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Comment Re:Professional journalists? (Score 1) 143

Much of the problem of course is that entities like CNN (which is 90% opinion-spouting, speculation, lady gossip and editorializing) provide a handy platform and amplification for attention-seeking political operatives and agitators because it causes conflict and controversy and thus drama! Which they think sells more eyeballs. "America's Most Trusted News Source", or whatever their tag line is, is a farce.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 139

I'm all for personal responsibility, but do you have any idea what a simple 1200 SqFt home goes for in this place?

In this overcrowded space, 1200 SqFt dedicated to your use is NOT simple, that is a Luxurious home that only the rich can afford. The price is high BECAUSE the demand is high. The simple answer is: Eventually the cost will be so high that you're financially justified in spending more $$$ on commuting, telecommuting, or working someplace else.

High demand and low available space EQUALS High Price or Exhaustion of supply. There's no getting around the fact that supply is limited........ If government tries to subsidize people with six-figure incomes, they'll just wind up raising the price even more, at least for the people with barely enough income that they no longer qualify for the subsidy.

The high price is how the markets respond to the shortage to tell you that you should move elsewhere, And
the high price that developers can charge for rents/sales also justifies developers consuming larger and larger amounts of resources to try to squeeze in more people, whereas, without that incentive there would be less total usable housing.

Submission + - 10 Ways You Are Being Watched, Monitored And Spied On (

cukic writes: Is this for real? In 2013, the BBC ran a story about the increasing numbers of CCTV cameras being installed and put into operation across the United States, where they were being hailed as crucial in apprehending the culprits of the Boston bombing.

Comment Made up misleading def of "consumer surplus" in OP (Score 1) 209

Consumer surplus relates to marginal utility, where the consumer surplus is the difference between the purchase of the product or service and the subjective value, i.e. utility, to the consumer. When consumer surplus reaches zero, i.e. the value of the product or service is equal to the purchase price, the consumer ceases purchasing the product or service. Source: Alfred Marshall.

Submission + - Leaked NSA hacking tools hit Solaris (

JayGravis writes: Hacker group Angry Shadow Brokers publicly released the password for National Security Agency (NSA) tools – including tools that could access any Solaris-based system – that they had previously tried to sell. The leak also offered details into the organisation’s bank-spying exploits, and included a highly effective compromise for Windows Server – although Microsoft said it had already addressed the compromises in old patches.

Comment Re:Myth: Mayer didn't do well for Yahoo! (Score 1) 145

But the numbers say that she didn't do a bad job.

Yahoo ceases to be and will no longer generate any revenue for any share holder. That should put your short term $ in perspective. What shareholder value has she generated for the next 5 years? You know that thing CEOs are supposed to do? Set up a business to provide value in the future. How good are her numbers there?

Comment Re:So you Paid her.... (Score 1) 145

Could anybody have done much better?

I'm sure a lot of people could have done better than kill a company through death by papercuts over a 5 year period to an eventual sell off soo poor that the new owners don't even consider keeping the name.

I have a better question: Should someone who evidently didn't do a good job walk away with stupid amounts of money? I mean give her a token few million for a tenure as CEO while the company sank, but she sure as heck doesn't deserve benefits for her effort.

Submission + - Why Did Google Really Block A Guerrilla Fighter In The Ad War? (

tedlistens writes: Google's decision to ban the Chrome plug-in AdNauseum due to a violation of its "single purpose policy"—shortly after the app began supporting the EFF's new Do Not Track standard—was only the latest salvo in an ongoing war over online advertising. The ad industry knows that ads are a nuisance, and it's now taking pre-emptive measures to make them more palatable—or, in Google's case, to block the unpalatable ones. But Google's positions also point to a crucial disagreement at the heart of the ad war: What makes ads such a nuisance to begin with?

Ads aren't just ugly, annoying, and bandwidth-sucking: They pose a risk to privacy, as the networks of software behind ads—cookies, trackers, and malware—watch not only where you go on the web but, through your phone and your purchases, what you do in real life. But privacy is largely missing from Google's discussion of problematic ads, says Howe. By avoiding mentioning AdNauseum's actual intent, Google's explanation for banning it echoes the advertising industry's discussion of web ads, which focuses on aesthetics rather than privacy.

