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Comment "Stop not touching me! OW!!!" (Score 1) 301

Consumer: While artificial intelligence may one day provide many benefits for humanity, in the immediate term, these advances have the potential to be incredibly disruptive and even harmful to our culture, economy, and legal system. Thus the widespread dissemination of these technologies must be deliberate and carefully considered..

Tesla: Don't worry about it, that won't be an issue.

Consumer: Really? You've figured out some way to limit the harm?

Tesla: No, we've found a way to limit those "benefits to humanity" you mentioned.

Comment Re:No way! (Score 2) 227

By law, boffintry can only be granted to citizens of the UK.

This is a common misconception, but in fact any member of the British Commonwealth can qualify for boffin status. There is lively competition between English, Scottish, Welsh, North Irish, Australian, Kiwi, and even Canadian boffins.

In fact, I hear that many boffins vied to bring us this information.


Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 58

That's why I think that a fair amount of money that Kim Dotcom's Megaupload made was legit.

>99% of those people who wanted free stuff wouldn't have paid him. And they might even be running ad blockers. In contrast I can imagine employees of organizations signing up for paid accounts to transfer large files to customers. I used it to transfer large (legit) files. Didn't go for the paid account- the downloaders could wait - wasn't a business thing. If I needed it for business I might have expensed it.

Comment This has to be the way it works. (Score 5, Interesting) 365

There really is no other logical way to approach this. If they went the other way and prioritized the pedestrian, a psychopath could sprint back and forth across a busy freeway, causing accident after accident and injuring or killing lots of innocent passengers.

Comment Given that somewhere a queen is weeping... (Score 5, Insightful) 272

Early this year, analyst Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research predicted that the tech world was going to see big layoffs in 2016 -- some 330,000 in all at major tech companies... So, was Chowdhry right? "Yes," he told me when I asked him this week. "The layoffs I predicted have been occurring."

I call bullshit on this guy. There's a table of predicted versus actual layoffs in the article. Of the 14 companies he made predictions about, only four of them seem to have any actual layoffs, and the actual numbers are generally a fraction of the predicted number. Layoffs for companies that he didn't even make predictions about are given, in an apparent effort to buff his credibility, but some of those companies are not exactly household names (WTF is "Zenefits"?), and as for the rest, their predicted layoffs are in the 5-to-10 percent range.

Not that further layoffs are necessarily unlikely, especially with this presidential election coming up. But it's already October, and it's been nowhere near as bad as this clown predicted. You don't get to say you were right when the data proves you wrong. You don't get credit for predicting layoffs in 2016 if they happen in 2017. You don't get to just make a blanket prediction like "layoffs will happen in the future" and get points when they eventually happen.

Comment I got your gesture right here. (Score 5, Funny) 183

Hear, hear! It's about time we got support for more and fancier trackpad gestures! I wholeheartedly appr--

[Accidentally scrolls the Slashdot comment interface off the screen due to an errant flick of the trackpad.]

[In a reflexive effort to correct that mistake, changes browser zoom level to 350%.]

[Panics, begins to flail, accidentally submits the comment as is, and somehow manages to open four Outlook windows and MS Paint.]

Comment i like it when people agree with me (Score 1) 523

If I were the king of the world, I would use my infinite power to have every artist sign the following document at the beginning of their careers:

"Politics and religion can be good subjects for art, but only if the artist abstains from picking sides, or at least effectively conceals their choice. Otherwise, it all just turns into a big giant circle-jerk."

Comment Re:What the actual fuck (Score 5, Insightful) 255

"bringing our drug laws closer to sanity"

For sanity read: "The way potheads like me want them to be so we can buy and smoke our sorry little losers narcotic without being bothered by the police".

And for "potheads" read "about half of Americans".

Not that I'm pro-pothead, necessarily, because I've known my share, and so I can safely say that I like people way better when they aren't high. But continuing to outlaw an activity that 150 million people support seems kind of dumb, not to mention a failure of democracy. See: Prohibition.

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