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Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 1) 52

You think hashes are unique. You're insane.

A 128-bit hash (from a common library or hardware implementation) is more likely to be unique than any code you write in the attempt to create a unique ID. Why? Because the risk of an accidental 128-bit hash collision within a pool of, say 1 billion items, is lower than the risk of a bug in your code.

If you doubt it, ask yourself this: what's the occurrence of bugs, per million lines of code, in high quality software? I bet there's a better than 1:1 million chance of a bug in any code you write to generate a unique ID. But even if you're the greatest coder ever, in all of time and space, I bet the risk of a bug is higher than 1:1 trillion.

Comment Re:That will die down (Score 1) 323

Well-played, sir.

OP said:

when it has clearly devolved into one of the worst, most openly racist and least interesting communities on the internet

So he's clearly new here. We get far fewer GNAA posts here today than the early days. The political stories that don't belong here are, in fact, clickbait to broaden the appeal of /. beyond "news for nerds", since "news for nerds" is what's makes it the least interesting community for more people out there.

Comment Re:Obama is to blame (Score 1) 323

Ah yes, the old conservative party of self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility is a concept that applies to responsible adults, not to young children or the mentally ill. I'm not buying that this guy was crazy -- I think he was just drunk and angry -- but if he were crazy then, yeah, blame sticks to those with a duty to provide him care, that didn't.

Comment Re:Fairly sure this can be done other ways... (Score 1) 61

It's normal to have javascript running in the background when you're at a site. How else do you think Google knows how long you spent looking at any page on the Web or where your mouse pointer was millisecond-by-millisecond. This attack is special because it keeps happening after you navigate away from the site.

Comment Re: My job... (Score 1) 337

Well, let's think this over for at least one second:

If nobody has any money to buy anything, then who is going to buy this stuff that we're creating automatically? Obviously you can't have both, so a correction has to happen somewhere. And yes, free markets tend to be very self correcting.

In fact, we just had a minor market correction last year that primarily impacted the tech sector, and we'll probably have another big one either this year or next that will lead to the next recession.

Comment Re:Texas Catch 22 Injustuce System (Score 1) 143

Yeah, and linking to think progress is the best example of a self-reinforcing echo chamber with a side of propaganda.

There is a video of the guy saying that Obama was going to lead the United Nations and invade Lubbock, Texas. You can ignore the "propaganda" and just listen to the judge in his own words if you are afraid of being infected by the dangerous thoughts of Think Progress..

I mean, I don't know if you've ever been to Lubbock, Texas, but don't nobody go there by choice.

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