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Comment Re:Doubleplusgood! (Score 1) 394

This is the view I could subscribe to. I had a short discussion with my female colleague about this and that ended very fast. Ever since I am called a redneck around here. Not sure why. I did not say that was a good thing nor I said the women subjected to the treatment should not complain. There is an issue there but it is not what liberal media made it to be. I suppose we will get rid of this at some point but I am not sure that the society that will, will be so nice to be in if you are a man, Some are like this already.

Comment Re:Doubleplusgood! (Score 1) 394

There is indeed a chance we get nazis in power in US after Trump takes over. Then again they were there before, are there now and would have taken power if the second candidate had won. They all are just different shades of brown. Not sure if this is true for this Stein person (if that is in fact a person) but greens in Europe are brown too..They are all great democrats if one were to believe what they say they believe in. Looking a little bit closer you can seen broken cross behind nice scenery. Looking at their deeds usually confirms their affinity to some shade of brown.

Comment Re:Hey, just drive Lyft!!! (Score 1) 306

Whether this was the intention or not, I do not know but looking at any enterprise you will see that the start is with relatively small base number of delivered services which then increases as the successful company pursuits higher profits. While doing this a company is dropping original idea of, in this case, second income opportunity seekers and moving towards dedicated drivers/hoteliers - that was I think inevitable.

Comment Re:And everyone's fuel mileage goes down. (Score 3, Interesting) 351

It gets really funny when you take into account the impact has been made by clearing forest to make up for lost production capacity of food stuffs now when we produce all this bio gasoline. It may just be that indeed the Chinese were right all along - the only way to limit damage is contraception. The other population control measures are all human but usually in conflict with valid laws.

Comment Re:Agile (Score 3, Interesting) 332

market has hardly anything to say about it. The fact is that projects being difficult to compare are also difficult to draw conclusions upon. I actually have made a comparison of two projects running on two different platforms and using two different (*) paradigms - my corp just bought another corp where exact same thing has been done already but as said on other platform. The one had 300% higher cost than the other. The thing is - when I proposed to have a look at the reasons and do root cause analysis I was ignored. I took from this experience that this is a religion not a management practice.
* - It is often proposed that there are two approaches: waterfall and agile. I have not seen a fully waterfall project in my long working life and I took part in projects of 10k people lasting up to 2 years. The fact is you need some rigid planning and the planning and deadlines many months or years in advance because somebody has to budget the project and needs some sort of idea of what is feasible. Even agile teams do that or they overrun the available budget and then fail. These big projects had what appeared waterfall - they set deadline 2y in advance. Yet the project planners were flexible and the planning allowed to build a huge robust, flexible and powerful system that was delivered within an accepted deviation of budget and time. the actual development teams working on particular items were doing their iterative design & test and acting in an agile way if (from their perspective) external part necessary for test was delayed. I have seen similar in much smaller but in agile term massive (~100 people, run for a year) teams/projects.
After all these years I have made following observation: the development paradigm and chosen technology have less to say about possible success than the qualifications of the team. Good team with good leaders can achieve a lot. Not even best practice and good conditions to execute a project will help if team does not know how to make, deploy, revise and if need be modify decisions. Whether they do it during grooming meetings smoking joints or there is an uniformed drill instructor shouting on them is relevant because wrong are to the team and project what the tools are for the job - you just need the one you can work with.

Comment Re:god help us all (Score 1) 2837

Admittedly before they had been attacked, Jewish organisations having support from big parts of Jewish communities all over the world did not try to slaughter everybody thinking differently including fellow Jews. First thing Muslims should do to change the perception we the rest of the world have about them, is to stand up to their butchers and their oppression of women and males that shave beards or put their penises (OMG) in a wrong hole.

Comment Re:just walk out (Score 1) 414

If no package is offered this is a possible strategy. I do not think this actually matters. The powers that be in the company made a decision. for this company it may have good or bad consequences but unless company collapses there will be no consequences for the decision maker. Thus your own strategy should be based on exact package conditions. You can boycott some of the activities of course. If you are smart in this, it can cost the company millions and provide you with some satisfaction. But the suckers that made decisions are not affected by this anyway so that is about all you are going to achieve.

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