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Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score 1) 153

Does anyone think, if there is a President Trump, that both the Republican and Democrat leadership won't have Articles of Impeachment pre-written, just fill in the blanks? With all the bridges to the rest of the GOP that Trump has napalmed, he would be impeachment bait, big-time. He'd have to watch his step very carefully, or he'd be bounced onto the sidewalk on Pennsylvania Avenue so hard the cement would crack.

Comment Re:Carter: An Aerospace legend (Score 1) 237

Carter leaked information about the stealth bomber for political gain.

Some people want to drop that down the memory hole, but I remember the controversy at the time. (Yes, I'm old. Ooooold.)

Compare with the Johnson/Goldwater campaign in 1964. Goldwater advocated bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail to block North Vietnamese resupply of their forces in South Vietnam. LBJ went off on a "OMG reckless irresponsible gonna start WWIII WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" tear, complete with TV ad of little girl picking daisies getting vaporized because of Barry Goldwater.

Even though LBJ was, in fact, bombing the Ho Chi Minh trail, and Goldwater knew it. But the fact that it was being done was classified Top Secret, and Goldwater honored his commitment to not reveal what he'd found out in a classified briefing. And may well have lost the election because of it.

An interesting question is, who this Top Secret classification was intended to keep the information from. It was not exactly a secret to the Cambodians or the NVA supply convoys that they were getting bombed. They were unlikely to keep this a secret from the Russians. No, the only people kept in the dark by this were the U.S. public.

Comment Have any of these people ever voted Republican? (Score 3, Insightful) 360

Just wondering. To the extent I know their political orientation, they are all quite partisan Democrats.

One tech person who was interviewed on Leo Laporte's "Triangulation" podcast a few weeks ago had an interesting perspective. Basically, there's a lot of very bad stuff entrenched in Washington DC that needs to get broken. The candidate most likely to break stuff is Trump; hopefully, he'll break more stuff that needs breaking than stuff that needs to not be broken.

Me, I'm probably going to vote Libertarian; I won't vote for either of the D or R <obscene characterization redacted>."

Comment Re:Trump will succeed because... (Score 2) 413

I don't believe in a savior. Hillary is terrible, but Trump is a real real bad joke. He isn't even conservative. He is just playing a bunch of morons for attention.

It's a choice between Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil.

One possible advantage to Chaotic Evil is that it's possibly less likely to be effective in the implementation of Evil.

Plus, with all the bridges to the rest of the Republican Party that Trump has napalmed, he'll be an impeachment magnet. Half the Republicans and all the Democrats will be aching and itching for any excuse to remove him from office. In contrast, the Democrats would not vote to remove Hillary if she turned the traditional White House Lawn Easter Egg Roll into sacrificing the little kids to Cthulhu.

I'm still not voting for him. I'm looking at third parties. The New Whig Party (yes, that is a thing) seemed interesting, but I have serious problems with parts of their platform. I might just go with my usual "A Plague on Both Your Parties" vote, and vote Libertarian, though I have some serious problems with Gary Johnson, too. But then, in Calipornia, I can afford to indulge my conscience without worrying about it affecting the outcome; the Democrat candidate is going to get over 60% of the vote even if it's a bucket of banana slugs.

(Though, in preference to either the D or R candidate, I'd happily vote for a bucket of banana slugs.)

Comment Re:What is the other side like? (Score 1) 765

I've always given two weeks notice. I've been involved in layoffs a few times. Even when asked to pack up and leave right away, I at least got the traditional two weeks pay as severance (the company was circling the drain at that point, and was out of business a year later). One, I actually got about three months notice that my job was going away, and spent that time transitioning email from the Unix systems over to the Exchange servers that they were moving to. (They already had a full staff of Exchange administrators.) One place, I got like four months severance in exchange for signing the "Promise you won't sue us for laying off a 55+ year old employee" agreement.

If a company asked me to do something illegal or seriously unethical... yeah, I'd refuse, and walk out the door right then if necessary. Ditto unreasonable hazards to life and limb, like that incredible story in a previous message here, where some psycho was threatening people with a knife and the boss said "just keep your head down and avoid him." I think in that case, I'd probably have gone to HR with a document in writing saying "I am not going back while that psycho is there, and I'm not real keen on that boss, either."

But in general, being a professional and acting like one has paid off pretty well for 40+ years of working.

Comment Re:what a wonderful program (Score 3, Informative) 565

Look at a picture of the Board of Directors of the NRA. There are several non-white people on the Board. Roy Innis, the founder of the old-school civil rights organization CORE (Congress On Racial Equality") used to be on the NRA board; he may still be.

Compare with the pure lily whiteness of the entire Board of Directors of the Huffington Post.

Comment Re:Dead wrong on 2 of 3 but I'm still voting for h (Score 1) 412

I have no vote. Both Hillary and The Donald are absolutely unacceptable. I will not vote for either of them under any circumstances.

Since I live in Calipornia, where Hillary is guaranteed 65%+ of the vote even if she spends the rest of the campaign holding Black Masses and sacrificing toddlers to Molech on the steps of the Capitol building, who I vote for is quite irrelevant anyway.

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