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Comment Re:Interesting how few controls there are (Score 2) 123

Email is "From" the CEO, and says something like "Hey, Bob, this account somehow got missed, it's way overdue and the money has to go out TODAY! I'm in important meetings all day and am unable to talk on the phone, any questions, just reply to this email." Either the From address is to a look-alike domain, or sometimes just a gmail/hotmail/yahoo account, or something at one of the many world.com generic domains, or the From address is the real CEO's address and there's a Reply-To somewhere else.

It doesn't work often, but it apparently works often enough.

Comment LastPass gives some domain-squatting protection (Score 1) 123

One thing LastPass will do for you that the copy/paste solutions won't is that LastPass will not autofill your wellsfargo.com credentials into a login page at wallsfergo.com. (Substitute less obvious domain-squatting combination.) For the even slightly security-aware, the "no domains match" is a speedbump between you and total pwnage.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 342

If this means they can make some money by selling my info then perhaps my internet bill out-of-pocket will come down over time.

No, it just means they'll make more money.

Here's the key idea you have to understand when you see moneyed interests enabled to make yet more money:

"Trickle down" is a metaphor for the moneyed interests pissing on your head.

Also, this.

Comment And now maybe we'll know why ... (Score 5, Interesting) 106

And now maybee we'll know why it's been so hard for Open Source developers to get information on writing their own against-the-metal drivers for telephony radios and startup modules (BIOS, EFI/UEFI, etc.)

It has long been suspected that was not just proprietary info-walling, but to reduce chances of discovery of backdoors and persistent threats imposed in the name of spying.

Comment Jailbreaking the simulation and hacking it (Score 1) 402

If the universe is a simulation, there perhaps could be some way of hacking the code from the inside, like the exploits that affect things outside of a virtual machine.

Of course, once you do that, the folks running the simulation say "Oh, crap, not again!", fix the bug that allowed the exploit, and re-start the simulation from the last checkpoint, and we'll never know.

Comment Speculation from TFA... (Score 1) 150

From the article, musing about how an alien visitor might classify them...

"Which of these would they consider a “planet” — or whatever the alien term for “planet” might be?"

Maybe a more useful classification would be to classify them by the characteristics of the body itself, irrespective of its orbit. Their word that we'd likely translate as "planet" might only apply to Venus, Earth, Mars, and Titan. (Rocky bodies with significant atmosphere.)

Comment Not necessarily the same class of event (Score 1) 130

Digg previously wounded itself because it threw out all of its user's work, and then compounded the insult by preventing them from commenting. It's a ghost town.

Reddit appears to be adding something, not taking something away.

If that's the case, I doubt it'll hurt them in any way. What remains to be seen is if it will benefit them. That will depend on how they manage (and limit) the new capabilities, and how their user base views what they do.

Facebook is certainly ripe for competition.

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 1) 200

>60MPH in San Francisco is going to get you some pretty bad fines most of the time :).

A friend of mine Ubers in SF, and tries to do runs to and from SFO for maximum money. He doesn't live in SF either, but commutes a long way every weekend to work there because the money is so good.

>(1) You're assuming all miles and hours are 'billable', while in reality you would be driving empty towards a pickup and waiting for the next pickup.

There's a pickup fee which offsets this, and in reality you can usually chain together rides.

Also, there's an additional bill per minute if you are in traffic.

Comment Pity, since I can't accept the EULA (Score 1) 144

Google's Chrome browser, on the other hand, remained unhackable during the contest.

Unfortunately for me, I can't accept Chrome's EULA.

It incorporates Adobe's, which (if I recall correctly from my AT&T Android-based smartphone) has several clauses I can't abide - including a never-compete, don't block updates, don't work on circumvention tools, we can change the license without notice, ...

I don't intend to do anything that might come back to limit my future software work or employability. Clicking through such a license (even if every bit of it is struck down by the courts - which I'm not holding my breath expecting), especially on a device that "phones home" in a way that is easily identified with my true name, is an invitation for an all-versus-one gladiatorial match with two multibillion-dollar corporations' legal departments.

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 64

So... based on the above comments, I bought Nova launcher pro.

When I started it, all my current folders and apps.... gone. It appears I'll have to set everything up again. Am I wrong? Changing back to the Touchwiz, everything came right back. Need to explore this a little more, and seeing as it didn't destroy my previous setup (for which I am grateful), I will indeed experiment. First I guess I have to make a series of notes about the current arrangement and then go into Nova and rebuild it from the ground up. Seems... tedious. But I have the time, so... onwards.

Thanks for the tip (you and others.)

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