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Comment Re:Thats it? (Score 1) 150

With a user base in the millions (hundreds of millions?), there has probably been many billions of human activity hours spent on pokemon go. The fact that it requires movement and so far there is only one known death attributed to it means overall its probably responsible for a huge reduction in fatalities!

I don't think that's how death attribution works.

I think Pokemon Go is a good thing, and do the extend to motivates people to move around and engage it's a very good thing, but that doesn't mean the distraction aspect isn't a problem. Drivers using Pokemon Go is a huge concern for me.

Comment Re:So global warming started... TSARKON reports (Score 2, Insightful) 544

The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere was 130% modern levels. CO2 was at 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. The temperature was a whole 3 DEGREES C over modern times!

That was 200 million years ago, even the days were 23 hours long and the years more than 20 days longer.

There's a reason scientists publish papers in peer reviewed journals, not every decision is as simple as jumping on the first convenient looking factoid.

Comment Re:Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 2) 544

This is not Reddit, FFS!

How about an article on the dozens of predictions made by climate scientists that never ended up happening? The ones like " No more snow by 2012" etc?

Why always toe the line?

Yeah! Why isn't there an article blaming scientists for all the bizarre predictions you imagined them making?

Comment Credibility of the system (Score 5, Insightful) 216

"Legalist says it uses an algorithm of 58 different variables including, as [Legalist cofounder] Eva Shang told the Silicon Valley Business Journal, who the presiding judge is

That different judges give different outcomes is already common knowledge but putting an actual dollar value on it might have significant repercussions.

What happens when someone asks for a judge to recuse themselves because the litigation value tripled when the judge got assigned? It's a lot harder to defend the integrity of the system when supposedly impartial actors have quantifiable effects.

Comment Re:As did all the others. (Score 1) 148

A design like Airlander 10 is fundamentally a lot more resistant to the common problems that plague blimps during landing, such as susceptability to winds. It has less inherent lift, a smaller cross section, and more ability to anchor itself down with its fans. However, something clearly did not function correctly here. A blimp should never nose down like that. Either lift or thrust was for some reason configured wrong.

Comment Re:Bill Nye... (Score 4, Insightful) 396 the Donald Trump of scientists.

Yeah, except for the ridiculous lying, misogyny, racist remarks, authoritarian tendencies, complete disdain for expert opinion, and hair that is the obvious result of a poorly executed medical procedure.

It's just like a bowl of icecream is the pile of compost of desserts. As in they're complete opposites.

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