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Comment Re:Then UNLOCK OUR BOOTLOADERS! (Score 1) 75

No exceptions. A phone is a critical communications device, and if the OEM won't supply critical upgrades, then they must allow others to do so.

Which Motorola phones don't have unlockable bootloaders? I'd be surprised if PAYG phones from crapfone etc. did, to be fair. But aren't most moto phones unlockable?

Comment Re:Not violating the law (Score 1) 415

No, it's saying they can't promise them the quality of the offer. Other emails draw attention to the fact that the sorts of appointments that can be handed out are going fast, and there's even a "last call" to staffers to get them the donor names/numbers so they can get it wrapped up. Yeah, it's relevant, because the very act of talking about the quality of the appointments left to dole out conveys the routine-ness of the DNC's activities in this regard.

Comment Re:That's Interesting & Irrelevant (Score 1) 35

My picture was nice too, but they had system boards that shouldn't have made it through basic inspection, and of course the mechanical design was absurd. Since there was no provision for mounting the system boards in a conventional way I have to conclude that the sloppy construction at least was by design.

Now as for whether LeEco build quality will be better, worse, or the same, I have no opinion. I'm just reacting to the notion that Vizio makes a quality TV. In my experience it doesn't. Your experience doesn't negate that, because the tough thing isn't turning out quality units, it's turning them out consistently. That's why it's called quality "control" or "assurance".

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 415

I have no idea how these talking points about DT necessarily appointing ultra conservative justices makes any sense.

Although it is highly unlikely to know what DT's position is on anything (he flip-flops all the time and talks off the cuff), his history of political donations doesn't indicate any ultra-conservative streak.

Not saying DT is the best candidate for the job, but these specific irrational fear-mongering talking points aren't really making a good case to vote against him. DT is definitely not Ted Cruz.

AFAIKT, both candidates attempted to throw a bone to the conservative wings of their respective parties by nominating Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

But stick to your talking points, if that's all you got...

FWIW, that whole ultra-conservative justice talking point is mostly crapola this election cycle. Often this same talking point applied to the "Koch" brothers, but that's pretty misguided too. Politically, the Koch brothers can best be described as libertarian/progressive not ultra-conservative (and I think they are favoring, but not supporting HRC this year anyhow). That's like saying if you really feared the Koch brothers, don't vote HRC this time (wouldn't that be stupid).

What I think that democrats really fear is a non-activist court that doesn't want to advance federal concerns over states rights, but that doesn't rile up the base as much as warning it's gonna be an "ultra-conservative" court as that also fools the libertarian leaning wings of the democratic party to fall in line with the liberal wing of the party.

Comment Re:Russia, DNC, and NATO (Score 1) 409

He gave another speech that day where the doors were open to admit hundreds of mouth breathers into a crowded ballroom. Trump got hot and sweaty, decided the HVAC wasn't working, and threatened not to pay the hotel.

Why would any country accede to this guy's demands when he always finds a way to renege on his promises?

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 415

Trump is a sociopath and a narcissist.

I think nearly all politicians fall into that category. Including (and esp) H.R.C. That's basically a no-op comment.

He's an idiot too and Putin will own him repeatedly.

Quite likely true, but apparently, Putin feels threatened by recent HRC actions and is likely to escalate tensions. I don't know which is worse: having an isolationist like Trump or a warmonger like HRC...

Perhaps we should take comfort in the fact that her wallstreet buddies not wanting the economy to crash might reign in those warmongering tendencies, but somehow a candidate being owned by wallstreet doesn't feel like it should go into the "+" column...

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 1) 253

I don't wonder. I see it as one of the human brain's greatest weaknesses. More and more research shows that once people pick a side, they are highly likely to dig in and contrary evidence actually reinforces their incorrect position. Perhaps this served some evolutionary purpose (you only need to learn fire is hot once)

Probably more local diversity so we don't get wiped out by spurious reasoning, mono-culture or get stuck on some local maximum. Instead of risking the whole tribe jumping on what they think is a good thing we'll divide into camps with the old ways and the new ways like a primitive scientific experiment. Today we don't have that strong evolutionary pressure but back when people would starve and freeze and die from all sorts of injuries and diseases I imagine this could be rather important in a shifting environment with droughts and floods and heat waves and cold waves and packs of animals coming and going could change the optimal choice quite often. Perhaps we had an evolutionary need to have people stick with what's worked in the past even if it doesn't seem to be working right now.

The other part might be that we're used to people having an agenda. The more persistent people are to convince you something is true, the more skeptical we get. There might be a value to having made up your own opinion rather than to take someone else's, even if it's wrong. That one seems even more relevant today, since more and more of what we do is make ourselves familiar with second hand knowledge, things others have found out and put to paper. There's so many tons of it you just have to accept you barely have time to get a tiny glimpse of our collective knowledge. And let's face it, a lot of that has been fantasy and fiction. You can't see AGW, but people say it exists like they used to say dragons exist. It's hard to know what is actually facts.

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