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Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 107

That 3% number is clearly nonsense. And you can contact the county offices to make sure your ballot was received and is in order (which I did).

My vote is overseas. They're counted at the same time as local votes. You're thinking of absentee ballots.

What state are you? Don't forget about the downballot races.

Comment Re:Least worst (Score 1) 991

I've come to the conclusion that the big two no longer represent my issues on the points that are most important to me. When I agree on a point with one of the major parties, it's typically on some wedge issue which doesn't seem quite as important. Watching them self-destruct has been more fun than anxiety-inducing. At the end of the day, I wouldn't feel good coming out of the voting booth contributing to either Trump or Clinton's vote count.

Comment Re:Grid Scale Batteries (Score 3, Insightful) 110

Solyndra was a bet that silicon prices would remain high. It was a way to get more power out of less silicon. The bet was wrong. With the drop in price in silicon, their death was inevitable. They also had a weird design decision, going for the concentrator. It made sense (in the economics of the time) to go for either concentrators or CIGS, but not both.

That said, the government took way too much flak - politically motivated - over Solyndra. With any diverse profile of startup investments, you expect some to fail. Economists analyzing the ARRA post-facto have been by and large given it quite positive evaluations for its effects on the economy. The loans program office had already wiped out the Solyndra loss just two years later.

Comment Re:Least worst (Score 1) 991

Most states are pretty firmly in one camp or the other, and only in a handful of swing states will such thin margins even be considered.

The flipside to this is that, unless you live in a swing state, your vote doesn't matter. So if you are throwing your vote away anyhow, why not on someone who best aligns with your own interests?

Comment Re:Two candidates (Score 1) 991

I don't think you are giving Johnson a fair shake. Your first objection applies to all four national candidates. Your second criticism, that he's not informed, probably comes from sound bites you saw about his "Allepo moment", and then a few days later when he had a similar episode when asked about a foreign leader. I think you'll find that these two incidents are the exception and not the rule - but he does seem to freeze up when put on the spot at times. Sometimes he is visibly nervous. If he were auditioning for an acting gig, I'd be a lot more worried, but he's running for an administrative position. For that, he has two terms as governor to judge him on his merits.

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