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Submission + - Researchers orbit a muon around an atom, confirm physics models are broken (

schwit1 writes: The proton's charge radius shouldn't change, and yet it appears to.

This “proton radius puzzle” suggests there may be something fundamentally wrong with our physics models. And the researchers who discovered it have now moved on to put a muon in orbit around deuterium, a heavier isotope of hydrogen. They confirm that the problem still exists, and there's no way of solving it with existing theories.

Submission + - Is Cortana spying on us? 2

siamesevodka writes: I just got the anniversary update installed [windows 10] and noticed cortana is installed again.I seen it was active again and wondered why. So I remembered it was hard for me uninstall or shut off the last time. So I asked cortana how to uninstall it. It replied that the anniversary update made sure it was permanently installed. So does this thing spy on us now even if we don't use it? Is it a back door for the NSA to keep tabs on me? Is microsoft whoring me out with their "free" software ? Is there a way to still shut it completely off or is George Orwell right?

Comment Re:Bye-bye, Facebook! (Score 1) 426

quite frankly I do not care if FB will die or not. As soon as local authorities where I live started to use FB for communication I consider FB to be utility and such not allowed to gather my data without oversight and share it without my permission. If the services that the local authorities provide trough FB need be paid so be it. But then the services should be under control of these authorities and I should not be worried about what they do with my data. So this is my objection. Other than that FB can do whatever they want with data of others.

Comment Re:I wish they could do that for news... (Score 1, Insightful) 330

Press is indeed dishonest or at least misinforming (for whatever reason other than dishonesty). This has nothing to do with the fact that the baboon should not get access to the case with the codes. Or maybe it does because thanx to continuous dishonesty (or other reasons for misinformation) people tend to believe what they want even more than they would have done if the media, including press, were more reliable in providing objective and fact checked information. The best would be if somebody else than any of the candidates were there fighting to be Ceasar. We are not going to get that, neither we are going to get a honest press I am afraid.

Comment Re:Autopilot is a glorified cruise control (Score 1, Interesting) 277

Autopilots in all other devices do not really pilot anything unattended. From wiki on autopilot: "Autopilots do not replace a human operator, but assist them in controlling the vehicle, allowing them to focus on broader aspects of operation". That humans are stupid is clear. You cannot even fix it with proper naming - no naming in he world would stop people fucking around while this thing is apparently driving on its own 'all the time'. We have now airports that allow properly equipped airplanes to land autonomously - these planes still have pilots. They may be occupied 4 times during the flight (of which tow are to say welcome and bye) but they are still there. Technology progress is still on and we will surely see these things going alone ever more but not just yet. Till all humans get outsourced by automata they are obliged to watch what these automata do and take over in case they are about to fail. The guy is bound to get reckless driving charge in any normal country. Whether this is a dumper on Tesla's business model is another matter.

Comment Re:Autopilot is a glorified cruise control (Score 1) 277

I think there are two good things here. One is that nobody got hurt. The other thing is that we are establishing (the hard way) at what stage the self driving software is. All the hype would tell you that it can drive and better than human. Well it does not do it just yet. Seems it is good for the highway in good conditions this means not only weather but no sudden hurdles ahead. The question of course is - how fast these things can get fixed. I guess it will take time to get these things to drive alone on the well marked road in good conditions. Much more time it will take to get these autonomous systems to drive anywhere. IN certain sense flying an airplane is easier - no road with bad marking of a lane etc but we still have pilots sitting there even if they do actual flying 10% of the flight time.

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