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Submission + - How ITT Tech Screwed Students and Made Millions (gizmodo.com)

An anonymous reader writes: This is a grim story about a company that screwed poor people, military veterans, and taxpayers to turn a profit. It includes shocking details about the inner-working of the for-profit college including stuff like this:

"ITT recruiters even manipulated prospective students using pain-based sales techniques. Recruiters used a sales strategy called the “Pain Funnel” that encouraged them to ask progressively more hurtful questions to get prospective students to enroll in the school."

Submission + - Accenture Wants A Blockchain Editing Tool

Mickeycaskill writes: One of the core principles of Blockchain technology has potentially been undermined by the creation of an editing tool.

The company responsible however, Accenture, says edits would only be carried out “under extraordinary circumstances to resolve human errors, accommodate legal and regulatory requirements, and address mischief and other issues, while preserving key cryptographic features.”

Because Blockchain is effectively run by a network of unrelated computers, it produces a permanent ledger of transactions with which no one can tamper. Until now.

Accenture’s move to create an editing system will no doubt be viewed by some technology observers as a betrayal of what blockchain technology is all about. But the company insisted it is needed, especially in the financial services industry.

“The prototype represents a significant breakthrough for enterprise uses of blockchain technology particularly in banking, insurance and capital markets,” said Accenture.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 296

One-thousand times no.

I work in tech and routinely watch technical content. Mostly videos from conferences, meetups, howtos, etc. I do it at 1.5x most of the time, sometimes 2x. This is because I am looking for interesting (to me) bits such as interesting (novel, unorthodox, etc) solutions or just want to quickly rehash key points of things I haven't dealt with in a while. It saves me time and I still can accomplish what I set out to. What is wrong with my approach? Care to elaborate?

Comment Re:I'm leaning toward the 20 years estimate (Score 1) 381

... We can certainly get there, but it isn't going to be cheap for a while yet.

Indeed. Furthermore, it will require a number of subsystems responsible for data collection and processing to be implemented in HA fashion. Possibly on both hardware and software level. Short of that, a SPOF could lead to some nasty scenarios. That means significantly higher production/maintenance costs than a comparable 'standard' car. I for one enjoy driving my car myself and have no interest in swapping it for a self-driving one until the day I can completely disconnect from the driving part without rational fear. Sort of like I normally would when boarding a commercial airliner.

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