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Comment Re:Fragmentation... (Score 1) 378

I have suspend fail occasionally on my Lenovo notebook running debian 8 (systemd) and Win7. I have a desktop system with a Gigabyte motherboard, core i7 and suspend fails there too occasionally - same operating systems.
I have bad luck (or I'm too cheap). I think the Lenovo BIOS is the problem and I believe my SATA III controller is the problem on my desktop.

Comment Re:It's time to regulate software (Score 1) 253

If software were regulated that way, it would have set the whole industry permanently back. Whatever country didn't regulate, say China, India or Russia would gain a huge competitive advantage. Realistically, how many deaths have been cause by software to warrant such a lock down?

Not to mention the coming AI systems. They are going to be pretty indeterminate by design.

Comment Re:New version! (Score 4, Interesting) 264

Yes, exactly. I'm running Debian Jessie and I'm not really comfortable with binary logs. It takes decades of log practice and throws it away. For what? Search capability? Maybe there's some security benefit, honestly I don't know enough about it to comment. I'll be forwarding my logs to nice text files for the foreseeable future though, until I for one welcome my new systemd overlord.

Comment Re:great author (Score 1) 82

I have really enjoyed a few of his books including 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.' I definitely HIGHLY recommend 'A Scanner Darkly' and 'Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said'.

On the other hand, I thought 'Maze of Death' lacked depth and was entirely predictable. I also didn't like 'The Broken Bubble', mainly I think because it deals with a lot of "human" issues and not much sci-fi. Possibly I didn't understand it.

I'm slowly working my way through all his books I can pick up at the library. After going this thread, I really want to read 'Ubik.'

Comment Re:How times change (Score 1) 368

I don't agree. bnetd used absolutely NO CODE of Blizzard's to create a server emulator. Yes, it enabled piracy. The sad truth is that ANY commercial software will be pirated.

bnetd should live on today. If common people like you and I are not allowed to create software that interacts and connects with *gasp* proprietary software, then what kind of world is that? The world we have today apparently, where Mozilla Firefox cannot connect to IIS running ASP. Oh wait, that's entirely possible and legal. Weird...

The last game I bought from Blizzard was the the Starcraft: Broodwar expansion and it will be staying that way.

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