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Comment Re:Lighten up (Score 2) 532

When radiation was discovered (not that long ago, in human terms), it utterly violated BASIC SCIENCE. Therefore, no research should have ever been done on it, IT MUST BE A HOAX. The Curies just DIDN'T KNOW BASIC SCIENCE...

This is how science works. Why do you care if someone gets distracted by it? There are lots of scientists around, let a few of 'em investigate edge cases. That's where the interesting stuff is. THIS IS HOW SCIENCE WORKS.

You are very passionate about Space Nutters, maybe you should investigate the fine pharmacopoeia SCIENCE has available to you through basic research.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 140

I keep my FB profile in Paranoid mode, I have only 4-5 'friends' on there, privacy settings maxed (I only use it because my wife loves the thing). Suddenly about 3-4 months ago, all my co-workers and our clients started being suggested. I don't have the FB app on my phone, as far as I know I've never let them know my phone number. It deeply creeped me out.

Comment Re:"DDOS" the justice system? (Score 1) 119

Most lawyers I've had dealings with will charge $2000 to write two letters and mail them. If they type slowly, it probably took them approximately 30 minutes. How is that NOT obscene? And f-off on the "more educated than you". I'm a specialist, I've probably spent more time in training and education than the average lawyer, yet I earn 1/10th what they do. However, lawyers get to write the laws, so a whole bunch of otherwise simple matters require a lawyer to write the above mentioned letters, because the law says they have to. It's a racket.

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