Comment Re:Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 2) 145

Under Mayer's tenure, Yahoo! generated a 21% annual growth rate in market value

Which is only marginally above the other tech companies with similar annual growth rates. Speaking of growth, you know an easy way to grow value? Chop up things and sell it for cash then report good earnings. That's one of the problems with your figures.

Yahoo showed great growth in the earlier period marked a lot by divestment and cuts. Yahoo then showed growth in the last two years by not delivering anything other than speculation that they will be bought by someone. The end result is a company that is literally dead.

Under Mayer's tenure the company went under and got bought out. The shareholders got a bit extra as they always do so they are happy, but not even the name will live on as anything more than a memory of another company sunk by a crap CEO.

She hasn't earned a cent. She was given money via the same stupid metric that get shareholders excited about their company potentially going under.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 154

No they don't. Have a closer read. There's some real gold in a directive that states that it should itself be reviewed before it comes into force due to changing standards. Combined with the fact that while the Annex itself states a lot of technical shalls, the requirements to follow the annex is full of shoulds.
Really the thing that makes this directive most irrelevant to any point you were trying to make is that the directive effectively grandfathers all existing technology prior to 2020, and is open to choosing a winner at a later date.

This doesn't mandate openness or the crappy CCS standard. What it does is create an arms race, which is exactly what is happening with the Japanese and the German consortium right now, both of which are looking at something other than CCS.

This is as much of a mandate to move to a solid standard as it was for Apple to provide USB charging on their phones. Here throw an adaptor at the problem. Sure it won't be fast, will lack all the features and technical capabilities that we're used to, but hey "directive" right?

Submission + - Gene silencing may treat two fatal neurological disorders

An anonymous reader writes: In studies of mice, scientists discovered a drug, designed to silence a gene called ataxin 2, may be effective at treating ALS and SCA2.NIH/NINDS
In two studies of mice, researchers showed that a drug, engineered to combat the gene that causes spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 (SCA2), might also be used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Both studies were published in the journal Nature with funding from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), part of the National Institutes of Health.

“Our results provide hope that we may one day be able to treat these devastating disorders,” said Stefan M. Pulst, M.D., Dr. Med., University of Utah, professor and chair of neurology and a senior author of one the studies. In 1996, Dr. Pulst and other researchers discovered that mutations in the ataxin 2 gene cause spinocerebellar ataxia type 2, a fatal inherited disorder that primarily damages a part of the brain called the cerebellum, causing patients to have problems with balance, coordination, walking and eye movements.
Read the full story here:

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 154

Because CCS supports 350kW charging, while Tesla's charger only supports 120kW

It most definitely does not. It was meant as a scalable standard, only in electronic and signalling. The current connectors can't even handle the same power as Tesla and any proposed upgrade to 350kW will likely need a completely different delivery system. But they'll call it CCS because it will be backwards compatible with an adaptor cable.

and because CCS is the de-facto standard across the world at this point

It most definitely is not. It is quite popular in public trickle charging stations in Europe, and the CCS type 2 adaptor was given a European standard number. That's about it. Every car company wants it replaced with something else due to serious shortcomings.

As I said in another comment. ISA slots were on every motherboard in every computer making it the de-facto standard. We should just stick to that and never look at anything better right?

Submission + - Windows 95 and 98 still power Pentagon's critical systems

SmartAboutThings writes: The Pentagon is set to complete its Windows 10 transition by the end of this year, but nearly 75% of its control system devices still run Windows XP or other older versions, including Windows 95 and 98. A Pentagon official now wants the bug bounty program of the top U.S. defense agency expanded to scan for vulnerabilities in its critical infrastructure.

Comment Professional journalists? (Score 3, Insightful) 143

Professional journalists are some of the highest-profile PRODUCERS of fake news. I accidentally tuned to CNN the other night. Holy mackerel. I had no idea that Chicago's rampant crime problem only got really bad when the new administration put the new nation-wide Muslim ban in place. Hopefully Jimmy Wales won't be looking to get Wolf Blitzer involved in fighting fake news, because that's like getting gasoline involved in fighting a fire.

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