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Comment Re:I would debate '16 mw of power from solar' (Score 1) 119

Well, if we assume a 750' outside diamater and a 550' inside diameter, the roof area should be around 817k square feet, or 76,000 square meters.

If we assume solar insolance at 1,000 watts per square meter at peak sun (probably too high, but likely what they used) that's 76,000,000 peak watts total.

If the panels are 15% efficient, that means at peak they should put out around 11.4 MW.

Since I doubt the entire roof area is completely covered due to the requirements of other building systems, and the fact they aren't going to get 1,000 W/m^2, it would seem either you're right about the panels, or they are placing some in the inner portion of the 'doughnut' as well.

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