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Comment Re: Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 47

For instance, you and your ability to spew vile bullshit endlessly, about how horrible your country is, while you rape it of it's fruits bought by the sacrifices of those greater than you.

Are you kidding? I think the US is a great country with great people. It never stopped being great. I don't see it as horrible at all. I revere the sacrifice made by those greater than myself, including my father, a first-generation Italian-American who fought with Merrill's Marauders in the China-Burma theater in WWII (and was awarded a Bronze Star), right down to the janitors and sanitation workers who have more dangerous jobs than cops. There's no place I'd rather live and raise my family. From Chicago (where I'm from) to Connecticut, California, right down to Houston, Texas where I'm writing this now, the people of the United States are just terrific.

Were there justice, you would be hanging from a fucking lamp post by your scrawny, unwashed neck, rotting like the foul piece of shit that you are.

You're a Trump supporter, aren't you?

Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 47

Cops also saved tens of thousands of people like you, and keeps the rabble from overrunning our suburban house and shooting you in the fucking head. Go fuck yourself.

I don't live in the suburbs, and the rabble has already overrun my house.

Plus, cops get paid well, have great benefits and get to retire at 45, so excuse me if I don't break out my tiny violin. Oh yeah, and being a cop is a safer job than driving a beer truck, being a garbage man or a school janitor. We canonize cops way too much in this country.

Comment Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 47

ISIS (and other terrorist groups) killed 19 Americans last year. Total. Cops killed 1,125 Americans last year (it's actually a higher number, since the US gov't doesn't keep track of Americans killed by cops).

Americans with guns killed over 35,000 Americans last year.

But ISIS is used as the excuse to take away people's rights.

Comment Re:Every word is undermined.. (Score 1) 216

Yep, when I hear of law enforcement I see tax-payer funded concentrations of power that selectively enforce laws inversely proportional to a criminal's social status, and are too eager to spy on american public with reckless disregard for core societal values like privacy.

They probably see how much money Facebook makes by selling its users data and think they should be able to do something similar...

Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 1) 113

I've been debugging and rewriting a lot of legacy C# code recently, and I have to say that it's a breath of fresh air. I used to advocate Java, before Oracle went crazy, but after using C# I never want to touch that bureaucratic pile of over engineered crap and its litigious nutcase "owner" again.

Google: please, please, consider switching. You could even piss Oracle off by porting over the official JVM to Android, writing a Dalvik to Java byte code convertor, and letting legacy Java Android apps run at 10% of the speed they're supposed to, just to simultaneously encourage developers to move to C# and to end the lawsuit with Oracle completely unable to do anything about it.

Comment Re:They seem to think they have a say in this (Score 1) 216

What they haven't learned is the Universe doesn't care about the FBI, or even criminals for that matter. If mathematics makes hard-to-break encryption possible, then that is simply that. Unless Congress plans to pass laws banning encryption, or demanding back doors, which will set it up for a big fight in the Supreme Court, the government should just shut its fucking pie hole and get about investigating crimes. Criminals have been hiding and destroying evidence as long as there have been criminals, and I've seen absolutely nothing that suggests that more criminals are getting away with crimes now than they did a couple of decades ago.

Wasn't there some famous quote about not being able to legislate away the laws of physics?

Comment Re:We have these (Score 1) 126

There's this technology called "version control". It's rather nice.

Back in the day when sane people still used CVS, I put together a doc store based on CVS with a nice Windows plug-in. Word has a diff viewer, so you could present version diffs as if they used Word change tracking. Would be trivial to do that with SVN today.

Also, folders can have a "readme.txt" in them with all the annotations you want, but that's far too straightforward for anyone who would use Sharepoint.

Comment Re:They want 600k (Score 1) 165

No, they're just afraid you're going to dox them and attack them online with your horde of PC lynch mobs, harass their boss at work until they're fired, then make the headlines in various news outlets about how you defended the world against oppression and bigotry of the cyginscist white males.

Wow, that's messed up. Do you really believe that? Has this ever happened to anyone on Slashdot or are you just doing drama queen theater?

Oh wait, I already know the answer to that.

Comment Re:Moronic Subject for an Article (Score 1) 206

I wouldn't hold my breath on MS going away, but it really seems to be on the "Novell arc" now. It could go for a decade or more on its existing customer base (many of which will move to Azure, so revenue will keep going up), but that's different from getting new customers.

Startups tend to do everything in the cloud these days, and not with expensive MS products. Mac is taking over the end-user workplace where it's not already entrenched MS. I'm not sure what could drive new MS enterprise customer acquisition in the years to come.

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