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Comment Really quite simple (Score 4, Interesting) 97

Here is the point. The music and movie industries is trying to force the internet providers into monitoring for infringing downloads. If they do not then the record/movie companies think that internet providers are responsible for the illegal downloads. They are also trying to force the internet providers into sending notices on their behalf to supposed/suspected infringing users and to disconnect them at the whim of the record/movie companies. In essence they are trying to force the internet providers into the role of being the enforcers for them. Of course the internet providers are not to keen on any of this bullshit as it puts all the cost on them. If they comply they lose a cash cow since most of the customers that "MIGHT" be actually infringing do it at most on a very casual basis at worst. These are at most 10% of the public and far less are actually hardcore down loaders and seeders. Also most are likely not cable cutters so they provide a fair bit of monthly recurring income from subscriber packages. So lets see, you can fight the music and movie industries and continue to make a boat load of money a month off of each and every customer or you can kick them at the whim of a group of greedy no talent scum bags and lose a significant chunk of your revenue stream. Wow really hard choice there for the internet providers.

Comment Re: DSL shouldn't be considered broadband any more (Score 1) 104

xDSL at a distance of more than say 3Km and it ain't broad band. The telcos have only themselves to blame for this. For decades they continued to milk and squeeze the American consumer and businesses with their services that were built using government funds and support and their lobbied for monopolies. 25 years ago when the cable companies started to get serious about providing internet service on their trunks the fat and healthy telcos stood back and let it happen without a bit of a fight. They were so use to having their monopoly and way with the customers that they were drunk with profits and power. By the time they were awoken from their largess the cable companies were really and truly entrenched in the very same markets that the telcos had run rough shod over. The barn door being left open and the whole ranch having run out they did what any smart business does, they doubled down on their crappy and woefully out of date infrastructure and milked the customer even harder. Cable companies, laughing all the way to the bank, simply leveraged their installed cable backbones and offered more and better services. The cable companies were driving wooden stakes into the vampire telcos hearts from every direction. xDSL to the rescue! BUT, it ran on old lines that were in some cases over the age of the execs that were now bilking you and me. If you were lucky and close to the CO you might be able to get 7 or 8Mbps. Most of us were lucky to even be able to get xDSL at 1-1.5Mbps. Meanwhile the cable companies and their equipment suppliers invested heavily in their backbones and ran fiber to the neighborhood and the RT feeding the trunks, the last mile as it were. Now they were poised to deliver. All the while they are also able to take advantage of the laws the Telcos had managed to slip into the law books, and by extension the public's ass, making it illegal for municipalities to build out a backbone or last mile. This applied even in places where they had no economic interest or incentive to provide service due to low density of population and demand for high margin services. I am going to say it again. Repeal the laws blocking municipalities from building out backbones and feeding the last mile and take it back for the public. Make all the value added service providers route through the municipal CO and destroy their strangle hold on the public.

Comment Re:And that is why you follow the law. (Score 3, Insightful) 287

Just my thought too. All they had to do was arrest the guy and get the warrant to the on call judge. FUCKING SIT TIGHT FOR AN HOUR OR TWO IS ALL IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU FUCKING KEYSTONE COPS. Instead they seized the recordings outside of a warrant and the little prick goes free yet again. If I were the girl I would bring a suit against the department for bumbling my justice and letting the shit get away with it yet again. It is going to happen, people are getting tired of this sort of shit that the rich get away with. There is going to be that tripping point and watch out. Allot of these shits and their scumbag lawyers are gonna end up face down in a pile of their own blood. The public is tired of reading about this time and again. Keep in mind that they are working hard to make sure that they are able to own and carry guns while taking the right away from the common person... You work it out.

Comment Re:How is this a breach of terms? (Score 1) 109

Funny this one, isn't it all there for anyone to see if you simply join? Oh my, they didn't join and yet still have access to the data? My O My, what are we to do? (wringing hands in consternation) I have a page but post not a single bit of truth or useful information on it. It is simply a place holder and nothing more. Enjoy that info you pulled from me, it is utterly without worth.

Comment Re:but... (Score 2) 16

Actually, they can be a fair distance away and skim the transaction using the likes of a Yagi-Uda antenna. The very high frequencies the transactional data is transferred at it very small antennas have very high gains. In theory you could sit outside of a door in the comfort of your air conditioned car pointing the antenna at the register and snoop the traffic as it happens. From there...

Comment Re:What is cable? (Score 1) 137

We cut cable about 10 years ago and do Netflix, Amazon prime, and off air. Don't miss a thing on cable. All the adds and crap programming are soul draining. The solution is simple. We buy the set top box and they activate it just like usual. Problem resolved, or is it. The cable companies would not be able to make tons of money for old recycled boxes rented to their customers for ridiculous amounts and that will not due! CUT THE CABLE. Mine is only an internet provider.

Comment Re:Remember, it's because people aren't marrying (Score 5, Insightful) 531

As much as I agree with you it is far simpler than that. It is nothing more than subterfuge. If the morons focus on bullshit like porn they will not be looking at the fact that the banking and insurance industries are doing the very same bullshit that caused the crash in 2006. They will not be looking at the fact that the rich and the large multinationals are orders of magnitude better off at the expense of the middle and lower classes. They will not notice the fact that the separation of church and state is eroded to the point of being a farce and a joke now. They will not care that the churches protect pedophiles while at the same time they bring on out right attacks on the rights of woman to self determination and what they can and can't do with their own bodies. They will not notice the overwhelming body of evidence that the earth is on a path to extreme weather swings that will forever change the lives of their kids and every other creature on the planet. They will not notice that the control of the internet is being seeded to an international group of countries bent of the suppression of of free speech and the open exchange of ideas. They will not be focused on the continued war that kills their kids and makes the military industrial complex richer by the day. They will not be focused on the need to tighten up on weapons background checks as at least some measure to get the stupidity under control. Fuck it, the uneducated will vote for that fucking moron because they are just that, FUCKING MORONS!

Comment Re:More distractions (Score 1) 284

So let me get this straight, I am a sicko because I call the republican stance regarding porn a distraction from the real issues that are actually doing real harm to you and your children? Good to know, be sure to get to the poles early so you can vote for that idiot and the occupants of his clown car. For the record I can't ever recall seeing anyone looking at porn in any place in public on their phone or laptop, ever!

Comment Re:More distractions (Score 3, Insightful) 284

So true, the middle class is shrinking and the more people are slipping into the poor class, the rich are an order of magnitude richer since the crash and corporations are far better off. BUT, some dude jerking off in the privacy of his own home is a public health crisis that needs to be dealt with. Fucking assholes. Yet another reason that Starbucks and McD suck and I don't go there.

Comment Re:out of the ISP's hands - so what is the ISP for (Score 2) 184

I have been whipping this horse for the better part of a decade as the only real way to stop the abuse of the customer by the ISPs and provide service to all. Of course the ISPs cry that it is unfair. In fact it takes the power of monopoly out of their pocket and puts them in the position of having to compete with other companies that they didn't have to compete with due to paying bribes to the counsels and utility commissions. This is great but you will never see it in medium and large cities as the incumbent ISPs and telcos will simply pay the ones making the decisions to back them and fuck the public.

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