load on them pretty damned quick if you lose a transmission line or see a spike in demand.

Comment Re:Bandaid (Score 1) 469

bad example. the transportation "planners" in Seattle, a region growing by leaps and bounds, is REDUCING freeway capacity by removing the 6 lane Alaskan Way Viaduct and REMOVING the two express lanes across I90 to put choo choo trains on them in a region that already has some of the worst gridlock in country.

Comment Re:Harder Than It Sounds (Score 3, Interesting) 491

Can you go ahead and couch surf, get established, and then move the family out after 6 months? Yeah it sucks.

In fact, could you live with your inlaws for 6 months (maybe just you), while you get established in a new job, then when you feel your employment is steady (you know the politics/etc) move your family out and get your own place together?

Comment Re:Finally Ford see the future. (Score 1) 432

yes, and light trucks don't get much better mileage than in 1978 either.

the massive benefits of modern fuel injection, FADEC and other enhancements have mostly been squandered on more weight (heavier vehicles, partially for "safety") and to work through the catalytic.

very, very recently (ecoboost) and a few others have brought some marked improvement, but it feels like a fraction of what we should have had. I could get 20 MPG in my 79 scout with a v8, carbeurator and "barely" electronic ignition.

Comment Re:Want to guess why? (Score 1) 192

the old tractors would run on old motor oil too (that you could get for free at the corner garage or from your other equipment).

you could start them on a cup of gas, switch to running on oil, run on old oil all day and then that night use another cup of gas to clean up the plugs and carb. So two cups a day of "paid for" fuel.

moonshine is a little more valuable than gas so even with zero regulations, I think folks would just buy gas and drink/sell the shine

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 1) 392

If someone gets put on a plan, their best advice is to do three things

1. financially/family prepare as if you're going to lose your job. Cut spending, pump up savings, etc.
2. job hunt like a mofo, in case the PiP doesn't work
3. (and this is important) - throw yourself into the PiP and do everything you can to lean in and improve. Even if you think it's worthless, unfair, even if you are sure you'll have another job in a week. Lean in and do your damndest to improve. this gives you the chance that you'll keep your existing job longer (perhaps indefinitely) and will give you massively better references in the future (two jobs from now)

3 is the hardest step, but really important

Comment Re:Good for Australia (Score 1) 600

wait, you're being suckered! you said this "... and we already have a free trade agreement with China, although China still has too many tariffs."

your "trading partner" shouldn't have tariff's on your exports to them if you have free trade!!! you've bought it. do you tarrif Chinese imports?

sounds like most US trade deals. we take their stuff into the US free, but they tarrif and badger our guys so we can't export to them on equal terms

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