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Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 1467

It amazes me that people continue to believe Trump is impulsive. There's nothing impulsive about anything Trump does; it's all extremely calculated. If I didn't know better I was say the press were in collusion to spread that myth in order to make people underestimate Trump, but as usual Occam's razor applies and the press are just full of idiots.

As a point to consider: How many times has Trump "impulsively" pulled his gun and shot, or even threatened anyone? Never? Not once?

He does have a concealed carry license, and in an interview he said he's almost always carrying.

That data point should be factored into any discussion about how "impulsive" he may or may not be.

(Disclaimer: Charter #NeverTrump member since the first time he made noises about running as a Reform Party candidate; I didn't vote for the SOB.)

Comment May not be as bad as the clickbaity headline says (Score 4, Informative) 283

From TFA, it seems like these are old titles, many of the people who inherited them have no idea they "own" these properties, and thus haven't been paying property taxes on them since 180something.

I don't much care for The Zuck, but before taking off on the all too predictable partisan political tears, people should inform themselves on which Supreme Court justices ruled which way on the Kelo decision.

Comment Re: Wikileaks (Score 4, Informative) 211

This would put many people in danger if they did this. I wont elaborate.

You think Julian Asshat cares? He blew the cover of people who worked with us against Al Queda in Afghanistan, and when questioned about it, said that anyone who worked with the United States deserved to die, so ha ha ha ha ha.

Comment Preliminary impression: It speeds things up a lot (Score 1) 154

I checked about:support and saw that multiprocess windows was not enabled. Installed the Add-on Compatibility Reporter and saw that WoT (yeah, privacy, blah blah spyware blah blah) and Ubuntu Modifications add-ons were incompatible with multiprocess. Disabled those two and ... wow. The speedup and responsiveness improvement is substantial. I also disabled WoT on my Windows 10 laptop, and the speedup there was also improvement there.

Part of it could be "Yeah, running fewer add-ons, of course it'll be faster", but I've got a whole bunch of other add-ons; Tree Style Tab, NoScript, LastPass, etc. I think multi-process is a win.

Comment Whitelist. Not Blacklist. (Score 1) 66

The spoofing issue makes a blacklist almost as useless for phone spam as for email spam.

What I want instead is a whitelist. Everything goes to voicemail, without ringing my phone, not even once, unless it's on the whitelist.

If someone not on the whitelist wants to talk to me, they can darn well leave a message, or I will never know or care that they called.

People I call automatically go on the whitelist unless I say otherwise

And, just to mess with <redacted> robocallers, my voicemail message is "Hello?" (pause for response, repeat "Hello" a few times if there isn't a response) Then, when they pause, "This is an automated answering service. Do you have any other message for the people at this number?"

(Yeah, this means they'll show up in my voicemail rather than silently vanishing from my universe, but I want to screw up their business model of cheap robo-calling, and only bringing in an expensive agent when someone answers.)

Comment Re:Full Employment Act for Comedians (Score 1) 1069

I certainly don't expect a CalExit... if it ever looks like there's the faintest possibility that it might happen, I'll have to make a run for the border before they put up an iron curtain at Donner Pass. My impression is that CalExit is just the usual suspects frothing at the mouth. Nobody serious is seriously proposing it.

Comment Re:Full Employment Act for Comedians (Score 2) 1069

While you make a valid point about Federalism, your belief that "the current administration has spent 8 years weaponizing the Federal government to go after his opponents" is - to put it as nicely as possible - based on pure imagination.

Exaggeration. A bit. But this administration sicced the IRS onto a whole bunch of conservative organizations in the lead-up to the 2012 election. Plus a couple of token leftist organizations which were far enough left that they opposed Obama from the other side. If any so-called liberals objected, I never heard about it; they weren't objecting very much.

That's really something that should not be permitted, by either side. Ever.

Comment Full Employment Act for Comedians (Score 5, Interesting) 1069

(Disclaimer: I didn't vote for the SOB.)

I note that in all the discussion of how Clinton won the popular vote, in CalExit America, she actually lost by about half a million votes. California's vote was that lopsided.

Trump is ... an embarrassment, at best, but the overheated histrionics of the Left wore very very thin a long time ago.

I've been saying for years: Never give powers to your very favorite president in history that you wouldn't want to see in the hands of the president who horrifies you the most. The current administration has spent 8 years weaponizing the Federal government to go after his opponents. For those who applauded that... we'll see how that works out for you in the next 4-8 years.

Maybe we'll get some actual consensus that federalism and limited powers are a good thing again. If so, a Trump presidency might be just the medicine we need, no matter how bad it tastes.

Comment Re:Anti-Phishing Training (Score 1) 44

At a previous employer, HR did some actual benefits mailing from a third party I'd never heard of... a domain with a wacky name like "". (That wasn't the name, I don't think, but it was something like that.) I think the domain's whois was even privacy protected. I sounded the "We are being phished!" alarm with IT. HR was kind of put out, but my boss approved of my actions.

Comment Re:Thinner (Score 1) 360

Plus, Samsung's phones (which I love otherwise) are made of the slipperiest substance this side of greased Teflon. I could not keep the dang thing in my hands until I put a case on it. (Seidio case, also sold by Best Buy as their "Platinum" case. Since I had a Palm Pilot, my first criteria for a cell phone is that Seidio makes a case for it.)

I think if they don't have a headphone jack in future phones, though, that I may find myself looking elsewhere.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 789

Question: Did Carson just repeat some wild notion that Ellen G. White cooked up that he heard in Sunday School as a kid and never had any particular reason to question or look into, and all the usual suspects are playing "Gotcha!! Whadda maroon!!"? Or does he continue to maintain that the pyramids were for grain storage?

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