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Comment Re:Battery life on apple products (Score 1) 246

. I wish they would spend more time on testing and fixes before they release an iOS and less time on removing important features.

Thank you for enrolling in the ad-hoc public beta of 10.2 and submitting this bug report. but seriously, i I still haven't gone to 10.2 yet, and it's the small reports like these that help inform what i'd be stepping into.

As Apple + minor version releases have been historic minefields and i use my apple stuff for work. Unless OSX or iOS versions contain patches for major security issues or flaws, usually i wait it out until someone else has had a chance to test for me. for 10.2 i didn't think getting a new set of shiny emojis was worth the risk of finding out first hand what Apple's fucked up this time.

Again, thanks for Taking One for the Team.

Comment spread of bioinvasive plants (Score 1) 285

packing viable seeds in with biodegradable shell casings seems like a terrible idea from a biodiversity/bioinvasive ecology perspective. The bullets packed with these seeds would undoubtedly be used worldwide without care for native species.

I can see they're trying to greenwash as hard as they can, but seems like someone missed a couple lectures in environmental studies.

Comment for iOS really? (Score 1) 37

Does this streaming use the bittorrent client? If this is relying on mobile devices to seed and peer, Can't wait to max out all 4GB of monthly mobile data 10 minutes into the next Walking Dead premiere.

'piggybacking on the bandwidth of users' is not such a problem if it's a desktop app, but how does that work for mobile users with tiny data caps (e.g. all of canada)

Comment looks like completely different attacks (Score 2) 88

The device is similar to what Samy Kamker created with Poison Tap.

how is this device similar to Poison Tap? Poison Tap used USB to mimic a network device and conduct a MITM attack harvesting cookies etc. from the outgoing network traffic on a powered computer with a web browser. Frisk's exploit uses a thunderbolt connection to dump a booting mac's memory before OSX is started.

Comment Bye, MagSafe (Score 5, Interesting) 191

they removed one of the biggest selling features for me: MagSafe. That one connector has saved my notebook's ass many times, and it's a sad day to see it disappear off notebooks until Apple's magsafe patent expire someday. PreviouslyApple claimed the macbook air was too light for the magnets to separate, but i don't think that argument applies for the heavier macbook pro.


Comment Signal not mentioned (Score 4, Informative) 47

Why didn't they compare the commercial offerings with Signal?

It's GPLv3, offers encrypted messaging and voice calls, and when served with a subpoena, Open Whisper Systems was only able to provide a confirmation of a user's account, and the last time they had logged in.

Comment Re:Too much theory, not enough practice (Score 2) 75

So this appears not to have any practical applications.

only if you lack imagination. could see something like this powering sensors (e.g. air quality sampler, barometer, photodetector) would be valuable for leaving self-powered telemetry and a small sensor package to study forest canopy ecosystems, individual tree performance, etc.

Comment Re:What does it change? (Score 1) 136

What does it changes if North Korea masters building hydrogen bomb?

Does that make the country more scary than if it just mastered fission nuclear bomb?

North Korea gets more geopolitical optionality, and can maintain de facto sovereignty with a weapon of last resort. look at one of 2 (probably 3) nuclear states in the middle east, Israel, see how an ambiguous nuclear capability can protect an unprotectable position indefinitely.

otoh it upsets the balance of power in the region, and makes the good Korea almost impossible to protect. Seoul is toast in any conflict, but that won't stop the US from sewing asia and the pacific with antiballistic missile systems like pax americana johnny appleseed.

Comment Re:DNC doesn't want Sanders to Win Anyways (Score 1) 313

I'm finding it hard to understand why the DNC/establishment is so gung-ho about Clinton at a time when the Republicans look set to elect someone a significant number Republicans probably won't stomach.

Like most politicians today, the DNC are risk adverse, and are unwilling to make bold moves or plan ahead past the next election cycle. they're not even listening to policy debates between the leaders they are operating out of fear thinking how much more they could lose in 2016 and beyond. DNC, just like the GOP establishment, operate out of fear and necessity. in that calculus there is no room for new ideas.

Comment a better cut available? anybody remix this thing? (Score 4, Interesting) 175

Never bothered seeing the Hobbit movie after i fell asleep during the first one. trend for official re-releases have been to make the movie even longer than before. I've about given up on high minded talk about Vision; use what you have, and leverage the shit out of it. Don't stand on a million dollar set equipped with millions of dollars of production equipment with A listed actors and whine about a redesign. Most directors would kill to be saddled with such high quality problems.

having said that, have there been any fan-edits floating around that have made this watchable? Fan edits like the DeZionIzed matrix, the LOST miniseries, and Phantom Edit have been stellar improvements over the official releases. the hobbit movies are breathtaking, but Jackson is too in love with his creation to edit objectively.

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