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Comment Re:It's wildly unlikely we should exist (Score 1) 251

(quoting Douglas Adams)

“It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds.

There's your problem right there! (Yeah, I'm sure Adams was perfectly aware of this, he was, after all, writing a comedy novel.)

Comment Traditional Democrat stronghold likely to go Trump (Score 1) 584

One thing a lot of people are missing is that Trump's trade-war-mongering plays pretty darn well with one major sector of the Democratic Party's traditional base: Organized labor.

Which do I choose, Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil? I think I'll probably be voting Whig. Maybe Libertarian, if they've retreated a bit from the fever swamps they were in years ago when I took them off my "A Plague on Both Your Parties Vote" list.

Comment Improving the ACA (Score 1) 230

He got access in his first two years, and then had no chance of improving the ACA for six. A Democratic president with at Democratic congress could actually change it in a meaningful way.

Reid and Pelosi got exactly the bill they wanted, with no Republican input whatsoever (they shut the GOP -- also anyone actually in the health care field -- out of the process entirely) and without a single Republican vote.

They may not have intended these results. But if not, that's a matter of incompetence. They are the inevitable results of what they rammed through.

Comment The first rule of cyberbombs... (Score 2) 123

... is, don't confirm you're dropping cyberbombs!

Dang... yeah, I read the article, but still, making Daesh doubt the security of their computers a bit more pales into importance with them trusting compromised computers a bit more. How much is going to "go dark" now that the current administration decided to grab some headlines with this stuff that never should have seen the light of day? (At least, until after Daesh has ceased to be a threat to anyone.)

Or is it all disinformation? We can't compromise their computers, so make them think we have. If so, I could approve of that.

Comment Re:Not a Cliiimate Scientist (Score 1) 257

I think Bill Nye is desperate to grasp some sort of spot lite and knows global warming is a hot button issue that can get his the attention he desperately wants. It's sad really. Sort of like child actors who become irrelevant and fall into drug induced troubles with the law.

Yeah. I think a part of the Bill Nye equation is that he's an extremely partisan Democrat. Everything will be twisted to "R=bad, D=good". (Are there any exceptions to this rule of thumb in his pontifications? At all? I don't know of any.)

As one of the vast majority of populizers of global warming alarmism who is also vehemently anti-nuclear, pretending to believe that industrial civilization can be powered on "sunny days when the wind is blowing" energy, he's also an arithmetic denier. If we'd phased out coal in favor of nuclear on a reasonable schedule, CO2 would be much less of an issue today.

Comment Re:No nuclear? (Score 1) 52

When they talk about energy production, especially about reducing CO2, and refuse to include nuclear in the mix, that tells me all I need to know about them.

"It would be nothing short of disastrous if we were ever to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy."

(Cold fusion, back when it looked like it might really exist) "It's like giving a machine gun to a retarded child."

They are against energy. Energy, full stop. They will oppose any energy source, no matter what its characteristics, if it threatens to produce enough energy to keep industrial civilization powered.

Comment Re:oh, good, unending controversy (Score 1) 581

If you're offended by Harriet Tubman than you're pretty much digging for things to get offended by.

Heh... A picture of a proposed bill design showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday. Nice picture of Harriet Tubman with the revolver she carried. That would cause about half the usual suspects to expire of apoplexy.

Yeah, Jackson was a pretty nasty piece of work, and what I know of Tubman is overwhelmingly positive, so I'm fine with replacing Jackson on the 20. As for the SJVs (Vigilantes, not Warriors) my contempt for that pathetic cult has nothing to do with my approval of Tubman's picture on the 20.

Comment PLEASE, No "Wired" Links! (Score 1) 101

Or, at least, mark them like "Paywall" links. They block you if you use an ad blocker, and they interpret any disinclination to run any random malicious script they or any of the advertisers on any of the ad serving companies they use might choose to push at you "an ad blocker." Evil. Pure, unadulterated evil.

For the record, I do not use an ad blocker. But I do run NoScript, and I will continue to run NoScript. "Wired"'s oh so very helpful link on their intercept page says about allowing access to NoScript users "It's complicated, we recommend you don't use NoScript." To which my reaction is "Oh HELL no!"

Comment I took the free trial (Score 1) 382

When I flew back to my uncle's funeral a month ago, the Precheck signup folks were offering a 4-month free trial.

I looked at the monster line to get through the grossly inadequate number of screeners, and signed up for the free trial. Iris scan, fingerprints, all that stuff.

I will not be keeping it past the free trial. As a "once a year, or every other year" flyer, it makes no sense.

A couple of years from now, when I next get on an airplane, I might try signing up for another free trial, assuming this nonsense is still going on. (And assuming they don't keep track of who took advantage of the free trial two years ago.)

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