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Comment Re:Removable battery? Nah... (Score 1) 86

Yeah. This. I was just going to chime in on this. This idiotic war against serviceable components, expandable flash and replaceable / expandable memory is really tiresome. And with every generations of phone ifixit and the like give out instructions and OEM and 3rd party batteries and repair items become available.

And when something like this happens - it could have been : go to this special link to amazon, put your samsung serial number in and get an overnight package with the a new battery. But no. Now we have this fiasco.

Lets weld in and glue in an ultra flammable part that is a common replacement item - for what?

Comment Re:Chalk one up for iOS (Score 2) 129

I think ALL of us jailbreakers and rooters should celebrate this. Now I might be able to push an adaway hostfile with 875K worth of junk hosts of malware, ads, adware, gambling and other cruft blocked. I cant believe I need to wait for a flaw like this to update the hosts file on the phone I own.

This weaponizing of opensource software to do things like make it impossible to edit /etc/hosts with malware blocks is unreal.

Comment Apple as an MVNO - or more. (Score 0) 33

Apple should buy one. They are in the business for overcharging for everything. Two benefits - they get to overcharge if they are carrier (like every other one) and they can make all the bandwidth use for all apple made applications free. Look at MVNO Google-Fi. They could potentially go quad-sim in the USA. (SIMs now are apparently capable of carrying more than one network).

Comment Re:theory is not science before testing (Score 1) 98

Check for yourself - the coordinates for this Cornfield:

Kâ(TM)aak Chi (Fire Mouth) William Gadoury "Lost City" / Cornfield 17Â56'41.36"N 90Â10'1.25"W (17.944822,-90.167014)

Not likely a lost city per David Stuart

- Director at The Mesoamerica Center-University of Texas at Austin
- Professor at University of Texas at Austin Department of Art and Art History
- Director at Casa Herrera

Comment Re:Bah! (Score 0) 181

I really, really dislike this fraud Mayer. She should be in prison for the embezzling and lack of fiduciary responsibility during her tenure as CEO. She has caused the loss of thousands of jobs. I used to talk about how bad this Mayer was before she took the helm and people poo-pooed me. I turned out I was 100% correct about this woman being a know-nothing fraud. She was also hated at Google just as much. She is a low life criminal as far as I'm concerned.

Comment Re:What is Uber, a CAB COMPANY? (Score 2) 172

I've been stranded by an Uber driver before he got there. I dont even know the recourse should be. I was stranded and had to wait another 20 minutes for another Uber in inclement weather. Uber is getting more anti-rider and from what I hear from drivers they are fairly anti-driver AND they are trying to remove the driver in favor of self-driving computers.

Comment Re:OR (Score 4, Insightful) 227

Yeah, or we should look at the labor participation rate. Its the worst its been in 40 ish years. This is the percentage of population working. Some try to spin it as people are living longer - but not nearly this much longer for this problem. Also this ends up counting disaffected unemployed. The other issue is that when coming up with a "U" number part timers that want to be full time should count for 1/2 an unemployed person.

New regulations are causing small companies to hire only part timers to get around the regs. They also provide a small business incentive to keep the business under I believe 50 employees. Its a huge crunch and leads to further outsourcing and using contractors.

The reality is we have inflation (for all things required to live, rent, food, tuition, health care, medicine, etc) plus stagnant salaries / wages plus a ton of under-employed but a huge shift from knowledge worker job growth to service job growth which often does not produce a livable wage and is subject to automation and robotics.

We are in a horrific staglfationary crapstorm and its much worse than people thing. People with jobs think its normal. In reality they are very lucky until AI and robotics kicks in more and more over time.

Opening the borders (whether you think its right or wrong) will have consequences to make these numbers get worse over time especially with unfunded liabilities.

Comment I'm sorry, but the buildings dont look good. (Score 2, Insightful) 72

I just looked at her work in Do not want. They are not really that pleasing to look at. I like the Roman/Greek and large medieval/renaissance buildings - golden ratio, "perfect" aesthetics. These Zaha works are just ugly and trying to be different and lead to higher cost, hard to maintain with that comes leaks and I don't think they are aesthetically pleasing.

Submission + - Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Join Forces to Create New Encrypted Email Protocol

An anonymous reader writes: A group of independent security researchers and major Silicon Valley tech giants have submitted last Friday a proposal for a new email protocol called SMTP STS (Strict Transport Security). The protocol is to SMTP STARTTLS what HSTS is to HTTPS, meaning it's set to ensure message confidentiality and server authenticity, issues to which STARTTLS is subject to via MitM and SSL/TLS downgrade attacks.

The biggest names on the contributors list include Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Comcast. Last year, Oracle also submitted a similar proposal called DEEP (Deployable Enhanced Email Privacy).

Submission + - Iceland's Pirates Now Largest Political Party (

AmiMoJo writes: Iceland, the country that supported Wikileaks, welcomed refugees when its country wouldn't, boasts a warm fuzzy police Instagram and alone chose to jail corrupt bankers, with 26 sentenced to 74 years in prison. Now a new survey has found that the activism-based Pirate Party — which touts civil rights, collective effort, transparency, net neutrality and "the wisdom of the masses" — has grown into by far that country's most popular political party. The Pirates now have 38% support from Icelandic voters, up dramatically from the 5% they started with a few years ago. Their support vastly outweighs the conservative Independence Party's 27.6%.

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