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Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 458

how small is this small part of population please provide both data on the driving patterns in respect to the electric car usability AND how big part of population needs longer range once in a while (say a week or so). While you are it please provide argument while this sizable part of population needs to give up its mobility so that you can live your dream. As a side subject you may get into disposal of batteries too and financial feasibility of recycling of that stuff.
Now I will be branded a Luddite but neither that is correct nor it is relevant. The problem of the hurrey-we-have-a-new-shiny-shit-fixing-it-all crowd is that they continuously ignore large parts of population and then they are surprised when people spit on them.

Comment Re:kicking the can down the road (Score 1) 197

And if you really want to be fancy and have a well tasting bread you use yeast and lactobacilli.Of course this is done only by these terrible humanity hating luddities but we will deal with them in our PC conform correction facilities - we let them pedal some dynamos and produce almost clean electricity.

Comment Re:"captured" (Score 1) 197

This is correct but I wonder how much baking soda do we already produce? Wiki says 100.000tones a year. The summary says 66kT of CO2 is captured per year - not sure how this translates into amount of baking soda but this cannot mean that Chinese using the method can do something other with it than putting it somewhere where we cannot see it. That may be a big deal for a mine in Colorado where they dig this stuff out. So yes this is a nice thing but you still need to store the produce somewhere if this process is to be use everywhere. This leaves the question of profitability - was selling of baking soda part of the calculation?

Comment Re:Rise of the Machines (Score 1) 139

This test is useless - most designers of the machines are hetero men thus they would have chosen a girl for tests as in this movie.

The there is this other thing - in our quest to improve our lot we went on to improve all other things too with economic efficiency being the best factor to decide what is better. Now what would be the final logical conclusion of a system that was set to improve that to the maximum possible value?

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

That actually can be true. Israelis have made experiments with parents being late to pick up their kids from kindergarten - if the fine is too small it may be considered a fee for a service - there letting kids longer and here letting a car just standing there. Come to think of it, this may be quite what happens - after all , as the GP says - these Tesla driving folks are not going to get bankrupt because of that.

Comment Re:Colour me suprised (Score 1) 255

Hmm roaming costs you say. Well that is marginal problem with people crossing the boarder and can be addressed in ways any traveler knows already anyway.
The problem the GGP wanted to show is that there are always scenarios which could lead to the self driving vehicle to be confused - in your scenario with bad reception or lost connection for any other reason (aliens eating the antenna etc). This is what somebody pointed out already about airplanes - autonomous airplane control systems can let the pilot sleep most of the way after he programmed the target. The programming of the target may be wrong (in themiddle of Indian ocean?) or you end up in the airfield having no support for autonomous landing or it is out of service or whatever such thing. Good engineering practice and most likely also law will require to have a backup that can support such automatic system by not ideal but better than nothing system called human.
Unless of course we reach end of human development which is a completely different discussion but think of this - humans are last resort in such unpredictable situations because after appropriate training they are universal enough to realize what to do and give it a shot. System with such ability may be technologically possible one day but they would have enough of general human ability to adapt to environment that they would warrant some of our rights to be given to them. At the same time such systems will be complex enough that the probability of error will increase. The cost of such systems will increase too at least initially yet the problem with rights will have to be addressed - in other words at some point costs of enterprise will be not in technical ability but legal rights of the robots. Where this leads you can read up in Washing Machine Tragedy. This story may be a joke but the problems of complex systems will at some point arrive. I for one cannot wait for a good washing machine - a self driving car I do not really need.

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