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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 256

I was wondering where you were going with this - after second bullet I was good and wondering what else you can add and woooops Turmp supporters. Now I know. Maybe it is even true - the guys that were grouped raped by this 'school' could possibly be angry. Judging by the numbers there are also some that looked at that and said - fuck we have to rape back. Or do you think that this school was big enough to debt rape all these people?

Comment Re:Better than any sanctions (Score 1) 86

There is nothing infantile about this. If you do not believe what propaganda says you will reveal your evil thinking eventually and this means either labour camp, prison or a bullet. There surely are people that have doubts there of course. The question is how big doubts these are and how many of such people are there. Regime like this is on the other side - the attempts to overthrow would have to reach critical mass and that is impossible. The massive long lasting famine would help change that. Lost war could do too. Nobody sane wants to risk this. The west can kill them many times over but mayhem the confrontation with them could cause is nothing the West and especially South Koreans want to try.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 2) 134

I do not think you can stop global warming. There are different reasons of course and these may depend on the current view of reality that one has too. There is for instance this thing that Baltic sea could be crossed by foot few times in the middle ages and this happened not very long time after significant vineyards have been in operation on north part of the old continent and Greenland was actually green. I do not think you could stop processes that lead to such changes. The common human output is just adding to the change in some way of which we have only started to have a clue. Political bickering is not helping to get closer to truth of course. Secondly even if we were certain about how and could change that there would be the issue of thermal inertia of the system called earth.
Then you can turn from nature of things and interaction between humanity and nature to how production facilities are moved to China and how they pollute everything from there - the reason is probably at least as much quality of these factories (no enforced enforced regulation) as the quantities of stuff that they produce. Besides you turn off the shopping spree in China you will end up with a war as all societies under serious economic stress tend to turn to war to resolve the pressing issue of wealth distribution when there is not enough for lower classes.
Another thing is this - the amount of money and CO2 associated with mission to Mars is minuscule comparing with financial implosion caused by system relevant institutions and what human built economy farts into atmosphere in comparable time window. It does not mean it is negligible but it is nothing as major as you make it to be. Better this than wasting money on so called refugees from MENA or subsidizing banksters aka saving economy.

Comment Re:Have you ever read the Constitution? (Score 1) 278

Parliamentary system does not give you advantages that you hope it does. It is the same all over - the American Revolution did actually create something that benefited people comparing with what they had before. Yet as with all systems - this one got tired and dementia set in. It is corrupted ans skewed towards the oligarchs and big corporations. Parliamentary system can protect you against that as much as it protect people against the chance it will get an autocrat and/or murderer as a leader. Sometimes it is beneficial actually - a benevolent autocrat comes in and cleans up the shit from the system. The problem with that is not even that most of the autocrats are not benevolent but that they inevitably corrupt the system even more. There is an irony hidden in this circle of corruption and revolution - I cannot laugh however.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Insightful) 278

Two things.:
Assuming that GP was born in US means that asking them to live because they think their gov is dishonest and not interested in their well being is at least as dishonest as the US gov is.
The other thing is this. Complaining about own government does not mean that all government is bad and has to be abandoned. I do not read that in GP post either. So how the fuck did you arrive on that conclusion is beyond me. MOst of governments do evil things either because of incompetence or negligence or because of bd will. It seems to me that the amount of bad will in US gov. is quite overwhelming. More they say they support democracy, more I get afraid this shit will hurt me in some way.

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