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Comment Re:I say BS (Score 1) 118

If you don't want to be homeless, build a house.

Homeless generally means both "not a landowner" and "has no money" which prevents the former even if they wanted to go there.

If you don't want to be hungry, go fishing.

Buy a license, buy a pole, collect bait somehow, weather considerations, legal locations, seasons, specific game fish, prepping, finding wood to cook with...

If you want to survive, get your ass moving instead of wasting the day pseudo-intellectualizing or lamenting about the unfairness of nature that has always existed since the beginning of time when it blew the first human village up with a volcano and the laws of the universe didn't even blink, let alone give a shit.

No, the universe doesn't, for sure. But people who are worth a shit, do give a shit.

WRT "get moving", to quote a fine summary of just one aspect of the problem, "I'm pretty sure McDonald's has an underwear inside the pants policy" (Source here at 3:31 but by all means, check out the whole performance, it's pretty much spot on from beginning to end.)

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 162

The spoofing makes the GPS receiver believe the airport is in 2 locations. One real, the other at the Kremlin. It's like you drew a circle around the airport and then copied and pasted that over the Kremlin.

It shouldn't have any problem finding the real airport unless it flies over the Kremlin and gets confused. The drone will react normally at the real airport and unpredictability at the Kremlin.

Comment While pirating content is a legitimate issue... (Score 1) 111

I would argue that Cisco (and others) should make a greater investment in developing methods to prevent distributed denial attacks and other forms of network attacks. In many countries the Internet is no longer a nice to have (like broadcast television) but rather a critical infrastructure (like the power grid).

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 162

That wouldn't fly a drone off to the actual airport. It may do several things.

A drone with FCC style restrictions built in my immediately land itself instead of continuing into the protected zone as flying within range of an airport is banned.

It might try to correct its course and head further away from the actual Kremlin trying to find it. Like the robot from the Asimov book that was running in circles trapped between 2 zones.

It's extremely unlikely it could head to the airport from this, and most likely it would head in the opposite direction of the actual airport. If the airport was 20 miles East of the Krelmin, drone wants to blow up the Kremlin so it goes 20 miles West to find it. End result, drone is now 40 miles West of airport and 20 miles from Kremlin.

I think it would more likely get stuck along the radius but each drone could behave differently.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 492

If you've ever used Lotus Notes then you know where most of that support comes from. What a steaming pile of crap.

IBM uses a ton of custom in-house applications that they can't sell to other companies because they're such garbage, and I'll bet 90% of that crap doesn't work on Macs.

Buying a bunch of Macs is probably one IT group's way of getting out from under another IT group's crap.

Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score 1) 66

probably because it was less about the money, and more about control over his company/baby/project

I guess I don't understand that.

The ONLY reason I work, is to earn enough $$ to fund my lifestyle I like when I'm not having to work.

If it were me and they offered me for something I started up, I'd sell it so fast your head would spin.

I'd much rather spend my time doing fun things that working or nurturing a company.

Comment Re:"Times Less" Makes No Sense (Score 1) 492

It's a semantics thing, 1/x is definitely better, but most people understand that when someone says "x is 3 times less than y", they mean it would take 3 x's to equal 1 y.

And it does make some sense logically. 1/3 y is still multiplication, so "3 times less than y" is just a slightly odd way of denoting that the multiplication is inverted, saying "1/3 times y". Just like "3 times more than y" is kind of an odd way of saying "3 times y".

Actually saying these things in the most correct way sounds the strangest in conversation, IMO. "X is 3 times y dollars" just makes you sound a little off.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 5, Interesting) 492

That actually costs your company a lot more, then, not less.

The trick, of course, is that it's a hidden cost that is virtually impossible to tally on a spreadsheet: your productivity is lost while you fix that problem. Did it take you an hour, where a tech might have taken 10 minutes? Did it take you several days when a tech might have had it cleared up in an afternoon? Who gets paid more for their time, you or the tech? That's a cost that's really hard to quantify, and so gets completely ignored.

My favorite example of this is when I worked as a hardware depot manager for one site of a huge global corporation. IT management issued a mandate that said hardware depots could only keep X amount of stock on hand at any given time and could only order new stock when it was gone. New stock orders also required the personal approval of the #3 guy in IT management.

I regularly went through my stock in about a week, week and a half, and it would take two weeks or more to receive a new pallet of computers to refresh my stock. Furthermore, as you might expect, the #3 guy in IT is a pretty busy guy, so he would sometimes take up to a week to approve my stock orders.

In the end, IT saved millions globally because their stock orders were drastically reduced, yet on the local level you had engineers being paid upwards of $1000 a day to twiddle their thumb while they wait for their $500 computer to arrive. But IT doesn't see one dime of that cost. In fact, unless a department gets hit with a flood of new hires who need new computers, it's likely none of the local departments will see a big enough impact on their budget to formally complain to IT about the process. Yet the company's cost saving methods caused a $500 computer to cost upwards of $20,000, and all of it is hidden from the bean counters.

Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score 2) 66 Z would have been $24 Billion richer then, vs $57 Billion now.

I don't get it...sure, that's about double the money, but at BILLIONS of dollars, what does that matter really?

I mean, geez...I'd have taken the $24B and live the rest of my life on easy street.....

I'm pretty sure I could somehow manage to stretch out $24B over the rest of my years on earth....[rolls eyes]

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