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Comment Re:If they didn't want unlimited use (Score 1) 409

They are fulfilling the contracts, only the ones with the word 'unlimited' are not longer valid. Flat rates as these are called here have limits on them so that you can still pay flat rate. You want no limits then pay per usage. There are other outrageous things out there about which you can get rightly annoyed, Verizon is not an angel and they are usually bunch of assholes but in this case they behave properly so stop being rectal about it.

Comment Re:More Precisely (Score 1) 167

Magic thinking is a problem not only in SW development but in any project. In SW projects however the problem usually is that because there is no material cost you can redo things (possibly better) at no cost which of course is not true. Then there are some agile nonsense that have not much to do with the way Toyota did its first 'remove the walls' and use stickers experiment - successful projects are successful because they have luck, good crew and good leaders. How this all is arranged around is not important as long as the way fits the purpose. Doing agile for agile sake is as silly as doing water fall (or whatever other combination of words) for its sake - ideology does not work well in engineering.

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

I still remember my grandfather in a poor country in east Europe lon time ago. He was not running around his fields half naked. In fact he also wore a hat. And my grandma did wear some head cover too. They have hardly ever exposed anything but face and hands to the sun. The reasons may have something to do with the way they worked the fields but it stopped UV light doing too much damage to their skin too. We tend to know more about melanoma these days. We use sunscreens and some of us do not go outside in summer without a proper hat and covered with clothes. This does not remove the danger but it decreases chance of skin cancer. I also go to a doctor every now and then to see if my heath is in good shape. This made me more conscious about the whole stuff and I stopped binge drinking and eating bad stuff that on top of being bad cost money and did not taste good anyway. winwinwin! My father did not get that and died while they were curving a massive cancer out of his belly. I may succumb to this fate too but probably at later stage in my life. Still anecdotal I know but it is not so as if we did not have significant changes in life style, health information availability etc

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

I eat meat because it tastes good. This makes it a rare occurrence because good meat is expensive. I think this is a good strategy especially as apes from which we come from did not eat meat every day anyway. Not even Neanderthals ate meat only. But I also think - hey I have to die of something anyway. Better it is not boredom.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 146

This should apply to any law. Similar to actual process leading to any action in a group - decide if there is a problem, what the reasons are, how to fix it, decide on a solution and verify the effects, repeat if need be.

There is a problem with this tho, more than one actually. When such method is deployed you need some sort of agreement on the deployment or else those that disagree just boycott the groups' decisions. The other is lobby work - clear statement of goal will show who our heroes sold themselves for. Then there are PR campaigns - and all political correctness nonsense (Rotherham?). So better concentrate on something that has effect only on anybody that cannot and/or would not protest, show how good we are as a society, at least on the face of it.
I actually prefer to read stories. These can of course also harm minorities and 'weak'. I guess jerking off will be done to glossy magazines again rather than in front of a display.

Comment Re:Likely won't eventuate (Score 1) 298

Thank you, that helps indeed. Like that story that nobody had to do anything after all and all y2k problem was a fake because nothing has happened (which 1. is not true - incidents due to y2k actually happened and 2. with this much attention quite a lot was ironed out indeed). The fact is that terrorism does exist and kills people. By taking your article seriously we can also skip all the technical controls of airplanes and all (technical) security regulations because not many accidents happen. That is having it arsebackwards.

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