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Submission + - How do you aquire a parked domain name? 1

bjourne writes: I'm about to launch my startup company which will sell software
services. I'm deciding on an appropriate domain name to use, but all
relevant names have already been taken by domain parked sites filled
with ads. It is quite frustrating to see good names being wasted on
worthless ad spamming pages. I don't mind paying for a com domain, but
the prices these domain parkers ask are steep; 500 to several thousand
dollars for uncommon names. Especially since they themselves pay at
most 8-15$/year to keep the domain parked. So how should I go about
aquiring a domain name? Should I use a broker such as Sedo or try and
contact the domain owner directly? How do I ensure that I wont get
ripped off?

Submission + - Apache urges Sun to free JCK

bjourne writes: "Geir Magnusson Jr. head of the Apache Software Foundation has written an Open Letter to Sun Microsystems urging them to lift certain IP rights restrictions present in their license of their Java Compatibility Kit. Apparently, the current JCK licensing terms are unacceptable to the Apache Harmony project. Sun's initial response is fairly vague, but ASF:s request has not been dismissed outright. Sun recently choose to to free Java itself, so one must wonder if a free and GPL licensed JCK isn't also on the horizon. If not, what is preventing them from doing that and how does it affect free Java implementations such as Harmony and Classpath?"

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