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Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 89

The progress is definitely slowing down, however. Far Cry was released in 2004 and looked amazing at the time. Crysis came out just three years later and was clearly a whole new level. That was 2007, or almost ten years ago. It still looks very, very good by todan's stanards, if not quite top notch. Crysis 3 is three years old now, and while it's a moderate improvement over 1/2, not much, if anything, surpassed it yet, certainly not to a degree that Crysis improved on Far Cry.

Hopefully it's been mostly an issue of consoles holding everyone back, but I'm not quite so sure any more. Processors are barely getting any faster, AMD's new cards are basically last-gen level of performance and efficiency, and Nvidia's, while a noticeable improvement, took two years to update.

Still, we'll probably hit that mark since it's not that far off. A 1080 can hit 50-60fps at 4k in most games, and simultaneous re-projection should enable stereoscopy at minimal cost. For VR, foveated rendering would also cut down on effective resolution significantly.

So we'd need double or triple performance, at least, with significant improvements to graphical engines and tech. Back in the day this would've taken a couple of years at most, but this is still doable within a decade.

Comment Re:Politicians are people, LESS trusted (Score 1) 1141

This is one thing that would actually be addressed by UBI - poverty causes people to make bad short term decisions so providing a guaranteed stream of income would slowly improve that.

Ultimately, as you say, everyone makes bad decisions, and you can't eliminate that even if you created a Department of Good Decisions that had to approve every choice everyone makes.

Comment Re:Oh yes! TOUGH! (Score 1) 729

Seriously, this. Case in point, I just bought an off-lease ThinkCentre with 8 gigs of ram and an i5 for about $150, swapped the PSU from my previous PC because it didn't have a 6-pin power connector, and it's ready for whatever GPU you want to slap in it. I just used my existing GTX650 Ti Boost until the 1070 is more available here.

The only serious downside is that the CPU is not overclockable (almost guaranteed in a business machine), which is the only thing preventing it from being 90% as good as any latest quad core CPU.

Comment Re:Sorry but (Score 1) 72

I'm not really into podcasts but most of the ones I have heard had ads and were pretty terrible with them. Just in the middle of content they'll launch into a ridiculous pitch like "Hey let me tell you about squarespace!" And it's always fucking Squarespace or Wix or some stupid shaving company, and the pitches are particularly annoying when the host pretends to really use and care about the product. I KNOW YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY JUST FINISH IT ALREADY!!

Comment Re:Loyalty to people not companies (Score 1) 765

On the other hand, companies are comprised of people, and by just dropping the mic and walking out mid-meeting, you might be throwing the people in your team who had nothing to do with your grievances under the bus.

IMO unless your're being actively fucked over somehow or your specific company has a habit of trowing people out without a notice and good cause, it's probably better to give proper notice. Just for selfish reasons if nothing else, you might end up running into these people again later in your career.

Comment Re:Current gen vs last gen (Score 1) 144

I think the 1060 is one of the more expensive x60 range cards so far. While the performance increase this generation is pretty decent, the combination of long time between generations and increased prices means that you could've bought a 970 at launch for maybe just $50 more two years ago and enjoyed 1060-level performance this whole time. Unless you can find a 970 well below $200 on a firesale somewhere, I'd definitely go with the 1060 (or RX480 if you're so inclide).

Comment Re:people want cheap (Score 1) 231

>apparently these days cheap is all that matters - quality doesn't

Oh shut up. First of all, the tablet the OP wants exists, go ahead and pay three grand for it if you want. The battery won't last two days of usage because there's no battery technology that is dense enough to allow that without making the tablet enormous and/or super slow.

The claim itself is of course extremely stupid, but I'm not going to spend time on it as I'm getting a feeling that this was a very masterful troll that got modded up somehow.

Comment Re:Missed the main reason (Score 1) 183

That's funny because I just upgraded my Q6600 machine to... a i5-2500 PC I got for cheap from work. Which is also a 5 year old machine now, yet it's within ~15% of performance of the latest Skylake processors of the corresponding market segment.

Doing this back in the day, say upgrading from a 486 to a Pentium II when P4 was already out, would be unthinkable for most people. Yet I, a huge nerd who uses the PC all the time for coding, 3D, photo and video work as well as gaming, am perfectly satisfied. Sure, I cold shell out a grand for the latest Extreme Edition CPU, but just meh.

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