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Comment Re:"Historic thaw"? (Score 1) 277

Cubans need freedom far more than they need investment.

This. Any investment in a Communist dictatorship is a huge gamble that the dictator won't suddenly up and declare that your investment is Property of The People (i.e., him) and confiscate it. Cuba needs investment... but they're not going to get much as long as that Sword of Damocles hangs over anything invested there.

Comment Re:Why car navigation systems impede... (Score 1) 291

My 2008 Prius has a way to update the maps -- A DVD from Toyota containing one (1) map update, which costs more than two (2) brand-new Garmin GPS systems with included lifetime map update.

... never buying a built-in navigation system ever again. Fool me twice, shame on me... Google Maps lets me download maps for an area I'm going to that might not have service, so I'll just use my phone from now on.

Comment Re:Nuclear (Score 1) 328

It is my observation that a lot of the "greens" aren't so much opposed to fission in particular as they are opposed in general to any energy source -- ANY energy source -- that threatens to produce enough consistent energy to power industrial civilization. Cheap, clean, abundant energy would be "Nothing short of a disaster", according to Amory Lovins. Back when it looked like Pons and Fleishman had maybe actually discovered something, Paul Ehrlich was quick to cry the alarm that the supposed discovery was "like giving a machine gun to a retarded child" in an editorial printed in the newspapers at the time.

It comes down to, do you want to continue having an industrial civilization, or do you want to starve it to death? You can't power an industrial civilization on just sunny days when the wind is blowing.

Comment Re:What about the far-left? (Score 3, Insightful) 978

If leftist means being open to diversity, ...

If only.

"Leftists" celebrate all kinds of diversity of everything except thought. When it comes to thought, only right-think is allowed; wrong-think and thought-crime are severely punished. Look how the left attacks people in otherwise protected groups when they commit thought-crime. Milo, Anne Coulter, Michelle Maulkin, Clarence Thomas, Laura Ingram, Col. Alan West, Herman Caine... etc., etc.

(This should not necessarily be taken as an unqualified endorsement of any of these examples... Coulter, especially, seems to have run right off the rails in the past few years.)

Comment Re:"If" I offended someone.... (Score 2, Informative) 497

It basically comes off like that old Steve Martin routine, "Well, excUUUUUUuuuUUuuuuse MEEEE".

Like when David Letterman thought it perfectly hilarious to say that Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter ought to be gang-raped. ha. ha. ho. ho. how. hilarious. It took him about a week to finally offer up a very very forced "apology" through gritted teeth.

Ah, the oh so loving and tolerant Left, supporters of women... unless they're the teenage daughter of someone they don't like.

(And replies about how horrible Sarah Palin is, thus, by implication, approving of advocating the gang-rape of her 14 year old daughter, will simply prove my point.)

Comment Re:Over-reaction (Score 1) 497

I've said it before, but feel it appropriate to repeat it here:

Trump is a most unpleasant, vile, human being but I get the feeling that the hysterical over-reaction to his election is going to do far more damage in the USA and globally than anything he is likely to do in his presidency.

And it's making a Trump second term all that more likely. I wouldn't be surprised if the riots trying to block Trump speeches during the campaign turned enough people off to tip the margin of votes.

Comment Re:No, not fake news (Score 1) 232

I'm thinking right now of that exchange between Eros and Trent in "Plan 9 From Outer Space". (After an election that would have made Ed Wood say "Naaahhh, nobody would believe that.")

As someone of a conservative/libertarian/federalist/"#NeverTrump since 1980-something" bent, I have a bit of an inclination be fine with the left continuing to run around, hair on fire, shrieking "HITLER RACIST HITLER BIGOT HITLER HOMOPHOBE HITLER SEXIST HITLER HITLER HITLER"; it isn't exactly the sort of behavior that's going to bring people to their side who weren't already there, and will drive away those with any sense. But it's not good for the country.

Comment Re:yeah, Facebook, that's it (Score 1) 499

I also wish that is how Facebook operated. I reflexively hit "REMOVE FROM MY FEED" to any posting whatsoever that mentioned either the "T" person or the "C" person, and my feed was still flooded with almost nothing but crap about them. (I was under no circumstances going to vote for either of them, so their blatherings were utterly irrelevant to me.)

Comment Re:What He's Saying is... (Score 1) 499

The thing that frosts me most is they saved all the stuff they had on His Orangeness, never mentioning it during the primaries, where it might have done some good, giggling and rubbing their hands together in hopes he'd be the nominee, and they could trot it all out as a series of October Surprises. NBC News sat on that "grab the cat" tape for years, and only trotted it out in the last days of the campaign.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

I've seen assertions that in the primaries, there were a lot of registration changes from DEM to REP. And in states with open primaries, an anomalous number of people voting for Trump, with a corresponding low number of Democrat voters.

I haven no idea if this is true, to what extent, or if it made a difference. I would like to see the numbers, but haven't obtained a round tuit to look them up myself.

It is clear that the news media could have ended Trump's campaign early in the primaries, but chose not to, in order to grease the skids for their preferred candidate by giving her an "unelectable" opponent. NBC had that infamous "locker room" tape all through the primaries, but saved it for an October Surprise.

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