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Comment Re:GitHub? SourceForge? Other? (Score 1) 208

> The really relevant stuff doesn't need a url anyway, because they already know the name of the software.

The other obscure stuff is also helpful to the recruiter. At least to eleminate you if your side projects are just shit. If your side project made in your free, unlimited time is just badly coded, with poor commit messages, what can a recruiter expect from you code quality on a time-constrained project?

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1) 314

I haven't been in some time, but the buffet at the Rio was pretty good IMO.

I ate there in Sept. 2005. I did not find it very good. The Bordelaise on my steak tasted more like brown gravy from a dry mix. I cook, and while people don't pay me millions, I have a full table when I have a dinner party. And a lot of questions as to when the next one is.

I know every place can have a bad night. But a place like Las Vegas, one night is all you have to make an impression. They made one.

Comment Marginally on topic. (Score 0) 314

When I was young and visiting a friend whose father made his living gambling with cards, four of his friends showed up and they set up a table to play. I asked if I could join. They said yes.

We sat at the table and two of the men pulled out revolvers and laid them on the table.

A bit frightening to my younger self but that was the most civil and honest goddamn card game I have ever been in in my life.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1, Interesting) 314

I don't know why you say you enjoy Las Vegas. The hotels I've seen are not luxurious, nor are they cheap. The food in the buffet is inedible - I wouldn't feed it to hogs.I did not find the shows enjoyable, and as a former wagering services IT guy, I don't waste money on wagering. I know the odds. Sometimes I was programming them.

As for the person doing the wagering - yeah, security folks have a saying - "JDLR" - just doesn't look right. Alarm bells should have been sounding at the oddly specific requests made, and gently refused.

I won't defend their business model because I agree with you, the game is rigged against you. If you can win, and you won't break even, why play?

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