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Comment Hrumph (Score 2) 54

I have an ansible scrip over in github that will do up to 2047 servers as a slum lord email hosting service that will handle over 16 million domain names with unlimited user accounts on various cloud services. (AWS, Azure, Google, Linode, Rackspace)

Now I know why it suddenly got 20 downloads.

I'm kidding of course. I do have such a playbook, but I only share it with folks I know are not spammers.

Comment Re:Just what we need ... (Score 1) 138

Just what we need: a plan that makes the chemtrail loons even more sure they're right.

I'm depressed today, sorry. But as I see things, the most common choices I see others take are:

1. Ignore it - global warming is just somebody's religion
2, Ignore it - global warming is just China's way to get a trade advantage.
3. Ignore it - because our great grandfathers didn't have this problem!
4. Ignore it - because there's that one whack job over there that says hundreds of thousands of other scientists, trained in the field, are absolutely wrong.
5. Ignore it - because there's lots of people that say it's just a libtard wet dream.
6. Ignore it - because it would cost too much for me to change how I live.
7. Ignore it - because I don't want to think about it while I've got cats playing on You Tube.
8. Ignore it - because you're all special snowflakes and you should just shut up, cupcake!
9. Ignore it - because, believe me, it's beautiful. It's the most beautiful thing you ever saw, and MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT! BELIEVE ME!
10. ...
199. Realize that there is a consensus of people that have studied this all their lives are sure that there is a cascade point after which nothing will stop catastrophic climate change that will likely reduce the world population between 80 and 95%. They do disagree as to when this point is. Some believe it has already passed.

During world war II, the English used to say, in a droll voice, "You can count on Americans to make the right choice ... after they've tried everything else ." My fear is that is no longer true.

I get that some disagree with "that whole climate change thing". I don't understand why. It's as if you go to five doctors and they all tell you, "I'm sorry, but you have cancer, and it's too late for any certain cure. My opinion is that you should put your affairs in order." and you go "Naw... It's just muscle strain. I'll be fine!" Is it possible all five are wrong? Yes. Is it likely? ... there's the rub.

I'm not going to argue with folks about it. Climate change is indeed a form of religion, and if one insists on adopting shibboleth of those that disbelieve, then there really isn't any point in discussing it with them any further. I'll simply hand them a tube of liniment and wish them well.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causality (Score 1) 198

Or more directly, they're healthy enough to bike to work.

I agree that exercise contains huge health benefits, but there's also a huge selection bias at work. Seriously unhealthy people probably can't handle the rigours of cycling to work.

Usually if you read the study you will find that they have already figured this out and measure it, these kind of simple objections are often accounted for.

My bad, from reading the parent comment I assume this was just reporting the correlation, and made no attempt to adjust for confounders. But glancing over the actual study they did (though there's always the question of how effected the correction was).

Beside that the percentage of people that can handle a 20-60 minute bicycle commute is so large that it doesn't really matter, everyone I know can handle it with a few exceptional exceptions.

I'm assuming a lot of stuff about this discussion though, I've not read the study nor the article, but similar papers on the subject usually have this in their models so...

I'm not so certain about that. There's about 40 people in my workplace, which skews fairly young. I can think of at least 3 whom would be seriously challenged by such a commute, mostly due to obesity.

Comment Re:Look at the graphs (Score 3, Interesting) 79

Just look at the graphs. It is almost possible that these "numbers" are within statistical error. Every single language I've looked at using their graph has the EXACT same trend line, with only a very subtle variation of up/down by a fraction of a percentage.

Close, but unless they they did smoothing I suspect the effect is statistically significant, there really is a bigger drop-off for C#

Interestingly Linux has a bigger day vs night drop-off than C.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 3, Interesting) 182

From the court's decision:

"In the circumstances, the Court recognises that the Appellant's desire to have a child of her own, with her Husband, is a desire that is a basic human impulse, and its loss is keenly and deeply felt.

"The ordinary human experience is that parents and children are bound by ties of blood and this fact of biological experience - heredity - carries deep socio-cultural significance...

"And when, as in the present case, a person has been denied this experience due to the negligence of others then she has lost something of profound significance and has suffered a serious wrong.

"This loss of 'affinity' can also result in social stigma and embarrassment arising out of the misperceptions of others, as was the case here."

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