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Comment Re:More distractions (Score 1) 284

So let me get this straight, I am a sicko because I call the republican stance regarding porn a distraction from the real issues that are actually doing real harm to you and your children? Good to know, be sure to get to the poles early so you can vote for that idiot and the occupants of his clown car. For the record I can't ever recall seeing anyone looking at porn in any place in public on their phone or laptop, ever!

Comment Re:More distractions (Score 3, Insightful) 284

So true, the middle class is shrinking and the more people are slipping into the poor class, the rich are an order of magnitude richer since the crash and corporations are far better off. BUT, some dude jerking off in the privacy of his own home is a public health crisis that needs to be dealt with. Fucking assholes. Yet another reason that Starbucks and McD suck and I don't go there.

Comment Re:out of the ISP's hands - so what is the ISP for (Score 2) 184

I have been whipping this horse for the better part of a decade as the only real way to stop the abuse of the customer by the ISPs and provide service to all. Of course the ISPs cry that it is unfair. In fact it takes the power of monopoly out of their pocket and puts them in the position of having to compete with other companies that they didn't have to compete with due to paying bribes to the counsels and utility commissions. This is great but you will never see it in medium and large cities as the incumbent ISPs and telcos will simply pay the ones making the decisions to back them and fuck the public.

Comment Re:Employees are now training their replacements. (Score 1) 474

A union is only as strong as their members and the other employees that may or may not support them in a protracted strike. Considering the state of the print news business I think it would have made little difference. Here is the silver lining. The IT staff are training their off shore "replacements" but you can be sure that there is a very large amount of intimate knowledge that will either not be forwarded or lost in the translation. IT staff are in demand right now so employment should be fairly easy to find. The IT staff that are getting screwed will move on and find work elsewhere. That elsewhere will likely be with a company that has tried the off shore IT "professionals" and found that the service is poor at best and the high turnover makes it nearly impossible to train and retain competent staff. This is the result companies like GE have found and are slowly, quietly, pulling back the work load stateside or to their respective country of operation. The short term savings are going to be lost by the truck load after the program flops. They will then try to rehire some key staff from before only to find that they may not come back or if they do will only come back at two times or more their previous salary plus allot more. Most will not return but those that do will be there to bail a Titanic sized sinking ship with little more than Dixie cups in hand. They will then be blamed for the complete failure and terminated. Rinse and repeat, NEXT!!!

Comment Re:China launches cyberattacks against thebUS (Score 1) 107

I hate neither big business nor wall street. I just think they operate in a morally and ethically shitty fashion. They manipulate the government and the laws in a manner that is designed to do the maximum damage to the general public and enrich the few that are owners/ controllers of corporations. IE, moving the control and wealth from the middle class and the poor to themselves. I am also realistic enough to know that there is nothing that we can do about it at this point other than surrender our morals and ethics to become one of them. Dennis Leary put it best "Life sucks, get a fucking helmet!"

Comment Wow, what a surprise... (Score 3, Insightful) 107

Maybe if American companies didn't put their most sensitive information on servers maintained by cheap out of country IT workers and protect said data with cheap off the shelf hardware configured by the cheapest IT staff they can lay hands on they would not find themselves being literally put out of business by their lesser competition.

Comment Say what? (Score 1) 120

"Rapid advancements in technology grant consumers a wide variety of cable, internet and phone service products from which they may choose" I don't know what planet this guy lives on but but here in the US of A we sure as hell don't have a "wide variety" by any stretch of the imagination. If he considers one cable provider and poorly maintained xDSL lines at the distance limit from the CO "wide variety" then maybe.

Comment Re:Well what are our choices? (Score 2) 485

I would if they were of newer inherently safe designs that self moderate when things go south. Second, only smaller units that are in the 10s of Mega Watts at most of output. Third, Thorium/Uranium cycle, not Uranium?Plutonium cycle. Fourth, funds forced into long term investments that are locked into only being available for decommissioning and are not under the control of the power producer. Fifth, Scaled production of standardized parts. Sixth, shared tech with other countries and at cost assistance to help them. Simple and there are already a number of designs ready to go for this.

Comment The lesson here (Score 5, Insightful) 156

The lesson here is do not defraud the rich. They have the power of the government and the law to manipulate to their own benefit. You steal from the poor. You know, like the banks, investment houses, and the insurance companies did and continue to do to you and me. The government will even reward you for be so damn good at it!

Comment Re:What aboiut the victims life? (Score 2) 292

So what you are saying is let a guy fuck children, get caught, do a little time, then forget about him. Just because remembering him means that the victims are gonna feel uncomfortable. Got news for you moron, they do every day regardless. Forgetting a real criminals deeds is to invite him/her to do it again and lull the public into thinking that he/she is normal. These people are broken. A little jail time and counseling seldom keeps them from committing the same shit again. I am all for forgetting about minor shit like cites for spitting on the ground in front of idiots like you. I am not in favor of forgetting rapists and child pornographers. Bet that the very vast majority of the public is there with me on this.

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