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Submission + - Customising Mercurial Like a Pro

Digana writes: The Mercurial DVCS has lots of infrequently-touted features. Revsets are a powerful query language for selecting commits. There is a template language for customising the output in many ways. The CLI output can easily be coloured with 256 xterm colours. Commits are automatically categorised as draft or public. Putting together all of these features, you can get a highly customised and informative CLI for giving you at a glance all the information you need.

Comment Re:Passwords are shit. (Score 2) 538

My bank (not named to protect the guilty) has the following restrictions on password:

Name and shame away! Stupid password restrictions like that is a telltale sign that they are storing your password in plain text. Probably on some really arcane or buggy system if it doesn't even handle case-sensitivity correctly. The only way that companies are going to get their act together is if customers change to a competitor because they are fed up with crappy account security.

Comment Re:Racism is a cause, (Score 1) 474

Hitler tried to eradicate all Jews, not just the small subset of the Ashkenazi that supposedly have higher than average intelligence. By the way, the Askenazi Jews are also the victim of a number of hereditary diseases because of low genetic diversity in their group. I've even heard doctors recommend Ashkenazi to breed with non-Jews and other Ashkenazi outside of their own community so that their offspring will not end up with two recessive genes that carries a genetic disease.

Comment Re:Demand More (Score 1) 665

Now, wait a minute. Seems to me this isn't bad at all. I don't know that this is "down" from the past at all... in the radio days (not very long ago), 0.1 cents per play would have been a pretty good return.

Really? Do you have any reference for that preposterous statement? If an artist wants to make minimum wage at about $8/hour that would entail 64 / 0.001 = 64 000 radio plays per day. Assuming an average song length of 3.5 minutes, you would need 156 radio stations ((64000 * 3.5) / (24 * 60)) doing nothing except playing this one artists music non-stop 24h per day.

Comment Re:Or just stay single. (Score 1) 453

Getting laid is NOT as hard as people make it out to just have to have confidence and know how to talk to women (most of the times, just means have them to talk about themselves)...go out a couple times and you're laid.

If it's that easy, then why the hell are you wasting time telling us the secret on slashdot? Get out there and start your own pickup school that actually works and you can make BILLIONS. :)

Comment Re:We need gas control! (Score 2) 1591

No. People in that state of mind aren't thinking straight. Depressed, suicidal people aren't as ingenious as you think they are. If Adam Lanza hadn't had easy access to lots of guns, it is not likely that he would instead create some cunning plan to import assault rifles from Russia or something. Instead he would have executed his killing spree with other accessible weapons such as a knife, like a Chinese lunatic recently did. He managed to stab 23 children and one elderly woman, none of which died. Clearly a considerably better outcome than Adam Lanza's mass murder.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

No, the problem is with idiots like you who think that people enjoy living on food stamps. YOU consider yourself to be of good morals so YOU would never abuse the social security system. But everyone else are scumbags leeching on the system and your tax money. Nobody likes begging for aid, it is shit and dehumanising and not something you do unless you have to. People dont get food stamps because it is fun but because they would starve.

Comment Re:three letters... (Score 1) 338

That's not how it works. You can not sink a site by pointing lots of outgoing sites to it. You can only sink your own site that way by linking to lots of dubious sites. If you could sink sites the way you propose, I can assure you that there is a whole industry of unscrupulous marketers that would have exploited that technique already. Rankings in high-competition keywords such as poker, gambling and travel are so valuable that it would make sense to spend a small fortune downgrading a competitor a few steps. To remove them completely from the index? Invaluable.

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 2, Insightful) 510

Automation is only making human labour irrelevant as long as it is cheaper. Low labour costs means there is no incentive to invest in automation. Which is why Japan and Sweden has the highest number of industrial robots per capita in the world. Evil unions that drive labour costs through the roof and forces poor companies to automate.

Comment Re:The sane option... (Score 1) 544

That's right and all that is possible thanks to technology. But what you don't have is more leisure time than the kings had. Likely you have less of it than even the lowly peasants of the day.

I hear what you are saying about longer days. But then, how long was my grandfather's "farm day" where all the work on the farm was manual, no electricity, no refrigeration, and all the work was done by man and mule?

Much shorter than yours. Keep in mind that without electricity, it's pointless to work after dark and you can't till fields in freezing weather. Your grandfather would also work with his friends and family, not strangers at the office you happen to share a skillset with. He would also stop working when there was no more chores to do, while when you are done with your work, your boss will just pile on more keeping you busy until your hours is up. He also exercised some control over when to do what work, in what order and how to do it. Stuff that your boss nowadays have control over. Technology has given us a lot, but to wage slavery there is no end in sight.

Comment Re:The sane option... (Score 3, Insightful) 544

That's the idea with more technology of course. But in reality, we seem to be experiencing the reverse. Collectively we spend more hours at work today than we did 50 years ago and many more than we did 200 years ago. It may be more cushier jobs sitting in front of a computer for 8-9 hours per day than digging ditches or cutting trees or whatever manual labour they did. Less risk of getting hurt in an accident, higher risk of getting fat and having a heart attack I guess.

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