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Comment "How about you Louis VuitOFF, Darlene?!" (Score 1) 91

All these marketroids work so damn hard to track where people are going and what they're looking at through painstaking forensic analysis of, like, picosecond differentials of access modalities and, like, transliminal modulation of ultrasonic speaker spectrum spreads.

And it's all completely fucking unnecessary, because the kind of people who are swayed by online ads will happily tell you what brands they like if you ask them. In fact, sometimes it's harder to get them to stop telling you about their commercial brand loyalties, as I have learned to my dismay at various Thanksgiving celebrations I've attended.

Comment Falsehoods Developers Believe About Time (Score 1) 173

Instead of adding a single extra second to the end of the day, we'll run the clocks 0.0014% slower across the ten hours before and ten hours after the leap second, and "smear" the extra second across these twenty hours.

I wonder why they're "smearing" the time over 20 hours rather than 24, which would seem the more obvious solution.

Comment everything I say is a lie (Score 4, Funny) 297

But it doesn't mean these "medicines" will disappear from store shelves. The FTC only has the right to crack down on misleading marketing claims, and if the makers of homeopathic remedies clearly state that their products are based on no science, they can still sell them.

So essentially, you can still sell your homeopathic remedies as long you're willing to water down your claims as to their efficacy until those claims can no longer be detected.

But if watered-down homeopathy actually turns out to be the cure for homeopathy, won't that mean they were right all along?

Comment Re:Don't forget... (Score 1) 280

To be honest, I've never messsed with PowerShell much, because previously, cmd, you know, was there, and, you know, works fine.

But in spite of knowing that you don't know what you're talking about, you feel free to make a bad suggestion on the topic and demand proof that you're wrong.

Yes. Because my point was that it's not exactly the height of usability to force the user to learn a magic incantation that they have to invoke before they can invoke any of the other magic incantations they need to invoke to get back to where they were before some jagweed at Microsoft decided to replace all the ancient, just-as-arbitrary-but-at-least-widely-understood incantations with a new set of incantations for no real reason.

Comment Re:futurist (Score 1) 522

I'm pretty sure I'm the last human left alive, that all the "people" I see every day are androids, and everything online, on TV, etc. is a simulation. The purpose, of course, is for the machine intelligence to study humanity.

"And that is why, my dear so-called roommate, I won't clean up the quote-kitchenette-unquote, no. No matter how many times you seem to ask."

Comment Re:futurist (Score 5, Funny) 522

I don't think we will survive another 1000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.

He seem to be rather optimistic. I gave it no more than a few hundred years

I'm thinking 3 months tops, some time after Jan. 21st.

Oooh, I want to play! I predict that humanity will go extinct before I finish this sentence.


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