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Comment Good Riddance (Score 0) 42

Metal Gear is a great game, but after playing through most of the series all I can say is "good riddance." Hideo seems rather arrogant and self-indulgent, his ego leaves too big of an imprint on the game and tarnishes its quality. Getting rid of him is no guarantee it will get better, but at least there's a chance.

Comment Mod Parent: Bullshit (Score 0) 169

I'd love to spend these mod points sending your bullshit DailyBeast link back down to the -1 Flamebait that it deserves, but this level of idiocy is worth calling out. That dirtbag Nungesser raped her and several others and the author of that article Cathy Young has built a career out out of rape-denial pieces - consistently manipulating details to fit her bullshit narrative.

Mods, if you have *any* interest in this story, there is plenty more detail to this story that you can read over here.

Please don't mod parent up, it's dishonest undeserving bullshit.

Signed with UID,

Comment Junk App (Score 3, Informative) 367

I recently downloaded the app and gave it a spin that lasted about two weeks. It's a new spin on a very old concept but it doesn't work well at all.

That 1.5 mile radius is incredibly limiting - if you start a conversation at home you can't participate in it once you get to work. The anonymous comments are filled with so much bitching and whining of spoiled brats it really makes me resent the student body at my local university. There's a huge amount of group-think that's baked into the app itself - say something unpopular and earn just a few downvotes and Yik Yak will delete your comment forever. That's when it's not losing your comments to begin with: that crappy service lost nearly 20% of my comments, but continued to alert me for updates to conversations that have completely disappeared.

TL;DR - Yik Yak is a gimmick and a poorly made one at that.

Comment Personal Preference (Score 1) 264

My personal preference is web-based, with apps running on a Linux webserver (dirt simple & highly reliable) and data being saved to SQL Server. It's a fairly rare combination, which we used to accomplish using the FreeTDS library but more recently switched over to Microsoft's official ODBC Driver for Linux.

As a big fan of RDBMS, I would say stay away from MySQL, it can be convenient but it's generally crap. (Citation: ALLOW_INVALID_DATES) If I had to use an open-source DB it would be Postgres all the way.

Programming language? For you, I'd suggest Java based on your familiarity with C#. That would open you up to doing both web and "fat client" development and as a bonus your fat clients would be cross-platform.

Comment Posting from MacOS.. (Score 1) 598

Apple's last 12 month's at software have been pretty impressive. The iCloud / Continuity / Handoff stuff is awesome and well-integrated into their OSes and I don't see Microsoft replicating that soon enough. Google without a real desktop OS isn't even in a position to compete with it yet.

That said, their hardware and software both have their fair share of frustrating warts. Finder sucks, Yosemite broke GPU-switching and some of the newest Macbooks suffer embarrassing Bluetooth vs Wifi conflicts. Some good, some bad, Apple seems to be the way they've always been.

Comment ircmaxell (Score 5, Insightful) 112

I would have never recognized him by the name Anthony Ferrara, but ircmaxell immediately rings a bell for me. That dude is smart, kind and helpful in situations on IRC where most people aren't. He took a lot of time helping me get a patch or two submitted and accepted into PHP, in spite of my rudimentary git submissions.

If you're reading this ircmaxell, thanks for the help. The PHP Project is better for it.

Comment Don't Order From Slashdot Deals (Score 4, Interesting) 70

Sorry to hijack, but I'm leaving this post (with UID) to warn other Slashdotters to NOT order from Slashdot Deals.

I asked my girlfriend for the cheap pair of headphones they are selling over there. She received a blank shipment confirmation (no tracking number, no ship date, all basically details missing from a form letter) and then waited two more weeks before following up with customer service. They told her her order still hadn't shipped (19 days after ordering!) but then it was received the very next day.

What did we receive? A retail package for the headphones... without any headphones on it. All the accessories were still there but somebody ripped the headphones out before shipping the package.

It's been 22 days and this issue has yet to be resolved. Bottom line: DO NOT order from Slashdot Deals.

Comment Please (Score 1) 229

One major drug smuggling gang has been able to continue flooding the UK with Class A narcotics unimpeded for the last year after changing their operations.

As if Class A narcotics weren't available in the UK when these excuse-stuffed buffoons did have unimpeded access to everyone's private communications.

Comment OwnCloud = Excellent (Score 3, Informative) 30

Saw OwnCloud in the title, stopped by to say that it is EXCELLENT. One of the most exciting (new) packages to hit open source in many years. Some things I use mine for:

Syncing OneNotes across multiple devices - 2 PCs, a Mac and a phone.
Automatic file sync (with binaries for Mac, Win & Linux)
Publishing documents to clients
Contacts & Calendar sync across multiple devices
WebDAV file shares offer native access for Mac, Windows and Linux.
... In a seriously slick interface with fairly simple and flexible deployment.

Seriously, can't recommend it enough. This reminds me, I should get back to submitting my patch for LibreOffice Spreadsheet previews..

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