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Comment Re:Not an overbooking incident (Score 1) 575

Not funny at all. In the past when I have taken a "Bump" like this they gave me a flight anywhere in the US for free. The part they failed to point out is that it was my "Job" to run from gate to gate trying to get on another flight. In essence, fuck me after I got the ticket voucher. Good luck Joe! Sucks to be you! This was Delta and it took me about 8 hours to actually get on a flight home. Needless to say I don't fly Delta any more. United is now off the list too. Glad I can afford to pay a little more for better airlines. To be honest if I have a bit of time I will take the train. Not as fast but far more comfortable and both the security and the staff are really nice and helpful. Even the odd random search is not a big deal compared to the bore scope inspection every fucking time I have flown.

Comment Re:Last mile (Score 1) 113

I have been saying the very same for years now, close to ten actually. The last mile should be owned and run by the municipality and come back to a local CO. where all the ISPs have to serve from. In this way the service you have is dependent on nothing more than a change in the routing table. They have to compete with each other and provide service other than lip.

Comment Re:6.5 billion... (Score 1) 57

SPOT FUCKING ON! Note that voice mail service with AT&T will still take hours or even days to deliver messages to ones voice mail box. This was a problem over 15 years ago and still to this day plagues them. Just what we need for a "First responders" network. I hate Verizon but they do have the most reliable network in terms of voice and message delivery.

Comment Re:okay... (Score 1) 360

If only that were the only reason not to go to the Theater. Problem is that the quality of the image compared to my 4K OLED home monitor sucks. The sound quality is poor at best. I have a preamp processor for professional decoding and dedicated amps that provide in excess of 1500 Watts RMS for my sound field. IE, it sounds a whole lot better. I have to miss out on the show if I want to take a piss or get something to eat/drink. Lastly, I can drink BEER and see a movie at home. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO GO TO A MOVIE THEATER AND WASTE MONEY?

Comment Re:Not true I bet. (Score 1) 162

Soy products are hard to avoid now days, whether you want to or not. They are about 20% of our diet. We also eat allot of vegetables, rice, and small amounts of meat as well. Maybe it is a total of 20-30% of our overall diet at most. To be honest I simply don't feel great if I eat massive quantities of meat day in and out.

Comment Re:Not true I bet. (Score 4, Insightful) 162

Um, 50 years old and yes I would. Whats more, if it were decent and the texture was close enough I would integrate it into my diet and a normal thing. We already have soy based meats as part of our diet as it is. In the case of a couple of the products I would defy you to tell the difference of it from meat. The product is that good. In the case of the case of the IVM, I like the idea of it far more than an animal being put through what they are only to be killed in the end for my burger. IF there is an option like the IVM that is close to the taste/texture and even double the price we are there. I sure as hell hate the idea of what animals go through to end up on my plate.

Comment Re:Hm... (Score 1) 110

Only if you actually look at the sign on the side of the road! I focus on the traffic and the road only and care not a bit about anything not directly in front of or to the side on the vehicle I am piloting at the time. If I am distracted by a sign with targeted adverts like this I will simply make a mental note of the company for which the ad is for and be sure to not do business with them in the future. If we all did this on a daily basis the rapid results would be removal of the systems from road sides. Advertisers correlate increases and decreases in sales to ongoing ad campaigns and act rapidly to the numbers. We as consumers need to punish companies for this sort of invasive bullshit from the start if we hope to not be bombarded with this kind of crap not just on the road but in any other public and private places we go.

Comment Re:Uber? (Score 0) 641

So let me try to get my head up my ass far enough to see this from the perspective of the father. Likely he bought her the car, knowing full well its potential. She being an immature spoiled little rich girl goes out that night and parties drinking to real excess. She CHOOSES to drive home rather than sobering up or calling a taxi and while in route is driving over her head and skill level and exacerbated by her drunkenness she is in an accident that kills her and her friend. Now correct me if I am wrong here but, having driven a fair number of times in my younger years while VERY drink on a motorcycle that is as fast as the Tesla, how the fuck is this Tesla's fault? I mean I have been so drunk that I was unable to physically walk. I still rode my bike home. Yes I know, fucking stupid. I was fully aware of my limits and rode in an extremely sedate manner to assure that as few were at risk as possible. Not Tesla's fault, stupid drivers fault... PERIOD!

Comment Re: Serves them right (Score 1) 118

It is in fact the same thing. The marked bills and the malware serve the very same purpose in each example. I go to a bank and rob it, I end up with marked bills. The FBI then, through all the information at their disposal, requests a warrant and it is granted. They find said bills in my possession and I am charged. Same situation but this time I go to a kiddi porn site and while there I pickup a bit of identification malware that reports back to the FBI markers that are then used to obtain a warrant. Said warrant is then used to raid my home or place of business or where ever and they find kiddi porn on my computer as well as the malware. I am charged with the crime and take my chances in court. It is very much the same thing. The fact that there are others that are outside of the jurisdiction of the FBI also being marked in this is not relevant. If the FBI chooses to forward the information to the proper authorities in the offenders country and they are able to then prosecute them then I still don't see your point as to this being a non constitutional search. No search happens until after the offender visits the site, is marked with the Malware, Identified, and then a warrant is obtained in a court from a judge.

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