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Comment Re:MagSafe for all? (Score 1) 328

here's to hoping that they'll start licensing it to other PC manufacturers

They don't need to. The inclusion of magnets in the connector is trivial enough that it doesn't breach IP rules, the rest of the connector is trivially enough to make sufficiently different to not require any cross licensing. /see Microsoft Surface products and their magnetic power cables.

Comment Re:That's absurd. All Macs & iPhones have blue (Score 1) 328

note, BLE (low energy) is NOT AT ALL even CLOSE to what BT was. its a totally new thing, not interoperable and sharing only the stupid name for marketing reasons.

Just as well Apple don't have a Bluetooth Low-Energy device, but rather a Bluetooth 4.2 device. 4.2 is a subset of the 4.0 which includes among other things a dual-mode controller. There's no device on the market that isn't catering for special purposes that implements single-mode on the host side. The only devices which do are things such as bicycle computers.

apple is STOOPID for abandoning bt classic. yet another reason I have no desire to own any apple product. time after time, their control-freak nature rubs me the wrong way.

Before calling people "stoopid" and bowing to marketing you should learn about the marketing. The marketing is called Bluetooth Smart. The implementation of Bluetooth Smart allows full backwards compatibility using the same chip thanks to the only major difference being the signal modulation.

Research a device before calling people "stoopid" lest you yourself end up looking ... stupid.

Just as well they don't advertise

Comment Re:Sounds like a disaster in the making (Score 1) 70

Based on the way Firefox runs, they are replacing alpha quality code with alpha quality code.

But frankly they can do whatever they want. I abandoned them early this year when their update broke. Not a plugin or anything specific but just everything. Update ran and "Not responding", restart ... "Not responding". Reboot the computer "Not responding". Installed Pale Moon, migrated my profile across and purge that piece of shit from my system.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 51

'business leaders' and myself

In contrast, along comes George Holtz who didn't see this coming at all

Maybe you should look into this a bit more. George Holtz is not a business leader, he's just some crafty guy who's quite good at coding.

He's also smart enough to have seen this coming a mile away. He was never going sell this driving system to people. It was nothing more than an elaborate stunt to get a lot of money from car manufacturers. He knows his reality and how society functions quite well and he's taking full advantage of it.

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 371

The only times I have not been able to use cash in America...

Let me stop you right there.

I was talking about a cash-less society and your example comes from probably the most cash based society in the west.

As a counter example, neither my local supermarket, nor my local petrol station take cash, and yet I consider where I live still a long way to go before it becomes actually cashless. The move comes from the fact of the inherent quirk that it costs money to handle money. Counting the till, doing a bankrun, storing the float, splitting the bills to ensure you have change for customers, all of these business expenses.

Comment Re:I'll be skipping this generation ... (Score 1) 175

Fuck me you're easy to please. I want everything, I want it all powerful, and I want it the size of a tablet?

Your big problem is you think professional laptops include a use case which they simply don't do. 13" "professional" laptop? Hell no. You'll alienate more users with than then not.

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 1) 299

Yes I creep on people with my ears.
Oh and totally tourists party hard in shitty little accommodations rather than ... you know clubs, bars, street festivals, town squares, and all the other shit they actually come to see.

By the way a liar is a person who tells lies, not someone who doesn't share your opinion. You don't even need a dictionary for this, you can just google it these days.

Comment Re:The foxes own the hen house (Score 1) 82

It would certainly be detrimental if your boss decided to check up on you on your day off and discovered you were at a competitor's office -- kind of suggests you're looking at other employment.

Well yes that would be majorly detrimental to my boss. I on the other hand would benefit greatly from the resulting payout.

Or something less drastic: If McDonald's notices you're close to a Burger King and suddenly you get 14 text messages with deals for Big Macs.

And here's a great scenario that is countered by evidence, given how the ability to track your phone location accurately already exists, as does advertising.

Imagine if the US Govt had the capability of tracking Snowden back in 2013.. or even today.

I don't need to imagine it. They were tracking him. He was an employee of the NSA. Their problem is they didn't act on anything until after it was too late. They knew exactly where he went and when and didn't think much of it until later.

That's the thing about tracking. People come up with all these wondeful doomsday scenarios that just simply don't pan out in pretty much every democratic nation in the world. Sure if I was living in North Korea the answer may be different, but then likely I would also have the common sense to simply decline the ability for a website to access whatever you think the latest privacy issue is.

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